Sunday, July 1, 2012

Time With Friends

Hello All.

Its been sometime since my last post and for that i apologize. Things have been wonderfully busy here with my new life with Mystress. So so yummy.  These busy times dont seem to be near and end either.

Both in July and August, we have guests visiting for 2 weeks and a week respectively. This assures that our time table the next couple months will be super busy indeed showing all our guests around. Luckily bothese these sets of guests have an idea of what they want to see so it should be easier for us to entertain them. Either way, we both look froward to it very much and will enjoy it immensly.

Continuing with our busy days, the 4th of July is already upon us and wee we have BBQ plans. We have invited our new friends to BBQ with us. We have grown very fond of these firrends and enjoy our times with them immensly. The topics of conversation, as well as the company of welcoming new friends in a very big new place is so assuring and we always thank our lucky start for finding such wonderful friends so far from our old homes.

We also attended another play party with our friends a couple weeks back. As the first, the party proved to be very entertaining and enjoyable for us both. We socialized, we watched and we enjoyed. Once the swap meet was done, and not the kind of swap meet you all are thinking about :), the house was turned loose to enjoyment for all and wonderful scenes to watch. One particular scene was oh so hot to watch and both Mystress and I were glued to our seats enjoying every moment of it. It was a simple scene, a lovely lady tied up only wearing a work dress shirt and a gag. But...then the scene comenced as two others proceeded to slowly cut her clothes away. At times she whimpered, at others she moaned but through out the entire scene, her eyes only showed signs of much enjoyment. At the conclusion of the scene she was reward with a wnderful orgasm and much appreciation from the audience. Needless to say, both Mystress and I hope she decides to repeat the scene sometime :)

Off i go to spend much more time with my dear Mystres...oh i am so so so so lucky.