Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Reflections - with a PS

Greetings Friends....

Two weekends ago, Paladin came to put up our Christmas decorations....for the last time. Here anyways. As he did.. we reflected on the years that he has been doing it for us. We talked about the first year, when we had a new kitten.. and how Paladin had to be sure that the decorations were higher then we hoped said kitten would reach. We laughed in memory of said kitten going right up the middle of the tree, bringing it and all its lovely decorations crashing to the ground.

That said kitten, is now a fine handsome cat who while sniffing at the tree this year, opted to recline on his catnip ladden perch with a semi-dreamy look in his eyes supervising it all from there.

This years decorating.. was .. a bit more sombre as we talked about what we would take, and what we wouldn't. Mostly.. we will start out all new in our new place. I have some straw and gold ornaments that I got while I was in Germany in 1999, and a Mystress glass slipper one from a local Domme party we went to together.
Other then that.... none of them are sentimental to me, or to us. So someone will end up with a big box of donated decorations.

After the decorating, we walked through the little duplex I live in, deciding what things would go, and what would be sold or given away. I am only taking about 1% of what is here. I have a few family treasures that will come along.. some books and clothes, my Reiki table and things, but other then that, I'm going light and all for a fresh start.

On Christmas eve, as the step kids opened their presents, and a lovely evening was had, I couldn't help but think, this was my last Christmas with this family as it is. Only the older step son knows what's going on. And I have his full support. He loves me, and his dad, and Paladin, and his Dad's sub.. although he thinks she's 'just' the Secretary (knows and is glad his Dad is moving in with her, just doesn't know the D/s aspect to any of us) . He fully supports this move of mine with Paladin to get better. He knew some of why I couldn't have kids, I had told him before his dad and I were married, but he never knew it all. No one did. But on Thur nite we went to see him, and I gave him a copy of my doc's letter to the VA, explaining the attack and what had happened, and its subsequent devestating effect on me over the years. He hugged me tightly after and promised that he'll always be the son I'll never have. Having his support and blessing means a lot. He promises to come visit Paladin and I where we are going. He also said he would figure out how to explain it all to his younger and not so open minded sister. Who, was blissfully unaware of the underlying sadness the other 3 of us had, knowing that after 12 years, this was the last Christmas like this one. We didn't want to ruin her Christmas so kept the secret to ourselves for the time being.

Paladin himself was far away in another town with his parents and siblings for the holiday, and I felt his distance and it was hard to have him so far away. Even though we kept in touch by txt the whole time, just knowing he's local helps keep me calmer. I was glad when he landed on Mon evening and was home safe and sound.

So, now the holiday is over.. and the last one of the year approaches. We've all spent New Years together the past 4 years, and this year, the four of us will gather at Paladin's home again. And as we ring in the new year. then changes will take place. A new year and a new future for all of us. Paladin and I have spoken of getting my Knight and his sub tickets to fly where we are next year for New Years and continue our tradition of celebrating it all together. We'll see what the New Year actually brings, and how things unfold.

Wishing all out there a safe and semi-sane New Year.
Safe paths to all,

P.S. The meeting with my Dad went well, and he hopes to meet Paladin soon. I had to cancel on Mon due to a sick friend being here, but then, it turned out the day I went was my Dad's 92 birthday, so we had a nice lunch and a great visit. And I got to bring my Mom's hope chest back, so now it's the first thing at Paladin's of mine to go with his things to our new home.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A New Circle

Dear Friends,

Paladin writes of changes and of a new start for the two of us in a new place as a full time pair. Indeed... in the swoop of my own bone rattling events, dear Paladin had his own sudden shock of life change that stopped everything in its tracks and set to face him in a new direction. In that, he reached out his hand to me, and asked me to join him. Faced with a circumstance, discussions and consultations were had, research done, a consensus reached and finally, decisions made.

It seems, the best thing is for me to go away with Paladin to start a fresh life, and to heal. He has offered me a life of no more worries, to give me a safe, solid, and very importantly, a sane home. One where I won't have to scratch to survive like I have for the past decade in spite of my best efforts. My Knight and I part ways, and he goes to live happily with his own sub. We will all remain good friends, and in time, they will come to visit us in our new home.

There will be a Vet Center about 10 miles from where we are going and my VA therapist says I can continue my program there. I consulted with her tonight about it, and she too feels this move is in my best interests. Paladin says my focusing on healing is the most important thing now, and that will be all that I am to do in this new life with him. Well, and entertain our guests. *happy smiles* As Paladin said tonight in a txt, he'll be sure that I will live in a "crazy free zone'. I'll never, ever be able to thank Paladin enough for this new life with him, but I can promise friends, I'll darn sure make the most of it!!!

Paladin says we are going to build a new circle together in our new town. We are going far from both of our families and friends, so it will be the two of us clinging to each other and adventuring in new places. We'll have a place for friends and family to come visit, and we hope to make some vacation visits ourselves as Paladin mentions.

So, things are beginning, but we expect it will take a few months to complete. We will be patient as we can be for as Paladin said to me "Mystress, we are moving from two nites a week to full time. " And I looked at him and said "Can we do this 24/7 my pet? " He smiled and said "yes, we can Mystress' and so... yes, we are. After 4.5 years.. we begin a new chapter in the new year.

As Paladin says, please send us all the good thought that you can to help buoy us along on our new path together.

Safe Paths and Happiest of Holidays to all,

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Evening all.
What a time for us all. Things are changing and the time left in the year to do it is slipping by faster than one expects. But, time slipping by isn't that bad if one has a change in the future to wait for...Mystress and I are going through a big change. If our positive thoughts hold and things fall in place, come 6 months later, we could be a full time pair in a new city. Yeah a big step indeed. We are working on the details now and are being optimistic for a good thing and we ask you all to send us positive energy to make it happen. There are some major things to happen first to make it happen yet we are very positive that they will. Who knows, maybe in the future we will be closer to many of our friends and visits maybe possible. We have always wondered what our friends are like and who knows, maybe the future will make that happen.So i keep our details private, yet ask for well wishes for we really really want this and will grab the opportunity with two hands if the opportunity presents itself.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blog Therapy...

Dear Friends...

It's been a while since I've posted.. many things have been going on... mostly good.. but some pretty traumatic as well. I apologize in advance if this is a bit long and rambling.. but .. it needs to be written.

I had a bit of a mental and emotional breakdown last week at the VA. I found myself shaking and unable to move, lost in a place I know very well. Flashbacks from my PTSD overcoming me, I sent panicked txt's to Paladin, who sent Reiki and comforting txts back to me.

I had done a survey for women veterans a few weeks back, and some of the questions had triggered some feelings in me, and I had decided to to apply for some medical benefits since I had lost my job some months back and have a couple of broken teeth that badly need fixing and ask about a new therapy program for the PTSD . I have a dear lady veteran friend in Second Life that I've been giving Reiki to for about a year and half now, and when I read about these new benefits, I was sure it could help her too. But she was feeling very down and hopeless... but she agreed to make a pact with me, that I would go in and find out as much as I could and she w0ould go in the same week , where she lived. And that neither of us would let the other not go, or fail. So if we wanted to run, we couldn't because of the other person.

So Mon came, and off I went confidently to file for medical benefits. But once on base, in front of the trailer I needed to go in to, I suddenly, found myself in a a mass of confusion I was shaking and suddenly teary eyes. I managed to make it inside and then I was told that I didn't qualify for benefits till Jan due to last years income.. And that.. seemed to trigger even more.. and I began crying. The kind man looked at me and asked if I was okay. I couldn't stop the crying as I said something like " No.. I don't think I am okay. .I think I maybe having a bit of a PTSD breakdown'. He pulled out a map and told me I should go over to mental health then, because they have a separate program and I don't have to be in the system to get some help. Then I was lost. txting Paladin that I was confused and couldn't figure out where I was.. even with the map. It took 3 more people (angels) showing me where I needed to go before I finally arrived at Mental Health. I stood there trembling and trying not to sob. The man there was kind as well. but said that he was sorry. he didn't know why I had been sent there, as even though I appeared to be having a breakdown, they couldn't help till I get in the system in Jan. I got a momentary grip and thanked him, but when I got outside, I collapsed on a bench sobbing uncontrollably. thinking they would come put me in the loony bin.. and maybe that would be a good place for me right now.

Then, some dear lady stopped and asked if I was okay. and I manged to tell her of being sent from Intake over to Mental Health. and now. no help till Jan. She patted me on the shoulder and told me to go to Social Services, and pointed to it on my map. I got lost getting there too. took another 3 people to get me to it, but finally did, and a very kind lady asked me a couple questions.. and her eyes got big and she said I needed to go to someplace called the Vet Center, a few miles away that was specifically for folks like me, and they'd see me immediately.

I read Paladin's continued txts, and got a grip, grounded and managed to find my way to the Vet Center. I was greeted by a couple kind smiling fellow veterans, one an ex Navy Chief took me under his wing. Helped me fill out the forms and for the first time.. I wrote that I was there as a victim of a MSA and SH (Military Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment). He was very sympathetic as he asked me gentle questions and helped me fill out the paper work. Then he smiled and asked me who was on my shit list.. I mentioned an pilot from someplace and a couple Boatswains Mates and a Machinist Mate. He smiled again and said he had a Boatswain's Mate on his list too. Then he told me that it was my lucky day, as they do an orientation once a month, they take only 8 vets in, and someone had just cancelled, and the orientation was in a hour and a half. He got me the info for my friend who I had made the pact with.

Then he gave me some other papers, and told me I needed to go file for disability benefits under MSA/SH. Really? I had never told, and certainly never thought of disability benefits for all this mess. He was adamant that I needed to go do this, and that the he and the therapists at the Vet Center would help me. That I had served my country in ways I should never have had to, and that it was only fair of the country to compensate me for my years of pain.

I was feeling calmer, although I couldn't seem to turn off the tears. I decided to go grab a quick bite before this unexpected change of events as I knew Paladin expected me to eat.. El Pollo Loco. .mmmmmm. Felt better, had a grip. Got back to the Vet Center and went in to wait for the orientation. I picked up a 'Handbook for Women Veterans' and started leafing through it. And then, I couldn't stop crying. the tears were back. I hurriedly put the book back and started reading Radar Online on my Iphone.. gave myself some Reiki.. and got myself back together again.

When we were called in as a group, it ranged from a 90 year old WW2 Vet, who'd never got help for his PTSD and his son was with him, also a vet, to be sure he did now. The youngest was in his early 20s, and Iraq vet. There were several Viet Nam vets as well.... 7 men... and me. And.. I couldn't stop weeping. No one mentioned it as the lady therapist explained how these new Vet Centers work.. that they are set up by the VA for vets to help other vet with PTST, and now.. also. MSA and SH.

It was a rough bit of time, while I didn't have the same causes of these battle vets, I had most of the same symptoms. Their 'triggers' were things like 'burning metal', 'Huey blades' and smells of decomposing grass. It turns out if we have just one symptom in each of the several categories, then that qualifies us for disability benefits. As she went down the list.. in my head.. it went click, click, click... I was still weeping the whole time.. but they all pretty much ignored it for which I was very grateful. When she asked about questions, I lifted my hand.. and asked if this is where we say 'BINGO". The humor seemed to break the painful seriousness in the room. I wasn't the only one teary eyed either. And by the end.... every one of them was crying too.. and we had only been told of the help and care we'd be getting now, in this new two year program to help us all get our lives back. We all got appointment cards at the end of the session, she said while the doors were still shut and before we could run away. *weak smiles*

So, the next day, Tue.. I kept the momentum and did what they had said, and I went and filed for disability benefits. I had another bit of a breakdown after I told the caseworker, a kind Marine vet, that I was filing for MSA/SH.. Thank goodness he knew what that meant right off, and gave me the form to write what had happened. I started shaking and and said they had told me not to tell. He reassured me it was okay now.. and for me to try and write. that I didn't' need to write any details... After I wrote it, he read it he looked up and said he was very sorry. then he said, I needed to add a sentence requesting that the VA investigator for MSA/SH to contact me. He said it was a lady from a nearby big city would call me in about a month.

*sighs* Sorry this is so long..but. .well. its important. I want any other vets like me to be able to read this, and learn the process that I have this last week. And friends and family too!

So.... yesterday. I had my first therapy appointment. The same lady therapist... Dr. Vickie. An Air Force veteran. Looked at my DD214.. looked up and said "oh.. you were in in the 70's." I nodded. She said "I have found, those were the worst years for almost any female veteran. You were really at their whim then. ' I nodded, grateful that she knew and understood. Then she said "by the way, you MSA/SH folks don't need to be in the orientation with the battle vets" But I told her that they just had a different sort of pain them mine. She asked "well.. can you tell me what happened?" I knew I couldn't without losing it, so in a moment of clarity, I had remembered to bring my disability form I had done for the benefits last week, when I had to write out. I handed that to her, and she read it. She shook her head, and said how sorry she was, and asked if I had filed that yet, and I said yes, last week after I was here. She nodded and said that was a good first step.

Then she asked about my parents, told her my mom is gone, but my step dad is still here... She told me I needed to tell him, and my friends. .and anyone else that I feel comfortable with, the truth. *big ass sighs* Not easy .. not easy by far friends.
I feel. so fragile. I've always been strong. but now.. I can't seem to stop crying.. . I applied for a job and interviewed... but now... I don't feel I can handle it. Dr. Vickie says I need to let it out. be gentle with myself. and give myself time to adjust. and let it all come out. There was more then just one incident, although that was .. well. the worst in one way, but not in others. It was ongoing for pretty much the whole four years I was in. As my dear Navy buddy says "it was peacetime, but the men brought the war to us'. and .. she was right.

I called my dad, and on Mon, I go up to talk to him. I told him a bit of what happened as he was worried at how my voice sounded.. He asked if I had a good therapist. and I said I did.. so.. more to follow. I choose Mon, cuz I know I'll see Paladin after, and he'll help me process whatever happens.

So. .there is a uber long post. I am.. hanging in there.. Paladin has been more.. amazing then ever.. and he has kept me upright and putting one foot in front of the other. We had a wonderful weekend together this past weekend.. and he continued to help me process and is very supportive of my being able to get well.

with warm thoughts to all..

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Pets

Evening all.

I thought i would just announce my extreme happiness. Yes i know, its kind of a silly idea for a post, but at times i can be silly according to Mystress. The truth is i truly am happy and Mystress is the primary reason indeed. Its a simplistic idea, being happy just belonging, but its truly how i feel. Mystress has owned me now for many years and with each passing year, the happiness just grows. I wonder if other pets garner such happiness from simply belonging?

Happy with being owned.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sick Pets

Good Evening all.

I hope that everyone is doing well this past Thanksgiving holiday. As always we always hope the best for all our friends and family. I for one was a sick pet over the holidays, but even being sick, my dear Mystress still included me...

Not wanting to get my Mystress sick i tried my best to limit my exposure to her but Mystress would have nothing to do with that. She even order me to kiss her even though i was sick. The sentiment warmed my heart to know my dear Mystress cares so much for me she would brave getting sick herself. Mystress pointed out, we share eveything, which inckudes the occasional cold :) How many other pets are so lucky to have an owner like that ? :)

Even when we had our little family dinner, Mystress gently insisted i still attend and that we would all enjoy the evening. Thats what we did, from enjoying a lovely lovely meal, to watching a movie to just hanging out. I spent the time with my dear Mystress, praying she wouldnt get sick, but still so happy to be apart of it all. Thank you dear Mystress for including your little sick pet, hugs.

Tomorrow i get treated with my Mystress's company, mmm i cant wait.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Times

Evening All.

So the holiday period is already upon us, can you all believe it. Wow this year as totally flown by.

Mystress and i plan to start our holiday plans this Wednesday with an early thanksgiving dinner with us 2. Then we are off to our Thanksgiving day plans to share our love with all. it plans to be a yummy time and waking up Thursday with my dear Mystress shall be a wonderful treat indeed.

After that we are into our busy christmas minth then whammo new year. But...mmm...i dont mind it at all for its the start of yet another year with my dear sweet loving Mystress.

A special thank you to all the lovely comments on the last post. We truly smile to each other when we realize how special what we have is and that others truly share that thought. Thank you all again and welcome back tot he blog Mia. Enjoy your stay.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Changing Plans

Good evening all.

Well as our luck holds, so did our plans for a trip change. Due to circustances outside our control Mystress and I couldnt get away last weekend but alas, that didnt stop us.

I kept my days off so that i was truly blessed to be able to have my dear Mystress here for a full 5 lovely long and so so sweet days. :) We spent the time longing for one another, and bonding, and spend every waking minute we could with one another. From lovely dinners out, to lovely deserts inside, the time together as always served to rest our minds and recharge our bones. The time has become so special to us i cant even begin to put words together to describe them. In a sense, we prefer our times together more than our other times.

This may sound weird to others because a typical D/S relationship doesnt go to this degree. For us however, things have progress to much more complicated relationship than either of us thought we wanted. For that i am truly blessed. I share my thoughts and desires with Mystress on this as much as i can and hope in my heart, Mystress has the faith in us that i so so do. As my ring to you says Mystress, FOREVER :), so you are stuck with me :)

Things change, and for us, its truly for the better. Take faith in it for the rest will pass, but what we have will always be.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Planning Continued

Evening All.

We hope that all are doing well and that the future continues to treat all as well as it can. Mystress and I are also planning the future...

Our future trip is set for next weekend as for when it will happen and i just know we are both looking forward to it immensly. Mystress is working on picking her destination and once thats done the next phases can continue. Whereever Mystress chooses i know it will be by the sea as its one of Mystress favorite destinations.

Its been sometime since we have been fortunate enough to take a trip for a variety of reasons. I am sure this fact will weight heavily into us enjoying this trip fully and to savor the experience as much as we can for sure. I also personally hope that it can also be the start to a few more trips on more regular basis. It will definitely do us well to bond in strange places :)

Looking forward to planning more with Mystress.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday Continued

Good Afternoon all. We as always send all the best wishes and happiest thoughts. We always hope that as time ticks on, so do the good times for all.

Well Mystress's birthday weekend is in the past and it was a truly wonderful time together. We went shopping for Mystress's treats, spent some wonderful time together, and enjoyed a new dinner experience at a new place in town :) Mystress always craves finding new places to experience and she hit a home run with the new lobster place she found. Yummy indeed and i am sure we will be back again.

Even though the weekend has past, the birthday treats continue. We are now working on a trip out of town together. Its going to be so wonderful and its coming at a time when we both could definitely use a break indeed :) Mystress is doing her research and picking the spot but either choice wil be wonderful indeed. :)

So far the weather for us is also being stubborn. Mystress and i both want the cold rainy days with the doors open and cuddled up yet the weather is determined to continue the 80 degree days, pffbt. We hope it will turn for the final time soon.

With much hope and love


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sick Ones

Good evening all. Mystress and I hope that all our friends are well and that time treats all well.

Mystress and I are both getting over some colds. It definitely makes one feel down and poopy but with each others care and good energy, we definitely help each other get through these little yucky times rather well. We hope this isnt a sign of the winter to come, we much prefer to avoid the plagues s best we can :)

Next weekend is my dear Mystress bday weekend and i am so blessed to have my Mystress staying ere for the weekend. I am so so sure we are going to have a blast and celebrate such a wonderful occasion together.

Mystress and her knight are off to have dinner with their good friend and i hope they have a blast. Enjoy the company and times dear Mystress for they all serve as wonderful distractions.

Back to the sick couch i go...

With all my love to dear Mystress


Sunday, October 2, 2011



Yes its that wonderful time of the year, its Mystress birthday month weeeeeee. I've convinced Mystress through pleading to keep my celebrations to the one day but for dear sweet Mystress, we celebrate it all month, wee. I have never heard about his method of celebration before but Mystress through her wonderful teachings brought it to my attention. Why celebreate only one day when you can celebrate the whole month :) So please take your time our dear friends to wish my dear sweet Mytress a happy birthday month.

And what could be even better? Starting the birthday month off with oh so wonderful rain :) MMMMMM rainy season. The next few days have rain on the radar so Mystress and i plan to spend the evenings cuddled under a blanket with the doors open and the rain falling, yummy. I ask you, whats better than cuddling up with ones Mystress on a cold rainy night....mmm

Mystress has her friends visiting today for some lessons and girl time. I wish them the best and to have a blast. Mystress sure is a wonderful Mystress full of tricks to teach. Have fun sharing your knowledge dear Mystress :)

With much love.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Special Treat

Evening All.

What a special treat indeed. Today i got to spend a part of the day with my dear sweet Mystress doing some chores around her house. Mystress had a number of outside chores to do and being the pet i am, i was only the happiest to help get things setup. Now Mystress has zero worries for her flowers and all her prohects caught up to date.

What makes it even a better treat, is i still get to see my dear sweet Mystress tomorrow, mmm. I so adore my Mystress and her visits. I have definitely come to need the visits and feel so yucky if we cant get together. Do our subby guests feel the same? Do you all feel so much better when your master/mistress arrives? Do you feel like poo when you cant see them? I know i do.

Loving my dear sweet Mystress.


Sunday, September 18, 2011


Evening All.

Such a wonderful post dear Mystress. It definitely sums up all the wonderful work you guys did and such huge special kudos to you and your fellow volunteers for helping with such a special event. Sounds like you got to channel your "inner Mystress" to deal with some of the tougher individuals :) What a treat for them to feel your wonderful channelings :) I am sure your own miitary experience put the more stubborn ones at ease for they know you had the same experiences and can relate. That would definitely help defuse the situations. I hope to hear about it all tomorrow and see what is planned for the next one.

Mmmm i get to see Mystress tomorrow, and not just tomorrow. Mystress will be here for the next 3 days so i get to soak up all the time with my dear Mystress...yummy. This week is gonna be a long tough one so i will get to soak up some of Mystress's wonderful energy to help me get through it all....damn i am so lucky to have such a magical Mystress....mmm

With all my love for Mystress


Stand up for Stand Down

(This was my view yesterday afternoon from the desk looking across the camp as the sun got ready to set)

And now.. for something completely different.... a sort of.. blogging public announcement.

Here in our California town I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer for the Stand Down for homeless vets this weekend. There are many going on all over the country the next few weeks. As a Navy veteran myself, I am always glad to help out my fellow vets any chance I can. It was my past Master who went last year and told me about it for this year. We were both Airdales in the Navy.. even worked on the same birds during the same years but on different coasts.

Anyways.. for those that don't know what a Stand Down is.. I am posting this because it happens all across our country, and these guys and gals can really use our help. Cold weather is coming, and they need our help to get ready for it.
Find below the national link for it and a quick quote...

The original Stand Down for homeless veterans was modeled after the Stand Down concept used during the Vietnam War to provide a safe retreat for units returning from combat operations. At secure base camp areas, troops were able to take care of personal hygiene, get clean uniforms, enjoy warm meals, receive medical and dental care, mail and receive letters, and enjoy the camaraderie of friends in a safe environment. Stand Down afforded battle-weary soldiers the opportunity to renew their spirit, health and overall sense of well-being.

That is the purpose of the Stand Down for homeless veterans, and achieving those objectives requires a wide range of support services and time. The program is successful because it brings these services to one location, making them more accessible to homeless veterans.

In July 2002, the founders of Stand Down – Robert Van Keuren, Dr. Jon Nachison and Vietnam Veterans of San Diego – asked the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) to become the “keeper of the flame” and provide national leadership for the movement. Since the first Stand Down in San Diego in 1988, the program has become recognized as the most valuable outreach tool to help homeless veterans in the nation today.


I got to work the Community Services desk. which was very very rewarding. Lots of legal folks volunteer for Stand Down also, and as well as getting a place to sleep for a couple nites and some winter clothes, getting their legal issues delt with is a big deal. We had two judges that came out to hear cases and assign community service time to them, and then we assigned them jobs around camp and in the community and we and their off site supervisors kept track of their hours. More then a few guys spent the nite on their feet doing security service's and cleaning up themselves at the same times. It was... well. beyond gratifying to see the relief in a homeless veteran's eyes who got a $300 ticket for eating on the metro and instead was able to spend a few hours working it off. And almost everyone worked way past the hours that they needed. A guy who needed 4 hours, did 24 and a half cuz he saw the need of his buddies and didn't want to stop keeping the camp clean. When our dear DOD (Department of Defense) messed up and we didn't get the cots and sleeping bags we were supposed to on Fri night, the ones in better shape gave up their beds and bedding for the even less fortunate among the already unfortunate. And it was a chilly nite. That desire to help each other out is a real inspiration to everyone there. Out of over 350 troops.. I'd say there was a prob with maybe 5 people. And they all handled it pretty well amongst themselves.

It was also great the way that anyone who was getting upset was handled.. and there was some upset due the mess up on sleeping bags was fairly quickly calmed down. The other vets would quickly gather round any having a problem and take them for a walk it off... and be sure that there were no altercations. And thru it all, was the esprit de corps of the brotherhood of vets. Although there is lots of good natured ribbing among the different branches.. the marine I was working with kept wanting to add zero's to their required hours. 'Oh no.. not four. you misunderstood. the judge said FOURTY'... and some of them did a double take. and wasn't sure if he was serious or not.. a quick glance at me seemed to reassure the and I'd shake my head and say 'you know them grunts.. good at killing, not so good at counting'.. and he'd laugh. And I did have on my Navy veteran ball cap, to make sure they knew I wasn't just another 'chick' out there. Helped me for sure when a few of the guys wanted to argue with the civilian helping me out. Or they wanted to steal a garbage bag, and we were very very short on them. Told the folks who wanted them for their clothes they didn't have a high enough security clearance for one and that I was sure they wouldn't pass the retina scan.. that made them laugh and seemed to break the occasional tension.

Being on site for the past four days (started sorting clothes after work on Thur and the Community Services desk the last 3 days) was very very much like being back in the service. The sound of taps being played at dusk, and saluting the flag as it lowers, or was being raised. The amazing courtesy of the vets.. never heard so many yes and no Sir's and Ma'am's since my time in the service. Ton's of thank you's also to everyone that was giving them a hand. My Knight came and volunteered too, and we stayed until almost 10 last nite to make sure that the guys could get as many community service hours in as possible.. and we were back there early this morning to sign in the those that had worked security through the night, and some hours needed in the morning. The goal was to get all legal issues taken care of before they left camp today. And it was a closed camp.. participants that came in on Fri had to stay on site till this morning. Many a vet stopped by our table on their way out of camp at 8am this morning, to thank us again, and say how wonderful it was to get things cleared up. The weight off their shoulders was palpable. We smiled, hugged and wished them well.. and hoped to see them back as a volunteer next year, not a participant.

As our troops return from their battles and duty stations, they will need us, all of us, more and more. And agree or disagree with the current politics and such, they are the young folks who rose up after 9/11 to serve us all the best they could and can. And our Viet Nam vets are still out there.. the most challenging group to get services too says the local head honcho. The younger ones, are easy to get schooling and retraining. The older, lots of services and SS for.. but the early to late 50's group is the hardest to figure out what to do for and how to help.

Now.. back to our occasional blog post...

As always, pet and I were in touch throughout, except for on Fri nite when my phone died and i wasn't able to txt him.

My great excitement for pet mounts as his day of oath taking nears! Soon, we won't ever have to worry about him being deported or returned back to (what I consider) his semi barbaric country. I guess I've never worried or even dared think about him not being able to stay here. He''s been here half as long as he's been alive now, and it will be a great relief to us all that this will be a done deal after this week.

As always.. he is of great support and a constant star of guidance and joy.

... one more quick commercial note....

Please.. if any of you will, take the time to check into your local area and see if you can volunteer or donate something to help your local Stand Down. This can be the step that helps our vets get out of homelessness.Two of the top guys flew in from over 2000 miles away to be here because some 15 - 20 years ago, a Stand Down, helped them get off drugs and alcohol and rebuild their lives. Its the connection of vets helping vets, and the community reaching out to support and help them rebuild their lives.. and yes.. some want to stay where they are on the streets... but many, many of them just want a hand up, not out. And they, have already given us their all too.. so please.. take a moment to do more then just think about them on Veteran's or Memorial Day.. do something to help them NOW.. as winter approaches.

Best to all..

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Changes

Good evening to all our wonderful guests and friends. Another week has come and gone yet as the time ticks on, and the seasons change, so do us all.

Mystress has been in a period of tranisition for a few months now and all the changes for Mystress are now coming together. Its truly wonderful for the changes havent been easy for Mystress but now, with them complete, i can sense such a huge burden removed from her shoulders. The relief is evident in Mystress's bubbly demeanor and how much more happier she has been the last few weeks. It warms my heart to feel my Mystress becoming happier and knowing that the transition is well on its way and for the better indeed.

As always, Mystress will be here tomorrow and i eagerly wait counting the minutes. it may seem strange to some of our guests how we have a schedule and keep to it, but we do it religiously. Why? Well because we find the structure lends us both a sense of security in knowing whats to come, what we can count and knowing that will never change. I guess thats my small contribution to us, order. I provide the order and structure and Mystress ptovides the wonderful chaos we all need to keep things different, mmm what a wonderful duo indeed.

Happily in service to my dear Mystress.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Anticipating the holiday

Evening all.

I hope that all our friends and guests are doing well this holiday weekend. It sure doesnt happen often enough these long weekend holidays but i for one do enjoy them every time they come around. And this Labor day i am even more excited for my dear Mystress will be here all day and night, mmmm.

Mystress has been a busy bee this weekend and i cant wait to hear all about what Mystress got up to. I know Mystress has been working like a green smurf in the garden getting it humming in top shape. Eager to see what Mystress has done and to see how we can incorporate the same changes here to make this garden even better.

I am off to finish up my chores, get an early dinner then off to bed to make the night pass on by, for tomorrow, my dear Mystress shall be here.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Sweet Mystress

Evening to all our wonderful guest and friends. We hope all is going well with all as the summer progresses on. its definitely changing seasons as its been rather a pleasant summer to date, not too hot at all and all it will do now is change to cooler days.

As with the weather, Mystress is changing too. As her last post says, Mystress is tranistioning from her old job to the new one. So far its been a touch anxious but with Mystress's skills, the transition will go smoothly i am sure. Even the new clients have already latched onto Mystress's way of doing things with her wonderful demeanour, even to the point they are trying to get her to break the rules and give them her personal phone :) Its totally expected because everyone who has the opportunity to spend some time with my dear sweet Mystress, always want to be with her as much as possible.

Tomorrow my dear Mystress is here and i cant wait for my dear Mystress to be here. We always have such a wonderful time together and i am eager to watch a show we recorded about SL. I am very curious as to hearing her opinions as Mystress is a SL expert.

With all my love


Monday, August 22, 2011

Relaxing at the Spa Weekend

Greetings Friends and readers,

It's been a mostly relaxing weekend at Chez Paladin's Spa. Started early on Fri after work at My new job (the old one is phasing out and the new one starting part time.) Pet had his citizenship hearing on Thur, and decided to take off Fri as well. Looks like after some 15 years, pet will become an official US citizen in the next month or so. Guess all that quizzing of American civics and history paid off. Poor fella didn't sleep for two weeks before, afraid something might go wrong. Heck.. he's just the kinda person we WANT as a citizen for sure. Master's degree and a house and a good job. And a heck of a good slave to boot. *grin*

So Fri started early with a quick lunch after work ( I got off at 1 that day) and then after a bit of relaxation it was off to see the last Harry Potter movie and dinner. Both were very good. And yes. I did some sniveling at the end of the movie, just like when I finished the last book. We were both pretty zonked though and crashed pretty early and deep.

Sat saw a cooler day, so after breakfast, the choice for which day to garden and slay the rose bushes was chosen. We both worked up quite a sweat and filled the green barrel to overflowing. But now, we can walk the little path that circles the grass again without getting ripped apart by the roses. And the sunflowers were harvested.. the biggest one was cleaned and seasoned and toasted.... only to find no seeds inside. Any of them. The flavor of salt and smoke were excellent. except for the empty shells. So.. next year.. we'll find a better sun flower. that has HUGE seeds in it. and grow those. These started in out in a small pot from the Dollar store. so not too surprising. And they were grand flowers.. just no tasty seeds inside the shells. :(

But. that's been the only 'disappointment'. Otherwise, things have been just charming. Pet is his usual sweet and obedient self. Fun to play with and delightful in giving pleasure. We have worked, played and cooked together and caught up on some shows we record like Deadliest Catch and Hell's Kitchen. Watched the movie Red Riding Hood.. and that was pretty good too.
And watched part of Kingdom of the Blue Whales last nite.. set it to record and we'll finish watching it tonight. Since pet gets up so very early on weekdays, I like to make sure we are in bed early enough to enjoy time before he has to go to sleep. Today, I have to go up the hill and work for a few hours, then back to spend a regular Mon with pet.

This is the last week of my going up the hill.. after so many years.. it will feel very very odd to not be making that journey. My new job is just a few miles from my home, and so that will save me tons of gas. Plus.. now. when I leave work, all the worries stay there, and it won't be my sole responsibility anymore, thos 7 lives I've had on my caseload for all this time. And that too, will be a HUGE relief. Not quite as free as Molly and Mick, but no more being called in the evenings and weekends, with a client dropping their lives problems in my lap to fix. Nope.. not my prob any more!!! So. here's tipping my had to Mick and Molly, and myself. and all things that seen new with less stress!!!

i am off work tomorrow, and think I'll play around some in Second Life. It's still a great escape and way to relax. Am setting up a new house next to the beach, always fun!

I wish everyone out there all good things as always..
and a smile and a wink...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Keeping in touch

Evening all.

Half way through summer and the hot days keep on ticking :) Before we know it, the clouds will build and mmmmm the weather will change to cold and rainy. Oh i cant wait.

Mystress is out and about today tweaking on her lovely garden. Mystress has such a wonderful green thumb. The plants she got in the newly turned soil last weekend have already doubled in It takes me forever to get a plant to grow and Mystress doubles hers in a week..a little jealous :) But all is good because i know Mystress has her touch on the garden here as evident by the giant roses in the backyard.

Next weekend Mystress and i planning a great weekend together...mmm cant wait to have Mystress here. We have such a blast together and Mystress is such winderful company...mmm


Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Special Treat

Good Evening All.

Today was a special treat for me as i got to spend the day with my dear sweet Mystress. Mmmm so yum. I do so love each time we are together for its truly wonderful to work on projects with my dear Mystress.

Today we were at Mystress's place turning over some soil and installing a drip irrigation system....sounds super duper exciting doesnt it :) I know its not all lights camera action but for us, its a wonderful time to be together and to strengthen our team owrk together. So for the day, we toiled in the soil and setup a rather handy dandy irrigation system to water all Mystress plants more back breaking work for my dear Mystress. We decided we shall use this setup as a blue print for our future projects here at Mystress's other gardens. It sure will make all the upkeep for them all so so much easier.

Whats even better, is now i only have to count a handful of hours before i see my dear Mystress tomorrow...mmmm

With such happiness and dedidcation to Mystress


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Angle Of The Dangle

Good evening all.

How are all our wonderful guests this nice warm summer eve? We hope all are doing well and life is treating all well.

Mystress has had a busy 4 days visting with friends from out of the country and doing the tour guide thing. She sounds like she is having a truly wonderful time which is so so wonderful to hear. It please me to such levels to know Mystress is having such a wonderful time.

So on Monday Mystress gave me an assigment for the week i had to do and report my findings tonight. Mystress want me to monitor for the week which of my testicles hanged lower than the other and to note whether or not it changes. Well Mystress, i can report that the left is lower than the right and no, it doesnt change. Another observation is that it also hangs from left to right. I hope this information Mystress finds usefull and amusing :)

I eagerly wait to see my Mystress tomorrow. It will be great to hear of all her adventures of the last four days. Looking forward to it much.

With much love for Mystress


Sunday, July 24, 2011


Good Afternoon all our wondeful guests and friends.

Its time once again to pronounce my super high level of happiness at this time of the year. Why, well its officially 4 days into my 5th year of service, 361 day to go till 5 oh so magical years with Mystress. Our friends always express a delighted suprise when they relize how long its been, sort of suprise to them, but a pleasant suprise. It certainly isnt a chore and its truly a delightful time indeed. I do look forward to many many more years to come. I always tell Mystress, "I aint going anywhere and she is stuck with me" :) Dare i ask how many years some of our guests have been in service to their doms? I am kinda curious as to what sort of times others have had in service? Tomorrow my dear Mystress is coming over and i am sure we will celbrate our times together :)


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Its that time

Good evening all our dear guests.

Summer is ticking on by as it always does. Mystress is up in the hills tonight with her knight and sister in-law. Its her birthday so Mystress and her knight are treating her to a wonderful time up in the mountains. Its reall a wonderful location and a great place to spend some calm and relfecting time just relaxing and recharging. I hope they truly have a grand time.

This week is also our anniversary week. Weee 4 years in the service of Mystress with each day more special and rewarding than the last. As i mention, time flys, but it all leads to years and years of time together. Mystress and I are truly blessed to have so much time together with many many more years to come. The truly sucky part however is i have a business trip this week and i leave on our anniversary day :( The truly sucks and i cant apologize enough to dear Mystress. Mystress says we shall celebrate when i return and i hope to take her up on her sweet offer.

Well i go now to do my daily garden duties. As Mystress mentioned, our garden is looking marvelous so i do my due deligence to keep it sparkling and thriving for my dear Mystress. I have a feeling Mystress cant wait to bite into our fresh tomatoes. Next year, who knows how big our garden will get :)


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Of Lawns and Cars

Hello Friends..

Been a while since I posted. When I got back from my vacation, I had some rough news regarding my work, and I've been beating feet ever since. Paladin as always, has been a tower of strength, and a beacon of calm reasonableness in his moral and even financial support in this overly rough time for me. He runs very solid and constant, and when so many other things are changing, I am glad that he is just the same. He once wrote about being like a weeping willow grown from a bolder.. and he is like that. I can cling under his protection when storms around me rage, and he is always unflappable and reasonable, yet he is also deeply passionate and adoring. His first inclination when anything is wrong, is to send the peaceful an relaxing energy of Reiki to me, and I can feel it helping me to get a grip when I might otherwise lose it.

He writes about our garden, and indeed, it is doing amazingly well! The herbs have all been growing gangbusters as have the sunflowers. Although Paladin feels his are not quite up to par since only one is growing to the right size. The rest have been much shorter. But they still have bright, happy faces to me!

He had also redone the whole back yard lawn with fresh sod when I returned, and has been fastidious about being sure it's watered properly. Some long time readers.. may remember when he bought his house near ours a couple years ago, the lovely green lawn he had seen when he agreed to buy it, had seemingly been un-watered during the 60 or so days of escrow and was dry and brown that first day when we went to the new home with the key fresh from the realtor. I remember looking up at him and saying "Pet....I don't think grass is supposed to crunch.' He made his characteristic stallion snort about it.. and set off to bring it back. Which he did.. then he fought a long and loosing battle with the plethora of weeds that had sprung up when he got what grass there was to grow. So.. he decided to kill it all.. and then spent a few months carting all the dead stuff out in his green waste container. And.. while I was gone.. he undertook to do the fresh sod.. so when I came back, it was now, a pure, lovely green oasis. We've had a couple of very nice weekends chopping the huge rose canes back so we can use the walkway around the grass without being torn to shreds.

And his help with the car.. was wonderful. He's done the brakes on his mustang a few times and has all the air tools and such organized like any good engineer and while he got pretty filthy doing it, it was all done in less then an hour I think. Again, much gratitude.. brakes is one of those things shops love to do, and then tell you all the other things wrong, and charge you crazy prices to do it. Brakes and rotor done under $100!

All in all, things are pretty well. Some emotional family drama has kept me a bit off my regular solid footing, but I hope for the best, and keep one foot in front of the other. I've not had much focus to keep on the blog here, or our dear friends out there, but I hope to be a bit more grounded in the new few weeks. At least Paladin keeps things running smoothly while I am away or busy. He is ever the well trained protector and pleasure slave, in contact all day with texts, always checking in to see how I am, which is a heartwarming especially when things have been so.. challenging.

Well, I have several chores to do today and wish to get on my way before the day is too warm.
Best to all,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Special Treat

Good Afternoon enough for everyone? It sure is nice and toasty here. Its not our favorite weather thats for sure but its a nice change of pace. The countdown to the rainy days have already began so we will continue to count the days down :)

Today was a special treat for me. My dear Mystress came for a vist this morning....weee. I helped her knight with a few motor vehicle chores and we had dear Mystress up and rnning asap. It was a wonderful treat indeed and i enjoyed it immensly. Mystress is off in her newly re-tuned vehicle to visit with a friend this evening. Have a great visit dear Mystress.

While they were here, Nystress had to show off the garden. Her knight was truly impressed. We have a wonderful garden going and it sure doesnt look to be ending anytime soon. In fact, i am off to give the little guys their showers and fresh does of miracle grow...hopefully they will all grow up to be the mutant plants Mystress seems to grow :) Mystress has some sunflowers over 6Ft tall now and mine ours here are maybe half that size....i will have to learn all Mystress's secrets.

With such love and care for Mystress...


Sunday, June 26, 2011


Good Afternoon All.

Well summer has officially showed up :) 100+ days and the familiar sound of the AC unit, what a lovely time it is. What makes this summer truly better is watching our projects prosper.

This year as you all know, Mystress and I officially got the yard setup and back into top notch order. And now we get to enjoy the rewards of our work. The flowers are blooming, the herbs growing like weeds and everything dark and green. My folks were over, and they both commented how wonderful the yard was. For that i have my dear Mystress to thank for she is trully the green thumb :)

Next year, or perhaps later this summer, we plan to start a black and white garden. Black and White??? yes Black and White :) When we were last at the nursery we both instantly locked on to these wonderful black violets. The were very striking indeed. Mystress being the researcher she is discovered a whole variety of different black and white plants and the whole concept of a black and white garden. So we both decided to get one setup for they are truly marvelous to see. This shall be yet another wonderful project for Mystress and I.

Do we have any guests with experience in Black And White? If so please feel free to leave your comments as any advice is always welcome.

In Loving Service of Mystress

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Changing Times

Good Afternoon All.

Here it is, the last evenng of a super fast weekend, why do they always go so fast ? :) Dont wory, Mystress and i are still working on our time machine so we never loose time together and i am sure we will share the plans with all.

We hope that everyone is still doing well out there. Our blog is a quiet one but we know from our tracking, that we still get many readers and thats all that counts.t Its changed from when we started yet change is most always for the better.

Mystress too is changing, well more like spreading her wings. Mystress has started to share her reiki on a broader basis, bring it to those that need it most. Its wonderful to hear how excited Mystress is about this change and it tickles me pink, well maybe not pink, that Mystress finds such enjoyment in her adventures. I do my best to keep Mystress motivated and flapping her wings to soar ever higher. So far she has gather some followers and in time Mystress will have all the people she can handle in a single day.

Hugs to my dear sweet Mystress. So proud of you for following all your desires and wants.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Growing Times

Good evening all. Another week goes by yet a lovely week it was. It was cold and raining, yes cold and rainiy all week in June in Cali, and Mystress and i just loved it :) Right before the rains started, last weekend actually, Mystress and i started out back yard garden.

Mystress started growing some seeds before her trip and this past weekend we made a trip to the nursery, hunting for the perfect compliments, pots and other assorted garden supplies. Wee so much fun :) We spent all memorial day digging up soil and trimming roses and planting flowers, herbs and anything else we could think of. Now the yard is starting to look totally awesome and i has Mystress's wonderful touch all over it. Now part of my duties include updates and pictures of how the little plants are doing and making sure our wonderful work together prospers, just like Mystress and I prosper.

Today also included a lovely treat. I got to spend a good many hours with Mystress in SL. I got to meet her lovely new subby, and let me say she does dance rather well. After that we spent time at Mystress's SL Reiki Center giving reiki together. Its rather slow and passive yet very rewarding to give one reiki. It was yum and a wonderful treat indeed.

Now i sit and count the hours till i sleep, and see my dear Mystress tomorrow. Be well all and may the best of everything come to you all.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

So Happy To have Mystress Back

Afternoon All.

Mmmmm its so so so so so so wonderful to be sitting here, this Sunday afternoon, writing my blog with my dear sweet Mystress back from her trip and so so close. It was so wonderful seeing my dear Mystress home i couldnt even wait for our night, i just had to go see Mystress early and have some yummy dinner. Now why has it taken so long to post, considering my Mystress has been home for 2 weeks, well thats for a good reason...

Days after my Mystress was home, we got to spend the weekend together and oh so so yummy a weekend it was. We had wonderful dinners and cuddled on the couch, looking at all the pictures Mystress took and listening to all her stories intently. I can assure all, Mystress had a blast of a trip and will have such wonderful memories for years and years to come. Its not often someone can take such a journey, especially to some of the spiritual places Mystress visited, and have each and every moment live on in memories yet Mystress has, and will not forget them anytime soon.

Now we settle back into our wonderful routines, and i write this knowing that tomorrow, i will walk in the house to see my dear Mystress sitting on her throne, welcoming me home. MMMMM such a lovely site. I enjoy it each and every time for i get to kneel and lean into Mystress and taste a sweet kiss...mmm so intoxicating.

Floating on intoxicating images...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wee happy times

Evening all

I am on edge and so happy tonight for my Mystress is flying through the air coming home...mmmmmmmmmmm I can't wait to see my dear Mystress. I cant wait to pick her brain and hear all the stories about her adventures.

Mystress texted me from SD, apparently they had some security issues and had to change planes there...i hope all is ok. My phone is on the fritz and is loosing its signal which sucks. I would of so prefered to have txted some to get the full story. The least txt Mystress said she was boarding the new plane so i assume all is good.

Mystress will txt when she lands and i hope to be half asleep so i can hear it and welcome her back.

WEEEEE Mystress coming home.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Celebrating the end of a vacation.

Good evening all. I hope as always that everything goes well with all our wonderful friends and guests. I cant beliebe another full week has slipped by in the blink of an eye...time flys and its unstoppable :) Along with this passing of time, comes the celebration to the end of a vacation...

Now that may sound terrible and not fun at all, but in my mind its well worth celebrating. Not out of meanness nor spite, but out of happiness and excitement. Tomorrow my Mystress returns home from a long vacation and i couldn't be happier for i get to see my dear sweet Mystress, how i have missed her these past weeks and weeks. We have so much to catchup on and to share and being in the phyiscal presence of my dear Mystress once again will be a wonderful thing indeed.

I wish my dear Mystress a speedy and safe trip home to her castle, her home and us.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nearing the Desitnation

Good evening all

So goes another week without my Mystress :( I have missed dear Mystress bunches and cant wait till she is home. Yet on the flip side i do not want her trip to end without Mystress enjoying it to her fullest. Its so important to me that Mystress enjoy her wonderful vacation and trip with friends. The memories are pricesless and worth the cost indeed.

Mystress plans to be at her final destination Monday then she has a full week of touristy stuff planned. It will be great for them have a base of operations to take all their day trips from and still have a comfy bed to return to at night. I wish them the best of times with their trips and enjoy it to the fullest.

As Mystress mentions, i have been working at projects to prepare the yard for Mystress's return. We plan to utilize it fully this summer so i am working to get it all done so we can. Thanks to Mystress for all the wonderful yard tips and projects. Our yard will look amazing this summer indeed.

Here and There
Kum and Go


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Travelling Update..

Greetings Friends and Readers...

First.. that sign. Didn't realize what kinda store I was in till I looked at the clerks shirt and did a double take. Then I noted the sign on the wall. They seem so be a very helpful corporation as there are many stretches cleaned by Kum & Go. Teeeeheeee.. stll gives me a chuckle.

From Colorado Springs, we went onward and spent the night in Hays Kansas. Windy as all get out. And a tiny bathroom, only 2 tiles wide for the 'seating area', I kid you not. From there it was to Stewartsville, MO where my best friend from HS was. We got there just in time for dinner with her boyfriend and a couple of her adorable grandkids.. and two wonderful feline fur baby's, one of whom opted to get up with me at 4:45 am (central time now) to watch the Royal Wedding. I'd watched his parents get married the year I got out of the service with some friends, and for some reason, I just really wanted to watch it live. Both my friend and traveling companion opted out. But Furbaby was in. At least I didn't feel so bad after hearing that 8,000 folks in Kansas City got up for it to go sit next to Diana's wedding dress. Well, excuse me, only 3,000 only got to be next to the dress.. the other 5000 were out some place in a building NEXT to where the dress was. So I didn't feel quite so funny to be curled up on my friends couch with a purring kitty watching at happy love story unfold. Them Brits sure can throw a wedding, I'll say that! And I thought Harry was a kick.. like a mischievous kitten.. just waiting for something fun to bat at.

I started watching just after Kate was in the car at 4:45... and watched till 6:30 when they went into Buckingham Palace. I did througly enjoy it I have to admit. Then went back to bed for a few hours. We were up and out by noon and onto LeClaire, where the show American Picker's is shot. Interesting store, but much smaller then we thought. Then it was off to Chicago. Boy was it windy! We drove by Millennium Park and around a bit before settling into our hotel for the evening. We are about 13 hours from our final destination and plan on a long drive tomorrow to make it on Mon.

Pet has been in constant contact with me. He spent the today working on painting some trip and installing the new sprinkler system in preparation for possible sodding the lawn next weekend. He sent lots of pictures, and I greatly appreciated. Didn't feel like I was missing on all the yard renovation fun. Am certainly wishing him well in his projects.

Well, time to sign off.. long ass drive tomorrow.
Best to all,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Onward the Journey - getting to meet virtual friends!

Greetings Dear Friends and Readers...

I have been doing Reiki on a fellow veteran in Second Life for several months now.. at least back before my birthday in Oct when her Master brought her to me asking for help. On my birthday, she made me a wonderful outfit which has since been one of my very favorites. Well, on this cross country trip, we had the opportunity to take a swing up to Colorado Springs to meet this charming lady and her daughter. My traveling companion was tired after her share of driving up from Santa Fe. So I went off to meet her on my own. It was a delightful time. Her daughter is a a very cute little chatterbox. I can say it sure was nice to smile at my cyber friend across the table and to have a face to go with the avatar. She showed me another outfit she has made for me in Second Life, which is quite stunning. I'll have to post a pic of it here at some point.

After I got back from the yummy dinner, and being online for a bit.. as I got ready for bed, I looked out the window.. and oh my gosh. it was snowing! My friend who was asleep when I got back, woke up as I was looking out the window, and moaned that she had left her camera in the car, and she was afraid it would freeze, and while I was out fetching it for her.. well of course.. I had to get some pics and a vid. Geesh. that woke me up for sure. Out in the blizzard in my 'jamies and tennis shoes, snow blowing sideways. took me a while to get relaxed after that. This will be the first time that I have tried posting a video.. so we'll see how it goes.

Pet mentioned that we got some time to cam. Which we did. This leads me to the fact that pet had finally (although accidentally) named his errr.. 'private parts' for me.. and the name is..... Amusements. How did it get that name? Well.. I had told pet that I was going to want to 'watch' him some on cam while I was gone. *wink wink* He knows what I mean. When I asked him what I wanted to see on cam the other night, he said 'amusements'.... so.. hence he is right. and that's the new name. Cute huh?? And indeed.. I did get to see Amusements tonight.. and he is looking quite healthy. Unlike Mick over at UCTMW, Paladin doesn't have any schedule for cumming, unless it's for me on cam. *grin* So in some ways, although Amusements isn't caged up, he's not getting any relief either.

Tomorrow I get to see my bestest high school friend, and I am pretty excited. From her place, we head on east, but I don't know exactly which route. The weather is pretty scary and we are tying to dodge tornado's. We are headed on to Maryland.. any suggestions?

Best to all,

Mystress Time. Wee

Good evening all.

Today is a Mystress day and although Mystress isnt here, we still had the chance to have some time together. Mystress was so kind to chat with me on yahoo some while i cammed for her. It was good to get some fast communication between us :) We text tons and tons through out the day, yet depending on where Mystress is, they can be rather snail pace. We tried to chat and cam last night but the hotel Mystress was in had really slow internet, so the cam was choppy and messages way dealyed.

Mystress is making good time across the big country and tonight is the last hotel night before staying at a friends. This plan was alittle up in the air but i am glad Mystress managed to finalize her plans. Mystress said its been 6 years since she last saw her best high school friend so i am sure there will be tins of catching up. Mystress thinks she will try to extend the stay there by a day and i really hope she manages too.

Mystress has tasked me with some tasks so off i go to get them taken care of.

Have a wonderful eve and days to come dear Mystress. So glad the trip is going well for you.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter in Sedona

Yes... Sedona is a long way from Montana... our original destination. But weather and plans got changed, so as Paladin mentions.. we went thru Las Vegas on our new route. And indeed, got to see our normal 'summer' visitor in her home turf. Had a kick ass seafood 'extravaganza'... which for me was 3 plates of crab legs that Capt Phil woulda been real proud to haul in.

From LV, we headed to Sedona... thought I had never been here, but it turns out, that I had been to Chapel of the Holy Cross on a trip I took here with my folks back when I was in high school. Sedona was not the new age attraction then that is it now. Turns out the chamber of commerce here does have these nifty GPS Ranger's they call em. For $27 bucks you get them for the whole day. We had ours from around 11pm till about 6:30. Had wonderful list of places to see, and narration and videos that it plays .. sound comes thru your radio on 107.7. After we had dropped it off, we rather missed the nice voice telling us all the things that we were passing by.

Tired... oh gosh.. am I tired tonight though. Got some rubber legs from all the hiking. Think I'm gonna have an ibprophene and chocolate pudding. and get some rest.

Tomorrow we head to Santa Fe, and then on to Colorado Springs from there... and then on east to Maryland. Think we are stopping in St. Joseph, Mo to see my best high school friend for a night. Other then that, now that our route has changed... we don't have much of an idea of where we are stopping each nite. My friend can't do much more then 5 hours in the car... so it's taking us some time to get where we are going. But.. we are having fun along the way.

I do miss my Paladin.. and do wish we'd made it to Phoenix to see Robert... but the east coast is still a long way away.. and my flight won't change on the 9th.. so best we get a move on.

Wishing everyone all good things..

Happy Updates

Good evening all.

I hope that everyone is doing well and that the coming warm weather is exciting for all. Mystress and I prefer the colder rainy days but summer does afford us sometime to putter around the gardens together, making them bend to Mystress's will and her wonderful mental images. Mystress sure can put a lovely garden together. When Mystress gets back, i am sure we will have a bunch more things to do.

Mystress is well into her trip and wow it sounds like a wonderful time indeed. Their plans changed last minute, well the path travelled more, due to weather concerns. The new path has been a blessing so far for Mystress for its taken her to Vegas to catchup with a good friend. Having met her before, i know that Mystress is going to have a grand time. Today Mystress was out and about on a GPS tour. I found it interesting that one could actually rent a GPS device from a city, with a pre-planned tour in in and off you go....kudos to them for a good idea. Maybe Mystress will find many more places like that. It sure makes planning a trip or excursion easier :)

I have Missed my dear Mystress and our times together, yet i am very happy Mystress is on her trip. Its not often that one gets to go on such a trip with a good friend. Keep enjoying your time dear Mystress and know that your pet is always here and waiting.

With all my love for Mystress


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Upcoming Road Trip

Greetings Friends and Readers...

As Paladin as been mentioning, yes, I am headed out on a cross country road trip. Literally. All the way from our northern California abode to Maryland. The prompting for this trip, is that my ex-Mistress, but still dearest friend needed someone to ride with her as she is going to visit her Uncle and Aunt, the Uncle she is legally responsible for, and has developed Alzheimer's and family care situations have changed. His wife has been ill and sometimes cannot take care of him. A new plan to handle things must be devised and so she is going to stay back there for a while. The plan is we drive out now, I fly back from Boston on 5/9.. then maybe around her birthday in mid July I fly back and we drive back again, depending on how things go.

So, our plan it to go north. Wed, 4/20 we are on the road hopefully by 1 or 2. First stop is her mom's home, someplace God forsaken in Nevada. Next, we head for Montana via Twin Fall's ID. In Montana is my very first slave P... a hunky Viking who I was not quite mean enough for, although his dear and very lovely wife is. They got married about a year after My Knight and I did, and they had come to our wedding. We all visited a few times, but its been about 6 years since they moved to Montana. They have been issuing invitations ever since. Mistress C knew him then too.... so I think he is in a bit of excitement of the idea of THREE Mistress's at one time. TeeeHeeee.. he's got a great ass for spanking.. and dear Mistress K, his wife is always gracious about sharing him. She's a pretty hot number herself. yummmy! He says I am still one of the best Mystress's he ever knew. *grins* And I've only gotten better, especially since collaring dear Paladin.

So... after a weekend in Montana, I believe we head for Yellowstone... and then to Mt. Rushmore. From there we wander off towards Chicago... and then down towards Maryland. However.. its all dependent on weather, and free housing offers from friends (hey in this economy, every dollar counts, right?)... in somewhat interesting places. ;)

So.. if any of our fellow bloggers are out there along the directions we are heading.. please let me know.. I'd be thrilled to meet you. If we don't make it on this pass, perhaps the next one.

This weekend I'll be with Paladin, trying to get my fill (impossible but fun to try) of him and as much obedient sub as I can. Too bad sub P and Mistress K are so early in the trip.. I may be going thru withdrawals by Chicago.

However... I am taking my laptop... and Paladin has been instructed that he'll have to amuse us when we can't find something more amusing to do in the evenings. Mistress C got to meet Paladin early on.. and she's the one who came to his place to teach him how to do manicures in the summer time. *grins* She gotten to warm that cute ass before too, although it's been a while. Anyways.... the point being, she's quite fond of him and knowing we'll have him on cam at our command when we want will be great fun!

So that's the lay of the plan so far.. I've never been East of Florida (where I spent my Navy and collage years) except for our daughters play in Pittsburg about 10 years ago. I'm especially excited to go to Washington DC and some of the monuments there.. and Monticello..for some reason, I've always wanted to go there. and Mistress C wants us to take a visit up to NY as well. I'd like to see Strawberry Fields.. and maybe see Superman if its still playing.

Any suggestions anyone has about places to go and see or things to do (I am in search of the giant ball of yarn) would be greatly welcomed!

Thanks to all and best to all as well,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time Is Near

Good evening all.

Time ticks on by and the time for wonderful trips approachs. This weekend Mystress and i share together before Mystress goes off on her wild girls only road trip :) Well maybe not as wild as some of you guys are picturing :)

I am so happy Mystress gets to go on this lovely trip with her good friend. They have been planning for ages and have everything setup and ready to go :) It is very important to me that we all stay close to each other, our friends and family and this trip will certainly keep Mystress and her friend close indeed. Knowing each of the ladies, i know they are going to have a blast.

It will be a long 2.5 weeks without my Mystress's touch but as always we will always be in touch. Be in txt or phone or something even more interactive (Mystress has some wicked orders that involve cams and audiences). We shall share the trip together in the constant communication we shall have through out. Do enjoy it fully Mystress and know that i shall as always be here when you return. I look forward to all the stories and updates :)

Have a wonderful evening to all our friends and family...i count the minutes till i see my dear Mystress tomorrow.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Soecial Treat

Good Evening All

Another week, and another week under the belt of service to my dear Mystress. It was a rather hectic week but any week, regardless of the craziness, in the service of Mystress is so so wonderful.

Tofay was a special treat for me. I got to see my Mystress today and help her teach a reiki class. A treat for sure. I have only seen my Mystress in teaching when i had my attunement. Today i got to see my Mystress in full swing teaching a full class of 5. Let me just say, Mystress sure does know her stuff. She answered every question thrown her way and with all the details the students wanted. It was a wonderful treat indeed. There were rumblings of more course int he future and perhaps i will have the chance yet again to see my dear Mystress in action.

Well i will keep this short. Having a small issue with my eyes, so off i got to use my wonderful reiki skills, care of dear Mystress, to releive them some.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Road Trips

Good evening all

First quarter done and here comes April. Wow the year is going quick but Mystress and i cant complain for April is the month of road trips :)

Mystress has a very long road trip with her girlfriend planned for the end of the month, and when i say long, i amean all teh way across the country...whew thats a long drive :) I really cant wait for Mystress to go on this trip, not because i dont want to be with my Mystress, but because it will be a number of weeks with Mystress on a girls time road trip. Whats better than two ladies on a raod trip across the country? I am sure there will be plenty of banter and girl bonding time :)

On friday Mystress helped me pick a new car too, nothing special just something to commute with, but it also now gives Mystress and i a reliable option to do some trips for ourselves. I know Mystress has been waiting for sometime for it and i hope that the trips we plan will be all she wants. I look forward to them as any time with Mystress is a wonderful time. I will have to pull out my notes and hints chart and see what fits the bill for us as soon as possible :)

Thank you again dear Mystress for all your help this last week too. You made the entire search and process so much more enjoyable.

In happy service of my dear sweet Mystress.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wee back to normal

Good Evening All

Well its a wekk later and i am happy to report, Mystress and i are back to normal, well 98% normal :) Thank you to all our friends and guests who wished us a speedy recovering. Your well wishes and pleasant energy definitely helped us to get back into the land of the healthy. No longer do we have plague central here :)

Well the first quarter is already done, wow time flies but its also a great time. Mystress is in deep plans for a few all girl road trips in the near future :) I am sure they will be wonderful times indeed. Oh to be a fly on the dashboard during those trips :) Mystress will be gone quiet sometime so I will miss my nights with Mystress but will make up for it when dear Mystress returns. I am sure we will be in constant contact during her trip, exhancing pics and keeping each other updated full time.

We as always enjoy our friends and guest who visit. Mystress just loves keeping upto date with all the blogs linked to us, she finds them to be rather educational. :) Its a great little ring we have with each of us contributing someting rather unique to it. Hopefully we can all learn alittle something from each i know my Mystress really wants a set of boots now :)

To all our friends and guests, keep smiling, having a great time and may the time be good to all.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catching Up

Evening all.

Well the past week has been a series of coughs, sneezes, sniffles and general yuckiness...yes a technical term for feeling crappy. Mystress and i have been sick, together :), and have spend the entire last week huddled up in, as Mystress calls it, plague central. During this time each of us has taken turns caring for the other, with hot teas being made for each other, and blankets pull up tight, as well as many many reiki to help fight the horrid colds we had. Evening though we were sicker than dogs, the full time stay by my Mystress was a lovely lovely wonderful treat and one we both enjoyed, even if it was a strange way to spend time together. We truly do have so much in common and during this time our choices for remedies, and activities to pass time and all together everything we did seemed to mesh very well. Hopefully we get to repeat the time toegther without being so sick in the future :)

Today was a special treat for my Mystress as she got to spend it together with her lovely lady friend. They make such a great pair of friends that everytime they are together it warms my heart knowing that they are both having a truly wonderful time. I've mentioned it numerous times to dear Mystress how important it is to maintain girl time, probably to the point of being a pain :) I do believe it to be very important for balance and hope that Mystress and D keep up such a wonderful friendship for both their cases. Big hugs to both you sexy ladies.

Mystress makes a very good post regarding Japan, and i urge all our guests to join us in sending good energy to the people of Japan. Mystress and I thought the world was coming to an end when we were sick, kinda dwarfed in seriousness compared to Japan. All we can do is pray that it all gets better in time and that nothing more happens to Japan. Hopefully our good energy will serve to ease the suffering a touch and make things a touch more barable.

With happy thoughts of Mystress, and good energy to Japan, i take my leave


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Prayers for Japan...

This has been a terrible tragedy.. and our hearts go out to all the people there. Especially the workers at the nuclear plants that are working so desperately to save their country, and our planet from something that has terrible possibilities.

Thursday night I was in Second Life, giving distance Reiki to a veteran, and the earthquake had happened just as I was signing off and heading to bed. I took Paladin's blue Reiki bear with me, and fell asleep sending Reiki to the veteran, Paladin who was coughing in his sleep.. and Japan.

I woke to Pet's 'oh shit!' around 7am from the living room and when I asked what was up, he said pics of Japan. Oh yes.. now I remembered, but I was literally sick and tired.. and I fell back asleep for a bit.

Later after I was up, while huddled on the couch with the flu, I watched the tsunami come to my state's shores, wiping out our best fishing port of Crescent City, and the Santa Cruz docks. Saw the giant whirlpool... and cried.. still am.. sending all the prayers, good thoughts and energy that I can. At least, being able to send distance Reiki to the people there is a blessing to not feel so helpless. I have messages from other Reiki groups online and I know all over the world, people are sending their love and positive thoughts there.

So we pause for a serious moment as the struggle to get those nuclear plants under control wages on, and salute the heroes there that are sacrificing their lives for the greater good of all. Rods are melting, water to cool is gone.. how scary is that???

May they be successful...for all of us.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reporting from Plague Central....

Uggh... We've been slimed!!!

Last Fri before I went to my clients house, his wife calls and asks can we stay there till she gets back from the pharmacy with some meds for their 8 year old daughter. Okay... sure. *smacks head with palm* What was I thinking???

So I get there.. and my client answers the door, he communicates in sign language that we need to wait for his wife.. I respond that I know, she called me. I come in to wait. From the back area of the house, I hear a sick little voice greeting her 'Auntie... " I call back to her and let her know I'm not coming down there to see her as I don't want to get sick. Her Dad is now trying to getting his shoes on and as I turn to get a good look at him, he gives up and sits down on the couch. Oh me gosh.. he's almost green... he's got it bad too! Suddenly alarms and klaxons are going off.


I tell quickly that him I am NOT going anywhere with him today, he needs to stay home and get well. He signs 'well.. okay, but I don't feel that bad' followed by a coughing fit. HUMPH! So, I write a note for his wife since she is driving and I don't want to call her. So I do and leave, hoping I have escaped as I didn't get close to either one of them. Of course the title of the post gives it away.

Ahhh.. but the pen.. someone must have used the pen he had me use... because mid day on Monday, after a totally delightful Sunday outing with pet, and holed up comfortably at his house.. my head.. starts to pounding.... and the itchy throat, erupts violently.. the lungs start to wheeze.. oh poooooo... I'm coming down with something, When Paladin gets home on Mon, he's starting to cough as well. I call my Knight Tue morning to let him know that I am sick, and that he might want to stay at his sub's house and not get it from me when I go home. I know that they will both like that idea. But.. then he tells me that roomie is back from out of town, got in the night before, and can't I just stay at Paladin's where the plague has it's talons in and keep the home castle free from it???

Dear Paladin is amenable.. and so.. here I've been all week. I was lucky enough to be able to get off work as my clients and I have a long standing agreement that we don't meet up if we are sick. No spreading it around. In fact, my Thur client called on Wed afternoon just as I was having a coughing fit.. I finally stop and manage a 'hello.. I'm sorry for that'.. After a moment of silence I hear the client say "Uh, can I see you next week instead of tomorrow?" *chuckles* 'yeah, that's a pretty good idea'

Today my Knight brought over some extra clothes for me, and left them, a corned beef and a ham on the door stoop for us. Kinda funny. Who I feel the worst for is poor Paladin.. a close relative of his boss died on Mon and since he is out of town, Paladin is in Head Techie in charge. So off he's gone off to work hacking and coughing. Bet he's popular at the office. And neither of us is sleeping very well. Too eerie to hear one's lungs rasping like an old coal miner. This coming weekend is one that we had planned to spend together, and since last Sunday has lasted the whole week, it's officially the longest stretch we've had together. I do have a Reiki Class I am supposed to be teaching on Sunday, but I'll have to have stopped this coughing before I'll risk infecting anyone else.

Paladin plays computer games with a buddy on nights that I am not here, and so I've sent him off to do that both Tue and tonight. Tonight I made bacon and pancakes for us for dinner for something simple and comforting. Guess we'll have the corned beef tomorrow.

It was kinda funny on Tue nite, when Paladin was in the office playing on the computer and I pick the show Pawn Stars to watch in in the living room as its something I like to watch at home too. Paladin comes out, looks and the show and tells me that's the same thing that he picks to watch too when he has the office tv on. Considering that he has just about every cable channel you can have, including paid, I thought it was kinda sweet I pick the same thing he would and had no idea. *grins* Can't tell you guys how often that happens with us. Sometimes I accuse him of stealing stuff out of my head.

Sniff, sniff, cough, cough... ugggh.. wish he cold get the stuff clogging up my head out of it. But that would be pretty icky. Well, on that happy note I'm going to sign off..
Wishing all good health..
safe paths,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shangri-La Power Exchange Training Academy and Gardens... in Second LIfe

Greetings Dear R/readers...

I've had some questions from friends about this place I spent time at called Second Life. I've written about it several times before and posted pics as well. But I was asked by a friend to post some pics of it and Shangri-La, so I decided to something of a travel log/staff recruitment.

On of the things I do there is participate in a 'Training Academy' for submissive's with a friend, Mystress Rage. We are currently looking for interested staff. And we do offer a nice cyber benefit package in SL in case any at the UCTMW group need a side line or a virtual home to roost in. *grin*

We have a staff 'consultant', my past slave Thina.. whose blog is still here. She's an amazing builder and had helped a lot with things. We also have several girls in training there. She built the great staff board that there is a pic of later on.

So, here's a visual tour of some places in SL.

This is kajira Robert.. or 'bobby' here now with me at my Reiki Center. There are 'animation overriders' that let you position your avatar in a variety of ways. And collars and 'huds' that let an Owner control their slaves in a wide variety of ways too. Quite fascinating!
There are also all sorts of interactive adult 'parts'. *grin*

This is a view from high up of the 'sim' that my land is on. Where the blue water with waves is, is the area of land where the training academy is, you can see the ampitheater is, the big tree adn a pond on the left. The bright green flat areas in the distance, is where the Reiki Center is, on the right, and the Memorial Garden over on the left patch. The little house over on the left belongs to a neighbor.

A shot zooming in. The tan amphitheater is a place where we can hold larger classes or discussions

Seating in the amphitheater looks like Owners and slaves have seating.

A shot of the stage for presentations, discussions or class.

Standing down on the dock looking across the water. The red pillows on the dock have different positions for chatting and cuddling. I have added water and nature sounds too. Its one of my favorite places to sit and relax.

This is a waterfall and pool that also has many poses with it, including for massage and D/s positions. My lands there are public, so I never know who I might find. This fellow is from Egypt and was admiring the area.

A pretty dance area over a pond with swans that kajira robert made for me.

This tree is also a fun place to sit. It also has all sort of D/s positions available. If you look, you'll see two balls, a white one and a blue one. They each have a different position and this tree has about 120 different animations for couples that it does in one heck of a variation.

This is a view of our administration building from above (obviously)

This is the front of the admin building, which we call Castle Sanctuary.
My horse Sultan is over on the left.. I have a hitching post there for him.
Some great riding trails in SL for sure!

a better shot of Sultan..

Me in front of our sign...

The lower level of the admin building

the Staff board... lets folks know whose online.

My desk in the castle

Our conference room.

Another view of the conference room.

This is our collaring and graduation room. The colored circles on the left wall each represent a level of training that our slaves go through. Graduation is based on reading and demonstration of knowledge as well as actual in-world behavior at the Academy.

This was a candid shot of Mystress Rage advancing our dear girl Naughty to black silks.
She has since earned her way to red silks, and is First Slave of Shangri-La. A delightful girl to be around to be sure!

This is the upstairs, which serves as a social area as well as library. We have dances and social activities and we all study there as well. We also have a board game popular in-world called 'greedy' that kajira robert and I can sit and play for long periods. Its simple, but fun. The dance floor in the middle of the room moves and its really pretty cool looking.. I did some layering to get the effect I wanted.

This is one part of the actual library. Mystress Rage has done an amazing job in designing a curriculum for the students. We have Dom/mes who come to read and visit as well. We are always glad to have visitors! One of the girls contributed the interesting lamp.

This was a pretty pic that I found to add some art to our lovely place. The girls all liked it very much since they are sisters here together.

This is a snapshot I took a while back of several of us visiting together. On this day, I had black hair and am seated on the far right. Mystress Rage is in the middle and Master KJ is to the left.
The red head in front of me is my girl mikka... and naughty is to the left, back when she was in yellow silks. I forget the name of the boy that Rage had there at that time..

This is Rage and I relaxing and chatting.

And the view of the full library behind us.

Naughty invited me to a dance she was at last nite, so I decided to join her. Unfortunately she wasn't 'rezzing' and is the cloud in front of me. She finally did materialize in some very pretty silks.

I have a memorial garden in SL too.. and above that, in the sky on a big crystal, I have a store. Sounds pretty wild huh? Well, yeah, it can be alright.
This kind lady really liked my stained glass windows and bought like 8 of them. So I flew over to meet and thank her, and gave her a free box of my round rugs. Both have been very popular and help keep me in Lindens (the term for currency there.)

Away from the 'business sim' where the Reiki Center is on one side and the gardens and Academy on the other, I have another tiny piece of land, on the snow sim. I dearly love it there, and that is my private home and cabin that I share with kajira robert and mikka. They have pet beds down stairs, that even have animated blankets I can pull up over them after they are curled up to sleep.

My little cabin in the snow.

The back deck

The downstairs.

Its fun to be able to decorate in so many ways.
kajira made all the wolf pictures.

These are their pet beds. kajira's on the left and mikka's on the right. Kaijra mentioned once that he'd like it if I had a rocking chair by their beds.. so I got one. Gives me an animation of knitting and a scarf to be doing if I want to. So.. I tuck him in and rock till he poofs off line.

The private bedroom

And although there is lots more..this concludes our travel log of the world of
Second Life for tonight.

This is a completely free place unless you want to own land, or buy things that folks charge for. There are lots of free things in world. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

We do invite you to explore the fascinating world. And if any submissive's, slaves or Dominants would like to join our community at Shangri-La, why we'd be thrilled to 'meet' you there. We are always looking for good staff and subs. We also have free housing for staff members. Will show those pics next time along with the Dominate playground in the sky...

If you are in a long distance relationship, then I strongly suggest you check this world out, as it really gives a wonderful way to interact with each other. It's been so nice to be able to interact with kajira robert in this mode, even though he lives miles and miles away, in-world, we are in the same place.. and that's magical!

Here's useful links..

I like the Phoenix viewer for it better then the Linden Labs viewer 2 though

And if you wanna see what shopping can be like, look here:
(that's also where my stained glass windows and rugs are for sale.. a virtual virtual store)

Best to all,