Thursday, November 14, 2013

Texas Renaissance Faire Bondage Camp 2013

Was AWESOME!  Some 11 members of the House of Swan all camped together.  I have a pic of the House Flag that I'll upload tomorrow and add.  The last number was 121 kinky campers for the weekend.  And it was great fun!  Our campsite had only 1 Dom and the rest was Dommes and male subs.  Mmmm...that made it extra special.  One of  our kinkster friends invited us over to come see his place when he got it set up. He set up 6 easy ups, covered them with a 50x50 tarp, put a ground tarp, carpet padding and then carpeting down, taped it all together with a couple of heaters and an X cross centrally set up. It was awesome!  A large contingent from our camp went to watch some great scenes, including one from our own group, a Domme with her male sub. Yummy!  But then someone started smoking inside, and then two others, and then we left.   There was a extensive out side play area, and we could see the spin of the fire floggers across the dark from our camp site, nestled in a nice corner on the outskirts of the camp.  I didn't want to be any where near the middle of that craziness.  Let me go visit it, then go back to my peaceful corner and watch the herds of 'nilla's walking by.  On Sat nite, someone got a great Celt band to come down and play.  Add in the fire flogging.. oh my gosh. that was pretty amazing. Just imagine fire flogging to Celtic drums and bagpipes.  That and Lady A's amazing hot buttered rum and we were all in heaven.  Truly some amazing scenes, even if it was chilly.

I HAD planned to tie pet up between a couple of tree, but the temperature got down to 42 degree and I just wasn't up to it. Dang it.  Even got a great new green and black flogger from Faire. It was Pirates weekend by the way, which made it all the wilder and crazier!  But oh it was sooo fun!   We had some camp visitors who didn't spend the night, but came up for a visit. Could hear the sounds of spankings and orgasms throughout our area, which WAS set up as an adults only area.  No one under 21 was allowed to camp in our area, and the boundaries were strongly enforced, which was also great.   And it was also Paladin's very first Ren Faire, and it was fun to watch his head swiveling trying to keep up with all the bouncing boobies.  He had to have a costume and I think in the end, he was glad of it. It was a simple one, and mine was a simple Scottish lass.  All of our company except sub j was in costume and he was Commanded to get one by next year.  The House of Swan had a marvy time at bondage camp.
 All in all it was a great adventure and we look forward to a bigger and better bondage camp in 2014!

Paladin has decided this is our last season of tent camping though.  Turns out we both grew up camping and love it.  But tent camping is a lot of work.  So, we're going to be getting a small travel trailer for camping in, then the cold won't matter.  Nor will the humid day heat up by the lake.  We have spent several weekends over the past few months going and looking at trailers.  We got a really good idea of what we want.  He has to finish working on his big green army truck to haul it around though.  In two weeks we go camping again for Thanksgiving, and I'm really hoping that the weather will be not too cold.  They do have power and we do have our heater and electric blanket....its that walk to the bathroom at 2 am that gets me. Brrrrrrrrr!  So next spring, like beginning of March, we go trailer hunting! WEEeeee!

On another front, folks that read my other blog will know that I have my Compensation and Pension evaluation from the VA coming up on Dec 4. (Thank you for your ever sweet comments there too dearest Swan!!!)  I was told to file last year by my Vet Center and VA doctors and so I did - last August.  There is much anxiety connected to this as it will decide if I can get on with life, that the VA will fix the teeth that those asshats in the Navy busted all those years ago, or if I will have to file an appeal and continue to fight them for what's right.  I'm praying that this is it.  Its very hard to try and get past anything when one is in pain from what was done and you can't get it fixed. Paladin keeps telling me that financially it doesn't matter, that he will always take care of me. And I know that.. but.. I want to be able to help much more then I can, and the 100% will more the double my current disability payments.  I want to be able to spoil him like he spoils me.  I don't want to have to keep putting thousands of dollars into dental work for what the VA should fix!  For my birthday, I got a crown.  For my tooth.  I paid for the $900 root canal, and darling pet paid for the $700 crown. Dang..  It just irks me that the VA gets out of paying that when by all rights they should have.  But I can't get re-reimbursed  for it. Grrrrrr. waiting for that date has me all antsy now, I'll just be so glad when it finally all over!

 Paladin as always, has been amazingly wonderful.  He was on a work trip to CA and came back last Sun sick as a dog and got me not quite AS sick, but enough to cancel everything this week in hope of being better for the great play party scheduled for Sat.  Its been sad since he's been so sick. I can't play with him at all.  He's coughing like crazy and going to bed early as he's too busy at work to be able to take any time off.  I do hope that Thanksgiving will be a time when he can really relax and unwind.  But.. his work is picking up... he is in charge of a new system throughout the corporation and business and he may have to do some more travelling to do training's on the new system.  I miss him like heck when he's gone, but he is good about wearing his M on his thigh and sending me yummy pics of it. And he stays in close contact while travelling.  We have friend near by who keep me company and check in on me, so I feel pretty safe although I sure miss his yummyness.

Looks like Paladin's family won't be coming out for a visit this year, and I don't have anyone either. But we have our wonderful local family we have now.  I am really hoping for a Christmas Miracle and getting my 100% right before Christmas.  It could happen!  

I wish everyone out there the best as we head into the Holiday season.  And I celebrate another year of joy with my amazing Paladin!!!