Sunday, August 31, 2008


The weekend as they all are was AMAZING. From lunch on Friday to the movies on Friday the cuddle times all day the loss of 3 hour chunks...the whole visit was so wonderful.

It suprises me that Mystress just loves to sit and veg and watch TV as much as I...i find it truly a mind veg moment and Mystress seems to share the same view...don't get me wrong...there was plenty and plenty of other enteratinment through out the whole weekend...but the cuddle time on the couch is truly lovely indeed. We didn't get to our bath but i am sure we will make it up.

Have a wonderful evening out with brother tonight Mystress...


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekend Starts

Evening all

Mystress's and I weekend together starts tomorrow at lunch when Mystress comes over for lunch. We shall have a wonderful lunch and then Mystress gets to start the weekends relaxing time.

We plan to have a wonderful weekend, catching up on some relaxation time since the last couple weeks have been rather hectic for both of us. I am sure there will be plenty of cuddle time too :)

So looking forward to seeing my Mystress...


Monday, August 25, 2008

Catching Up.. and Family

Good eve to all, and please excuse the length of My absence. Thank goodness for Paladin keeping things up here. Life has been quite busy with many summer adventures and some new things as well.

Paladin has been ever the solid rock in a sometimes swirling life right now. He is indeed that wonderful weeping willow tree that is grounded and solid with roots deep in the rock, and yet also shelters Me beneath its protective branches. I always feel him out there and know that any time I need his guidance and support, it is there.

Is it odd that a Domme or Mystress relies on Her slave as much as I do for his wisdom? No.. I don't think so. In this world of our lives, we all have different needs and fulfillments. In Myne, being able to rely on Paladin is one of his duties as My submissive. When he accepted to be not just My pleasure slave and Paladin, but also My 'confidant'...that added another layer of responsibility on him, which he did not agree to right away, but after pondering the seriousness of what I was asking of him, agreed with his eyes wide open. So it has become as important to Me as his other services to Me.

So... a slave or submissive can serve in many different ways..and one of the things I had to learn and to become comfortable with was that everything I do as My own style.. and if other's didn't agree or understand.. that was alright. As long as I and My pets understand that, then we are all alright. robert and Paladin are both My pets, and while they are alike in that they both belong to Me, and have given Me their submission, they also serve in different ways. robert is My servant and kajira... different from a Paladin and pleasure slave. Yet both will serve as the other if the need arose within their capacities of who they are.

I have become very fond of the teasing brotherly relationship between the two of them and I always enjoy watching them interact together or passing comments back and forth via Me sometimes about some things. They make Me laugh a lot with their antics sometimes.. and Methinks they both know it and do it to please Me. They are both wonderful men and I am very blessed to have them as Myne.

Paladin writes of our time together and swimming on Sunday. This is very special to Me.. I love to swim.. I grew up in the the pacific ocean that is not exactly warm. So I prefer what I call 'refreshing' water temps. My Knight very very rarely goes in the water having grown up with warmer Floridian waters. But Paladin, is much more like Myself and will readily jump right in and spend as much time in the water with Me as I wish. This weekend, in honor of the Olympics I decided to try a swimming competition with him. He toasted Me at every stroke. The only way I won.. was to have him swim with one arm and no legs. I watched him do that dolphin thing underwater.. and I learned that My pet can really really swim fast. Wow.. and.. I also Commanded him to do a simple dive off the board as he usually just dive in from the edge of the pool. So.. Paladin surprised Me yet again by doing a backwards somersault into the pool. It was really quite he won the golds in swimming and diving in My own personal Olympics. And I joked that he'd have a problem with the diving because of the smallness of the bathing suits those guys wear. (grin) This has also led to some amusing conversations about the overly well endowed diver and what happens in that sort of situation with those tiny suits. All that suit tugging was also noted as the divers came out of the pools sometimes. Paladin dryly noted that perhaps they had to sit in ice baths before they went out to dive. Mmmm.. yeah.. that sounds like fun huh???

Another amusing bit was the joke about the synchronized sub swimming competition. While it hasn't come to pass yet.. I did have Paladin practicing spinning to the left, then the right.. and raising his arm up.. and pointing his toes. All done with something of a hangdog affectation. "No pet.. you have to lift your arm up. . higher! No.. higher... get your elbow up out of the water.. straighten your arm..." ... hmmm.. he did not find it amusing in the least.. He did what I wanted obediently.. but I can not say enthusiastically but it was fairly graceful and dignified. I on the other hand... was VASTLY amused. Sometimes...its good to be Queen!!!! No.. wait.. most all times its good to be Queen! I have seen part of My job with Paladin as stretching him in directions that he would not normally go. This is sexually, physically, mentally and sometimes... I enjoy doing that with silliness. He is so proper and dignified that sometimes I find it a good thing to force him into some sort of unaccustomed amusement (like the synchronized swimming) because I know that it makes him feel that submissiveness from having to do something he would normally never ever do, but does because he is obedient and subservient to Me.

Paladin did another great job with the bbq... and so yet again, My belief that putting a true carnivore in charge of the meat is by far the best choice! Thanks to Paladin for the great marinated chicken that he brought (robert is still going on about how yummy it was) along with some wonderful salad's, fresh bread and kettle onion chips.. totally tasty! My Knight had made some potato salad, and our friend C brought some delightful fruit salad as well. It was certainly a wonderful, wonderful day. Swimming and just talking with Paladin and everyone else was very relaxing and refreshing. It was the members of My odd little family all come together to enjoy each others company.

So things continue and new things are always on the horizon. Sometimes they are more intense then others. Our poly relationship is something that we are all always learning and growing from I do believe. But I think we also greatly appreciate what is is that we all have together within the family. Everyone has different roles and responsibilities within the family. But family we are for sure.

I wish all the best to all that are out there,
and send love and support to those that are enduring difficult times,

Tick Tock

Why does time go so slow when one waits to see their Mystress and fast when she is unfair. Well i shall just soak up the wonderful times with Mystress...for its the best way to deal with it.

Less than 19 hours now....

Tick Tock


Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Lovely Day

What a lovely day it was today...Mystress and I swam what must of been 5 hours total and almost back to back today :) It was lovely indeed. We swam, had a BBQ and chatted the day away and had a great time. Its so true that when ones having fun..time flys and today was no different.

The plus side is, that all the time even though it flew by was amazing.

Now the countdown till Tuesday starts...mmm


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Times Of Change

Evening All.

I hope everyone is having a great summer and that the summer activities are keeping you all busy. Summer is truly a great time of the year. Keeping us outside and enjoying the fine weather.

Tomorrow Mystress and I get to enjoy a day outside lounging by the pool and enjoy the smoky taste of yummy BBQ. As any day with Mystress it promises to be a wonderful day. I see much floating in the pool and chatting and holding and sneaking of a caress here and there...yum.

It seems we will have much to talk about as a wave of summer change has swept through leaving a few things changed. I know its good for my Mystress to talk these changes through and to point out how, even though they may not seem like it, the changes are really good for Mystress.

Off to pack my things for tomorrow and fantasize of my Mystress in her swim suite ... mmm


Very late night.

Evening all..

Its rather late so i shall keep this short.

Mystress had plans to attend the local fair last night and only got home just before 11pm yet it was still lovely too see Mystress even if it was late. Mystress took a nice refreshing shower to get rid of the days fair activities, then a short snack and off to bed we went...much later than usual yet just as lovely.

Too tired for cuddles we drifted off to sleep to awake early and to some loving cuddles...very yummy indeed. Mystress stayed in bed to sleep in and off i went to start my day...i do hope you rested well and recharged some Mystress.



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer Plans

Summer is a great time...especially if you have plans to float int the pool with Mystress hand in hand....lovely indeed. Mystress and i have plans for this weekend and next and we shall spend much time in the sun together...looking forward to it very much..


Monday, August 18, 2008

Time Flys

Wee its almost Tuesday and i get to see Mystrss again...i can't wait. Off i go to count the hours as my dear Mystress has a wonderful relaxing evening.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lovely Mystress

My Mystress is so great and i just had to tell everyone again :)

Hope you had a great weekend Mystress and it sounds like you got so much done around the house. Thank you Robert for leading the charge on that and helping Mystress so she does not hurt her back.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Days going by

Another day has come and gone.

Mystress spent the day visiting with friends and doing some chores/cleanup around her big pool. Speaking with Mystress, Mystress said she did not over due it and her back is still fine...thats agood to hear.

Rest well tonight Mystress and enjoy the Olympics.


A tied up Mystress

Evening all.

As you all know last night was Thursday and my Mystress was here...and not only for the evening but from Lunch. Mystress got done with work early so she was able to make it to lunch too. Mystress brought us some lovely sandwhichs and chips...a unique flavored sandwhich and very yummy. After lunch i headed back to work while Mystress lounged round the house watching tv reading some and generally just relaxing.

That evening we enjoyed our nightly rituals with a little twist. After our bath instead of having cuddle time it was time for Mystress to be tied up and taken on a sensory exhiliration ride. Mystress is lovely to see...lying there...tied up...blindfolded and very very ...umm shall we say inspired. Its very enjoyable to watch Mystres writhing in pleasure and enjoying the sensations of all our little trinkets being used on her. A truly lovely sight.

After Mystress's flight we cuddled some and off we drifted to sleep.

The evening as always was divine and thank you Mystress for making it so.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lovely Evening

Mmmm last night was a lovely reunion. It was truly a delight to see Mystress once again and i am happy to say that Mystress's back seems much much better. Thank you Mystress for taking it so easy to allow time for you to heal. I know its hard for you to sit still at times especially when you get into a project.

We had a lovely dinner, watched some TV...and enjoyed some lovely cuddle time. Its amazing to be able to cuddle with MYstress :)

Mystress even took me for a ride....what i mean by this is Mystress tied me up...blindfolded me...and used all the interesting items she has stored in her little bag to drive me deep into sub space...all i can say is that that darn silver cup and ice is INTENSE.

Tonight i pass the time quickly so that tomorrow can come. Mystress will be here at lunch which will be great...looking forward to it much.


Our Last Party

Evening All.

A couple weeks back Mystress and I as well as Robert and her Knight attended a smal private party at the local female dom club in town. It was the first trip we all made as a group and i am sure it won't be the last.

The evening started off with a short class about BDSM and the law. Overall it was very interesting to hear what the lawyer had to say and made it clear at least to clear in what one wants and is going to do :) Sort of cover your ass information.

After the class the party progressed to the more traditional play party. Small groups broke off to do what they wanted to do and delightful conversation erupted. Mystress still had a soer back at that time so we camped in the corner seat...pillows supporting Mystress's back and chatted and people watched...a delightful time indeed.

Robert was tasked with looking after Mystress's Knight for the evening and he did a great job. He followed him around making sure he had all he wanted and the two of them spent the night hoping from group to group..making conversation and at times...getting an eyeful.

As Mystress and I sat in the main room...the spanking show started. This involved an individual being strung up on some chains..and a the hostess and another dom taking turns walloping on the volunteer. They were both very adept int he spanking/flogging and beating skills with each showing a different flair. It was interesting to watch and very nerve wracking. When one of the dom's cracked the single tail leaving a very big large red welt...i was shall we say..shocked. I never thought they wouild go that far yet the volunteer loved each to their own.

This show has edged Mystress on and the desire to volunteer me has grown stronger too. Its very flattering that Mystress feels i am special enough to put on show...but at the same time very nerve wracking. I know i won't take the beating the other volunteer wanted...that i am sure, but other than that...i am not really sure what Mystress had in mind...i guess time will tell.

It will be interesting to hear what Robert has to say about the little party :)


Monday, August 11, 2008

Close to seeing Mystress

Hmm so excited....tomorrow is Tuesday and i get to see my Mystress since last week. Mystress has enjoyed her vacation and i am sure we chat about it and get caught up. Sounded like Mystress had a wonderful time and her back seems to be much better. Thats a good thing to hear for sure. My Mystress deservs to be pain free and happy happy happy.

So tomorrow we will catch up and spend a wonderful evening together....mmmm can't wait. Do enjoy your company and little get together tonight Mystress. Say hi for me and wish all a great time.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Visitors for Mystress

Mystress is having a visit today at the cabin from her dear friend. I can just picture them sitting on the couch ... pondering how to entertain themselves. :) Would be interesting to be a fly on the wall :) Don't worry Robert...Mystress will look after you :)

To Mystress and enjoy your time at the cabin...i am sure you guys will have a blast. To Robert...enjoy being on hand for both the ladies and make sure Mystress is resting and gets well rested.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Staying in touch

Evening all

Spoke with my Mystres and she is having a good time at the cabin. Mystress has another day or so then she will be home rested for the work week to come. Mystress ounds like she is doing much better...not too much sleep last night yet still sounded relaxed.

So how have all out guests been...the blog seems to have quited down and we hope its not from a lack of interest....Hopefully its because everyone is busy and enjoying their own relationships.

Either way..ty to you all and enjoy the blog.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Resting Well

Evenig all

I spoke to my Mystress briefly today and from what i tell she is having a very relaxing time at the cabin...sitting back feet up and resting herself very well. Robert is keeping himself busy with chores around the cabin and i know that helps Mystress sit back and rest and i thank you Robert for that.

I got a couple shows on record for Mystress incase she can't get them up at the cabin and we will catch them up sometime. So sit back and rest dear Mystress...enjoy your trip.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Early Trip

Evening all...

I hope our dear guests are all doing well. Mystress and I are doing wonderful and are continuing our wonderful journey together. Today Mystress got some news that allwoed her to head to the cabin which is wonderful. Now she has a super long weekend to sit back and totally recoup and to come home 100%.

Robert will do a wonderful job keeping Mystress rested and caring for her so she does not have to raise a finger...that will do Mystress well.

Enjoy the trip Mystress


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eager for tonight

Afternoon all...

Its lunch time so less than 5 hours to go before i get to be with my dear Mystress. Mystress says she is feeling so much better which is great to hear. I'll still have to pamper Mystress and care for her more tonight so that she gets back to 100%.

We are splitting the duties tonght with Mystress bringing dinner and i providing dessert. Not sure if the nightly rituals will hold up tonight for we are eager to cuddle as its been sometime...i am sure we will have a blast.

Eagerly waiting


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mystress getting better.

My dear Mystrss has spent much time of late resting her sore back. It has done miracles and her back is feeling much much better. We spent yesterday swimming for hours and floating int he pool. It was wonderful and spent the time holding hands, floating around and looking into each others eyes...much kisses and chatting too.

Mystress has plans to take brother Robert to the cabin this weekend, sort of as a belated Bday present but also to show him the place, just as she did with me. Its a great little place in the mountains to relax and recharge...and a great place to lay foundations.

Mystress layed a very solid foundation and i think much of it was layed when we were there. We found the cabin a very comforting place which allowed us a very comfortable place to chat and have some very serious open communication. Perhaps the cabin will serve in a similar way for Mystress and Robert.