Thursday, July 26, 2007

A New Direction

It's been a few weeks now in this new direction.

So many things that were frustrating, and out of balance,
are different, and much more in balance.

The replies... so many of them were so opposite of what
I sought in this new direction.

Except, for one.



On so many levels.

How I came to this place.. well...

I have both a husband (hereto referred to
as My Knight) and once upon a time.. we had another 3rd (aka
as Master).

And yes they both not only knew about
each other, but are good friends
who share much time together when they
can. And for man months..
we were have been a happy poly triad.

Now however... at My Knights suggestion.... I have Myne own pet.

Our 3rd has been so very busy since He has
become a full time single father
(his teenage son has recently come to live with him)
and between his working and
and with His return to school impending as well
tis been agreed that He will have little time for
me now. His son of course, being the first priority.

And, because of My well.. high libido,
our 3rd..., along with that of My own Knight, have agreed
that My finding a new direction to go that does not compromise
either one of them would be a good thing.
(smile) They have joked for a long while
beween the two of them that
it would take perhaps 3 to keep Me fulfilled.
(future note... there never was a time of 3 of them
because by the time that Paladin came along
our 3rd had been faded into platonic friendship for several months already)

So.. upon my Knight's suggestion, with our 3rd's

full support that I try a different route,
so with reflection, did I seek.

Now... I find I have a greater peace then I have known..
perhaps for years.

Since My last pet.
Ages and ages ago..
neigh onto a decade.

Sorting this time through the replies, was amusing
and frustrating.. except...
for the one priceless pearl.. that stood out.
Also a different direction, younger
when I've never gone that direction either.
But..mature beyond his years,
his submissive nature reflects my own past one.

Such true and deep sweetness I have never known,
in anyone.
His intense desire to be pleasing..
his lone goal, to bring pleasure
hour after insatiable hour.
He fantasy.. that I should ask for

Our thought, hearts and feelings are identical in ways that stun us both.
And those that know us, are agreed that we are perfectly alike.
Although we are flipped sides of the same coin.

He appreciates and understands My commitments
and only seeks to support them. They in turn, feel the same
about him. He is no threat to any, but only brings joy.

This weekend, our fourth time together.
Meeting My circle of friends,
dropping to his knightly stance of one knee,
in what we call 'high protocol'
head down, wrists crossed with hands facing down on the knee,
his lilting accented voice speaking
"Pleasure to meet you.'

My Knight, Master friend, Mistress friend and sub friends,
filled with admiration. His beauty, intelligence and obvious good nature exemplary. Behind and to My side he stands, a paladin of service.
Beneath his shirt, he carries My marks proudly.
Scratches of passion earned by his hours of devotional sensual attentions.
Upon his wrist shimmers his public collar, strong slick links of black and silver.
upon Myne, also silver.. the gift of his heart and joined dual links,
us intertwined he says, and the heart.. is also his.
His sign of devotion is when he kisses it,

Would I ever have thought this a month ago?
And his request to be a healer like Myself,
newly fulfilled this day as part of his desire to comfort and support Me.

Friend, lover and slave
he fulfills parts of Me I did not know were missing.

He is welcomed into the circle,
and supported by my Knight and Master.
They are both grateful for his presence
and they both like him very much as well, for he fits in with them as warriors and protectors. So.. My Knight is who polyamory oriented (he has been part of a mfm triad for some 30 years) and yet, quite vanilla from a D/s stand point., To clarify, neither of them lives with My Knight and I, but they live fairly close by.
pet's job now, will be to keep Me amused during all the times My Knight is busy, (which is a goodly amount of time).

And pet.. is..

He has taught Me things I did not know,
and visa versa.
He says the list is long and ever growing
and I fully believe him.

He brings balance to imbalance
peace to restlessness
satiation to frustration.
Ever strong and reliable
expecting only to give of himself
he sooths the fevered brow with kisses
and the parched hunger with the feast of himself.

Mystress he calls Me
pet, I call him
together, both of us strong
making each other ever stronger.

He is right,
like the twined links of My bracelet,
two are stronger then one.

One.. the sign of us.
The Ying,
and yang.

and when he whispers
'Pleasure Mystress, pleasure'
I cannot help but sink under the waves of it
that he inspires.

My amazing and fantastic


In the time since I wrote that, many things have indeed changed.
Our past 3rd was very very ill for a long time.. and after over 7 months..
we are friends, but that is where it ended up being.
And.. as things have evolved with Paladin.. that is just fine with Me.
Those that I once let control Me.. I no longer do in the ways that they did.
I have set ..... boundaries that I won't go past anymore.

So.. now Paladin is our 3rd.. and fits in very very well with us.
My Knight is very fond of him, as is Paladin of him. They respect and like
each other very much. And.. it's very comforting to know that he is there.
And he looks after Me when My Knight is gone for a while.

Another added update:
My Knight now has a female submissive as well.
She also works as his secretary. She spends nites with
him when I am away with Paladin. This has been for just over a year now.
It has worked out quite well. So we both have continued happiness with our pets.
So wishing the best to all as always!

UPDATE: 4/15/12
Well.. how things have changed. I got too sick to work.. and it was decided that I would move away with Paladin to a new home and place. My Knight and we are still dear friends. He moved in with his submissive secretary and the kids took it all well, and so.. now.. I am only Paladin's. And he is Myne.. and we are very happy in our new life together. It's been since the beginning of Jan 2012 that I moved in with him, and in March, we moved to TX where we live very very happily now in a 24/7 relatioinship. WEEEEEEE!!!!
I've never.. ever.. been happier!!!!

UPDATE: 7/26/2013

Tomorrow is SIX years since I collared my dear pet.  We are happier then ever!  We love our new life here in TX, surrounded by wonderful friends!  The dog and kitty are as well as ever too.  Friends and family have come to visit, including my ex-Knight and his sub back in Feb.  We all had a great time and it feels good to have moved on, yet still be friends.

Tomorrow we go to celebrate with friends and our 'family of choice'.  We love our life here!

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Kai said...

Such a beautiful balance I envy you, and admire you all the same.