Thursday, July 30, 2009

A quick update..

Finally, Paladin is all moved.  Not sorted out, things are still jumbled up of course, but progress is being made.  

Yesterday was his birthday, and we went to see Harry Potter at the Imax.  Was splendid.    We went downtown early and got our tickets, then went and found a nearby cafe I had coupons for. That is something of a joke, because I like to find a 'place in the book' and try it out.  

Had a coupon for the Imax too. These days, every penny counts.

This moving for Paladin has been really a wonderful experience.  He has had Me with him every step of the way..looking at the house's, or the pics, then choosing the paint colors.. a very nice combination of muted greys.  He came in the other eve, and was wearing the exact colors of the wall behind him.. It amused Me and I mentioned that it was like camouflage and he laughed.

I have let him skip his posts here for now as all his energy has been directed at the business of his new home.  One of the wonderful things about it, is that it is only 6 miles from where we live now, instead of the 20somthing it was.  Just a hop, skip and a jump down a country road too.  

I have to say that Paladin has very nice taste.  I am impressed with his colors and such.  It has been enjoyable watching him measure, study and pick out things.  

And it was fun helping him get things masked and then doing the painting.   I did the ceiling of the laundry room and the edgeing in the living room and master bedroom.  Nice to look at it an know I helped. *smile* And that I helped him.. as he has done so many, many wonderful things for Me.

He had a bit of a temperature problem in a week of 100 degree temps.. His thermostat stopped working, the bolts that came with the new ceiling fan were to short, and his floor fan didn't put out a breeze past 3 feet.  It was 87 degrees at midnite inside.  Ugggh.

But.. that is now fixed.. he got the thermostat, We got him a nice black and silver tower fan for his present, and got the new bolts picked up. As of this eve, the thermostat was working again!

He is still having computer probs and has boxes from top to bottom, but is getting things sorted and up and running.  So I do expect him to be back with us before too much longer.

On a fun note.. there is a row of big hooks running the length of his new garage.. and there was a screw in the middle of the living room in what did turn out to be a stud.  *grin* Gave Me some wonderful thoughts of thins to do once he is more settled in.

I was supposed to have been with him this weekend, but, a long time friend popped into town, so our weekend has been moved to some future time. We'll have Mon and Wed as usual. 

Well, the hour is late and our company has gone off to bed. I am lucky to be off tomorrow, but dear Paladin not only has to work, but it is billing, so has to work late.  I hope that he'll be able to catch up and rest well over the weekend. 

Our best wishes to all, 
and to all a good nite,

Monday, July 13, 2009

Updates and Changes

Greetings all dear friends,

I apologize for the delay in My own writing. Its been a very busy time the past few weeks. It seems to have been one thing after another in a constant flux. Summer is normally a busy time, but this one seems to have been busier then usual.

Have had out of town company staying with us for a bit has kept Me very busy.   They have been using My computer too, so that has bumped Me off  of it when they are here. but. .they are company and one needs to be polite.

The other thing that has been effecting Me quite a bit has been a constant and painful shoulder injury has also kept Me in a fair amount of  pain, as well as mostly in a sling. Its kept My time online down alot too, as typing has been painful.  I'm having to use the mouse with My left hand, and that takes a bit of coordination. 

Thank goodness our moving seems finally done for a long while...for us that is. Paladin has been of great help again in all this. Twas he who saved the day when our washer died and My Knight brought one home, but we could not get it out of the van alone.  He hopped in his car and drove from his town to ours to help unload it.. and then.. the garden work I can't do because of My shoulder, he came and mixed all the dirt for Me, not just once, but twice and then leveled it out.  Truly wonderful!  Now I have a delightful little herb garden and flowers as well. I noted that he's neglected to mention that in his postings.. but he never likes to speak of the good things he does for Me, so I felt I needed to come and say them Myself.. and mention how much I have missed My friends here.. more on that later.

It is now dear Paladin who is next to move.  We expect he'll get the keys to his new home this week. (as I wrote this he sent a txt saying it would be 10am tomorrow for signing of the papers!) Our schedule has been pretty topsy turvy as well due to a variety of things.   The last couple weekends have been spend shopping paint, furniture, light fixtures and other things in prep for Paladin's moving into his first house.  This weekend he spent packing, until My visit last nite... and we talked way too late about the paint colors he is considering.. and black lamp fixtures, or polished nickel?  Scheduling his time off to paint before he moves in, then the rest of the schedule.  

The last week of the month is both our two year anniversary, and his birthday.  Both cause for celebration. 
With this happening in the midst of his moving, things will be very busy, but I am sure we'll find some ways to celebrate!

I want to add a note of apology to My online friends for My absence and lack of communications over the past few weeks.  I have not been very good at keeping up most connections, and have had to leave and not return in some instances.  Having unexpected company pop up and reading over My shoulder sometimes has been disconcerting and inclined Me to not be on as much as I normally would.. that along with not typing because of My sore shoulder.  

I have missed in particular My dear F/friends in Second Life.  I did dearly love the times we spent there.. and although they lost their home there.. I do wish we could still visit. My properties there are always open for visitors and I hope in time, perhaps things will stabilized for us all, and we can visit more.  Big Hugs to Them!

I have of course enjoyed any visits that I have there (in Second Life  with kajira robert.. as he is on the most of anyone.  He has become a wonderful builder there, and I have his Pogan Particle Builder on the roof of  My glass house there.. it's wonderful to play with. and then he can pack what is made in little boxes that you can place anywhere, and it shoots light effects into the sky. Since My littie home there is at the edge of a sea, the light particles can shoot out across the water and is really beautiful, especially when the time of day is set to midnight. (yes, one can set the time of day there to sunrise, mid-day, sunset, midnight, and the area's natural time of day, very cool effect) 

Paladin came online for a bit yesterday afternoon for the first time in a long while, and  and got to see roberts' special effects for the first time and thought them pretty cool too. Tis always an enjoyable time when I have both of My pets there. They get along so well, and I am muchly honored to have the service of these wonderful two men.  This time last summer, our dear robert was here with us all, and we do all miss him.. but I am very glad that I get to see him in SL when we are able to.Little nuri hasn't been around much, but I do always enjoy seeing her when I do.  

I am constantly reminded by My Knight and Paladin to take it easy with My shoulder. They want Me to wear the sling so I don't do something with My hand like I have without thinking about it, and then making it worse.  I find that typing has been something of a chore, but sometimes I do get carried away and forget.. then later it hurts like the dickens.

So for now.. I will sign off.. keeping this as just an update.  More will follow as I get better, and our moving settles down.  I look forward to Paladin's moving because he is moving from his town to one exit away from us in ours.. and that will be wonderful! Many more quick drop bys and visits for both of us.  As well as he is putting a gym in one room, that I am sure we'll both get lots of use out of!

Best Wishes to all...