Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun and Gratitude with pet..

Hello all...

It was indeed.. a wonderful weekend at my place this time, as my Knight and his sub were off on a mini trip of their own, so it was up to Paladin and I to be here and keep an eye on the critters and garden. Too hot to leave it unwatered for long.

Their trip was supposed to have been on motorcycles....but when they stopped by here on their way out of town late Fri afternoon, the wires on one of the bikes spontaneously melted... and the bike was dead. (Thank goodness it was here and not on the backside of the moon!)

So.. Plan B... they take my car since Paladin and his car are here for the weekend! Lord knows what the neighbors think of our odd little family. In this case... The four of us buzzing around the driveway as this happens... the obviousness of other plans.. ending with Paladin and I waving good by as my Knight and his sub took off for their trip and the bikes they rode up on are parked by the side of the house, and Paladin's car where myne normally is. *grins* At least whatever they think, they know the four of us are all in it together!

And pet is right.. we slept in very late on Sat morning. We were both quite exhausted from a pretty rough week. I had made sure the room would stay dark and cool before we collapsed.. and when we woke up.. I thought the analog clock it was a bit after 10.. but it was actually after 11. We're normally up around 9-10 ish.. But. it was nice to know we had slept in such a goodly amount. I think brunch was around 1:30.

It was a very nice slow and relaxing day.. we watched a few things I had recorded, as well as the movie 2010, one of my faves that I hadn't seen in a long time.

Then we had a nice sushi buffet dinner.. They had this super pepper encrusted seared ahi. Really tasty, although I think it was a bit spicy for pet. We decided we liked the other Japanese place better though. We both seem to have a liking for Bento Boxes... I like the teriyaki salmon especially... yummmmy!

And bless dear pet... he mowed my yard yesterday too.. even used the weed eater to get all the edges done well... now it looks soooo wonderful! So I am very, very grateful to my wonderful Paladin for keeping my yard in good shape! Its like looking at his love every time I see it now.

Funny.. how we Owner's sometimes make plans...and then change 'em. I had thoughts of tying him up and such on Fri nite.. but we were so tired we kissed and fell asleep.. and then Sat nite... well. you know.. sometimes....things change.....

We watched some 'educational' soft porn (No, really. it was a vid my Knight had on kissing and heavy petting). So it really was done as education....of course. then there was a test to see how well Paladin learned.. and he did a most excellent job! He is a quick study that one. No wonder his grades were always so good.

After the test... .well..
We have a role-play where he becomes the vampire seducing the sleeping lady.. *smiles* It's a role he's gotten very good at. Of course...he's good at pretty much everything he does. Its a fun. and erotic role-play to fall into. We ended the night on that note.. a bit earlier then I'd have liked, but he had a siblings birthday to attend this morning... so we were up early. He wanted me to stay in bed and sleep... but I didn't want to be in it after he had left... it felt better to be up. I love hugging him.. the way my shoulder fits under his.. and how he looks when he smiles down at me...and I remember... that I can do or Command anything.. and he will obey.. Even if there is a slight squeak to it sometimes... well.. perhaps more of a snort then a squeak. I'd swear he makes the same noise my horse did when he didn't want to do something... it always makes me chuckle.. and then.. do whatever I did or said to make him snort again.

It was all in all, another wonderful and charming weekend with Paladin. No matter what other storms may blow and sway other aspects of life, he is always solid and reliable as a rock. Like him.. I wish all good things to all.. and may we each find our best balance.
Well...thats about it for now..

wishing everyone out there all the best..

Lovely Times

Good evening All.

Mmmm what a wonderful weekend...spending time with my sweet Mystress is so so lovely indeed. We had a lovely relaxing weekend, even sleeping till after 11 on Saturday...i guess Mystress and i were both beat from a very long and busy week. We already have more plans for next weekend so, thats great.

I hope that all our friends and guests are well too. Things are going so well for us we hope they are going well for all we know too.

I shall make this short as its probably close to 95 in this room with the computers on :) Have a wonderful week all and have fun.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Excitement Builds

Even all....summer ticks on and time passes yet it all leads us on a wonderful journey. Mystress and I's anniversary is less than a month away and the excitment builds every day. Each day we are both so happy to have one another, her as the Mystress and i as the slave. We are working on the details for a lovely time together and as all the time together, it shal be a wonderful wonderful time indeed.

As with all our friends and family memebers, we hope all is well with you all too. We hope the time of the visits and the time together as well as the friendships we all share are the most enjoyable as one can make it.

A special Happy fatehrs day to all our guests that happen to be that way inclined. Hopefully your day as been great and enjoyable.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wonderful Times

Afternoon all....we hope you have all been playing nicely and experimenting boldly :) Other than the lovely times with Mystress, things have been pretty much normal and nothing out of ordinary to report so far.

Mystress had a wonderful suprise when an old friend offered her a lovely trip to Reno...which i was very happy to hear she accepted. Mystress has been super busy as of late and definitely could use the break. Thank you to the friend for the lovely gesture and may the two of you have a grand time in Reno.

Much love to Mystress and our little family....hoping everyone is doing well.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last Weekend's Rugby Playoffs....Or Inadvertent Fun With Pet..and More About Fresh Ginger

Hello Friends,

So, I'd seen that there was going to be a college rugby game last Sat. Knew pet was going to be watching the game too. So, just to make it more interesting, I told him that I wanted him to stroke himself every time one of the teams scored. Easy enough, right? Not that fast scoring of a game. Welllll.. unless its turns out its not one two hour game.. but a playoff of 4 games in two hours. *grin* Really... I had NO idea until the game started... and then.. it became obvious that pet due to My instructions, would be much busier then I would have thought. Lolol... so. it turns out he pretty much got to stroke himself for about the full two hours.

After the games were over, I asked him how he was... and his answer was 'hard'.. Grin. okay.. send me a pic.. and good boy that he is, he did. Mmmmm.. was very nice! The next morning he texted me that the second half of the playoffs was coming on.... I thought for a moment, and then told him he didn't have to do as the day before. I imagine that he was relieved. *more grins* So. that was how what I thought was gong to be a simple thing.. and was.. turned out to be a lot more of it then I had thought.

Pet mentions the adventures with ginger, and it really IS quite fascinating. Very hard to describe.. other then feels like it gets very warm...but not overly so.... I read a blog of a girl who said "Oh my gosh, if you havn't tried it yet, you just HAVE to!". I found info about it under 'figging'... someone had posted about it someplace, and it got my curiosity up to investigate into it. Of course, I wanted to see what effects it would have on pet, but didn't find much info about it being used on cocks, mostly the traditional 'figging' (essentially making a butt plug out of peeled ginger root, lots of cautions about being sure to be able to get it out) all the way to some porn chick who had it break off in her butt and it just vanished. The company doc said she'd be fine and she was.

The first time I mentioned 'figging' to Paladin a few weeks back, he winced, and I asked him if he knew what it was, and by his response, it was evident he did. *smiles* I left it at that till a couple weeks later.

I got some and conducted my own personal experimentation to great success and enjoyment.. and wicked anticipation of what he thought he was going to have happen, and what was actually going to happen. I didn't plan on using it 'traditionally', but wanted to see how he felt when it was applied to his cock. Not sure which he would have thought was worse. *winks*

I did mention it to my Knight, and he tried it on his sub, and she liked it quite a bit also.

I was exceptionally careful when I first tried it out on Paladin. I sliced a 1/4 " thick piece off, and then rinsed it with water. I had read that that can take a good part of the sting out of it, and I had no idea how sensitive pet's cock was going to be to it. So first, I just swiped it quickly and then timed to see if any reaction. Nothing.. Then did it a bit longer.. still nothing.. then I scratched the surface of it to see if that would bring some of the ginger juice.. but he said that there was still almost nothing.

So, I went and cut a fresh slice, held that on the underside of his cock for abut 8 seconds and then we got a response...I then rubbed it back along the head of his cock briefly. He had relaxed considerably during the time when nothing was happening, and so when the warmth started to come, it got his attention, I could feel him tensing as he waited to see what it would do, and how it would feel. It never got painful he says.. and much if it I think comes from the fear of how bad can it be.. and 'oh my gosh, she's going to rub burning stuff on my cock!'

I was using a timer to gage how long it would take, as I had noted during my own.. experimentation with it, that it had a bit of a delay before it began warming up. Took about 20-3o seconds.. and lasts about 8-10 mins... I 'd be careful and start out slow then then find out how your subs (or yourself) is feeling are about it. And I wouldn't be afraid as an Owner in trying it.. I did and find I liked it quite a bit. *smiles* And yes, we'll be doing more.. experimenting with .. ginger! Next time, I won't be quite so shy of it. and will see if I can feel it myself. When I sucked on his cock later, I could taste the ginger, and he said that made it feel hotter again.. mmmmm duly noted... fascinating.

As Paladin said, would love to hear about anyone else's experiences with it. Or let this be an inspiration for you to run out and get some. *chuckles* read a cute blog about it, where the girl spoke of watching to see who is getting ginger at the stores. and what sizes they get.. how closely do they look at it. Could be in interesting way to meet someone.. 'oh we met hanging out by the fresh ginger hands'..
*grins more* Indeed... see you at the store!

Best to all,

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Evening All

We hope the summer heat hasn't been too unpleasant for all....Summer started late but its ramping up the heat quickly :) Regardless, one should always enjoy it, it sure beats whining.

So this past Monday Mystress in her mischevious Mystress way was enjoying a pribate secret all night. She wouldnt share nor would she give any hints. So that evening iin bed, i simply had to lie back legs spread in my blind fold and waiti for Mystress to share her expermient with me...and lets just say it was a first for me.

Mystress had read some tricks with ginger, yes the ginger root. This little experminet involves running freshly cut ginger slices on ones most intimate parts. At first there was nothing and for sometime there was nothing. Mystress manipulated the ginger like she had read, washing it in water or scratching the surfave of the slice. Then it hit, a slow low heat that gradually builds up and up. It kept building and building to a 6 out of 10 on a scale of heat. It was an interesting experiment indeed. Mystress lesson in it was to transmute the "pain" into pleasure, a lesson i shall try and keep in mind.

Maybe our guests would like to experiment with Ginger themselves :) or can suggest further experiments. it would be interesting indeed to hear what the others have learnt through their own experimenting.

Much happiness