Friday, November 28, 2008

Much to be Thank-full for...

At long last, greetings one and all!!

As the subject title says, there IS very much to be full of gratitude and thanks
for as the holiday season approach.  

It has been a long and interesting month although this all feels
attached to My mother's passing. From one sudden thing to another.

We have not fully moved yet, but we are living in our new location.  We are now the caretakers of some wonderful horses, dogs and barn kitty's. It is  very different from living in the city as we have for so long and our commutes have been reversed.  This means that I have some 
very quiet nights when My Knight has to work in town and is not able to always get home.  As much as I am grateful for  this second job and its perks, this is challenging drawback .  In this, Paladin serves in a different sort of way.  Making him yet again, a very versatile pleasure slave.  So it seems that pleasure with him goes beyond his extraordinary skills of eroticism and into doing his best to keep Me feeling connected.

And he does an amazing job.  He has also been amazing in arranging his work so that we've had time together on weeknites as much as possible.  Annnnd... he's come to help with our moving the past couple of weekends.  He is an all around amazing pet who continues to be the rock which stands solid no matter what waves and gales buffet Me about.

kajira robert has also been of some cheer, keeping Me company on those days I am home via his antics on Second Life.  I am grateful for the friendship of Lady Muse and Her dear sub chylde of the thorns.  Chylde has been of great company to Me and I have appreciated her presence very much. I am glad that things are moving forward for her and that she has been able to spend time with her Mistress and brother on webcam.   I know how delightful it is for Me to see Paladin on webcam, although its been a while. (smiles) Makes Me think its time for another appearance online soon! 

Now the holidays are soon upon us, and I've made no plans for them.   With things in such an upheaval, nothing feels normal... and I guess that's because nothing is. 

Well, its late yet again, and I'm very tired, but I did want to do an update and sort of 'check in' to all of our dear readers.

Best to all as all ways,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Busy Happy Times

Evening all.

Even though things are busy for us its the happy kind of busy. Mystress has moved to a great new place and although it involved much effort to move, the move will be a great thing. I got great vibes from the new place and if the response of the animals is anything to go on, everyone is going to be very happy. The animals in a very short time already purr and grunt for my dear Mystress, a sign that she has already one them over.

Work looks to be busy for me still but in this day, having work is a good thing so i wion't complain. A special thank you to you Mystress for standing by me in these buys times and i hope that i have been able to return the favor to you.

Best wishes to all our guests and weee waht a great time of the year we are going into. The rain, the cold days and the wonderful holidays associated with this time of the year.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Staying in touch

Evening to all our guests.

Times are busy for us still and Mystress has started the epic move. From the pictures i have seen the place looks lovely and i am looking forward to seeing it in short time.

Mystress started moving this weekend and will probably take sometime to get everything moved up in full. Its my duty lately to remind Mystress to keep it fun and adventurous and to not let the crazy move get her down. I shall do my best.

I hope all our guests are doing well and that your endevours are going well.

Best wishes


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Evening All

Its been sometime for a post from me as times are insanely busy with work..often working to the late late jours of the day. Mystress has been so supportive to me during this time and we ahve adapted slightly. We keep in contact all the time and feed off each others interactions to get us through the sucky times.

Mystress busy times will be continuing as Mystress moves to a new place...a very exciting adventure indeed.

Rest well Mystress and thank you for last was yummy.