Monday, December 28, 2009

"...yes, and then assume the position..."

Often those are the words I toss out in answer to to Paladin's asking of permission to use the rest room as we go to get ready for bed and I go to brush my teeth. I usually put my iphone on the charger on the nite stand. He likes Tori Amos a lot.. so I set Pandora to her station before I go to brush.

I like to take my time.. sometimes I'll read for a bit, giving plenty of time for him to get done, and then get himself settled. "Assume the position" mean to light the candles, put on his blindfold, and wait naked and spread eagle, arms under himself under the blanket until I arrive.

This time.. gives him time to shift... and to get quiet.. and to wait.. and to let his arousal and submission grow. Music deeply moves him, and the haunting sounds of Tori often have him humming when I come in the room. That makes me smile to see his foot tapping along under the covers.

Much of our time now is fairly domestic. We have shows he records for us to watch.. and like today, Monday, we often watch football which we both enjoy. It's too chilly to keep him naked, and it's easy to fall into a almost vanilla routine.

So.. at the end of the night, when he goes to assume the position, it resets things. It forces him to go into sub space. And he never knows what to expect. I may choose to haul out our toys.. or. I may stroke and tease him.. or.. I will whisper those words that are still magic to us both.. and that is "pleasure pet'... and to feel him take a breath.. I can hear his smile in the dark. and his whisper of "yes Mystress"... and then.. he begins.. and we both swirl away.

Sometime later we surface.. and the blindfold comes off.. and we cuddle, and soon, we are both sound asleep. Mmmmmm.. such a nice way to end a nice evening.

Since it's Mon, that means its time to head over to Paladin's for the evening. I send well wishes to all our friends.. and again. to Lady Muse and chyld for their wonderful reunion.

Best to all,

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmass to all

Hello All.

I hope you all had a good Christmas as Mystress and I did. Compared to last year, this Christmas was better and much happier. I will take that as a sign of things to come for the new year.

Talking about the new year...i get to ring it in with Mystress...woohoo. I do look forward to our traditional new years eve always it will be a blast. Mystress Knight and my sister sub will be with us too so it will be a wonderful eve for all.

Congrats to Dominant Muse and chyldofthenorns on their first in life meeting. It will be a wonderful time for you guys and please enjoy it the fullest. Best wishes to you guys.

A special thank you to Robert and Logan for keeping our Mystress so happy in SL. Mystress does love to play in SL and i am so happy she finds much relaxation and joy there. Keep it up and enjoy it all dear Mystress.

Much love to my Mystress


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Greetings!

Though the hour be late, greetings to one and all!

I guess it's officially the day after Christmas now by a couple hours. I should be in bed, but after a hectic past couple days, I am enjoying the calm tonight.

And, I am filled with gratitude for being so blessed with my friends and pets. Most all of my own family is gone now, so it seems my friends are those that mean the most. I have my Knights grown children as family and it's been a busy Christmas getting everything ready for their visit on Christmas eve, always a big production. But there is a wistfulness missing my brothers and mother this year. I try not to let it get to me, and mostly it doesn't. My new 'family' has been very good about keeping me busy and happy.

But now. the house is quiet. The lights on the tree that Paladin set up for me are still twinkling. He has been asleep for many hours now, a busy day ahead of him putting up garage cabinets tomorrow. He came by tonight on his way home from his folks house.. and we got to do our Christmas gifts. And he brought some pie.. as if we needed any more. But we were all glad to see him, and he managed to get the handle thing put on my new camera that I simply had not been able to get on. One of Paladin's many skills seems to be that he can do just about anything, and do it well. Hence when I get stuck on something, well.. I can' t seem to help now but say 'I'll have Paladin do it." And low, he does. My Knight appreciates that about him a lot too. Paladin has become a vital part of our family. Even our tiny puppy is thrilled when Paladin arrives. She counts him among family and not one of those that she runs and hides from. Our kitty, we got the same summer we 'got' Paladin is also fond of him and lets him rub his belly until he decides he's had enough and away he goes. A often finicky kitty to be sure.

And, we have a new sub in training as well. Logan... who was flying across a piece of property I was in the process of acquiring a couple weeks ago in Second Life. He has been a wonderful companion there, and I've been up working on a surprise in Second Life for him tonight which I have just finished for now. Logan has been very good at doing texting and writing amusing reports. Tonight I put him up on a X cross for the first time, and put him through the paces of his Xcite collar and restraints. Both Robert and Paladin have welcomed him to the 'family' as has my Knight as well. Robert and my schedule has not been very compatible for a couple of months, and he goes to bed quite early, as does Paladin, while I tend to be a night owl. Being on the west coast has me in a later time zone then most all of my friends. But logan seems to be something of a nite owl as well, and its been quite enjoyable to have a nice subbie online at my beck and call. He is looking for rl. and our geographic distance makes that near impossible, so I will hold his collar until the right rl situation is found for him.
But in the meantime, I am going to enjoy his company quite a lot, and enjoy training him some as well So.. welcome to logan..

Also, best wishes going out to The Dominant Muse and Her girl, chyldofthenorns who will be finally meeting in person after two years this Sunday. I pray for a safe flight and easy passage on her long journey to the States. Best to you both and may you be filled with as much joy in each other as Paladin and I have found!

Well.. now its even later and I am tired... best to all out there, and if you ever wish to visit in Second Life, drop me a line or a comment.

Best to all, and to all a good nite,

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time ticking

Evening all.

Only 2 weeks till christmas and 3 weeks to near years. OUt of the holidays i am looking forward to New Years more because i get to spend it with my Mystress...sort of one of our traditions. So far each year we have spent the new years together and each year we count our lucky stars for finding each other and count the years ahead of us.

Last night i was at Mystress's house to help setup the christmas tree. Mystress have a lovely tree and decorations and we spent sometime together setting them up and getting all the decorations up around the house. I personally dont have a tree so enjoy Mystress's tree by proxy :)

While i was there, i needed to use the bathroom. So as i am trained, i asked Mystress if i could use the bathroom, expecting the usual delay while she pondered the request, yet this time there was an immediate answer, and not one i was expecting. She said that i must go ask her Knight if i could. Tgis is something i never have done nor thought about and it was very difficult. I even tried to back out of my request to no avail. So after some whimpering i headed over and asked her Knight if I may. Thankfully he was accomdating. Another memory for the holidays.

Again we wish you all the best for the holidays that have past and those that are coming.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Something Different

Evening All.

Mystress and I hope the holiday season is being kind and good to all our great friends and guests. This part of the year always goes so so so fast yet it seems Mystress and I have spend a wonderful amount of time together.

Saturday Mystress spend the evening here too watching fights with me...something different for her. I believe she enjoyed it and i hope she didnt mind the time together watching guys beat each other :)

We did expand our trivia knowledge too....rather interesting trivia you can learn on Spike TV.
  1. Did you know that Veal, that is the meat, feels most like a woman ? (I'll let your imagination wonder as to what part of a woman the trivia dealt with but heres a clue "Y")
  2. Did you know that if you stared at boobs for 10 minutes you can be hypnotized by them. Can't say i can complain about that.

May theseason be good to all.