Monday, December 29, 2008

Bumpy roads

Evening all.

As the year trails off so does the bumpy times. The last part of a year is always the roughest with few bright being New Years with Mystress...i can't wait. As with every year i can remember...the tough times keep piling up and and as the year does the tough times and then the new year brings a fresh clean start and a renewed rejuvenation.

Mystress and I are both experiencing this discomfort for different reasons...yet we are trying our best to get each other through them all, with varied degrees of success. Needless to say we are glad its near the end and both look forward to starting a fresh clean new year.

We hope the time has been kind to our guests and wish you all the happiest new year.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hello All.

Hope the holiday season is treating you all well. It sure is a busy time yet a happy time too. Its our second holiday season together which is wonderful. Plans have been made a good time shall insue for sure.

I got a weird work schedule but we are working around that and will make it work..out new moto is go with the flow and Mystress and I love to try and follow it.

Next year promises to be another wonderful year int he service of Mystress


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lovely Post

Lovely Post Mystress.

It will definitely catchup all our guests and explain some of the busy times indeed. Mystress lives in a lovely place now...very very quiet and relaxing indeed. Today Mystress said they had some snow flurries even...Mystress is really enjoying the place.

I am happy to have Mystress just gel and rest here...inbetween "cuddles" i hope Mystress just sits back puts her feet up and need to do anything.

I hope all our guests are doing well and for those moving on...we wish you the best in all that you do.


Friday, December 12, 2008

The New Life.... and Realizations of Appreciation

Many of the aspects are the same.. only the location has changed.. 

Moving to the city after living in the Land of the Winter People in the high Sierra's for some 12 years was a bit of a culture shock.  But... it was new, exciting, and My new family of Knight and grown children kept Me quite occupied.  To the point that I didn't want to move back up the mountain, away from My friends and family.  But... an opportunity has come along that we could not turn down.  And so, here I am... back in a rural life.  The sort that goes more by the set of the sun then the time on the clock.... well.... at least at horse feeding time.  The board in the barn says that dinner is from 7:30-8pm.  The two big young geldings at the base of the yard in the paddock do NOT agree with that. Around 3:30 they start kicking the gate.  By 4:30 they are adamant.  I normally feed them around 4ish when I am home. I think the board was written in the summer time, and that neither of these boys were around then.

  Life also now means being here to feed the 3 of them every afternoon. . Blanket the old fella and give him his meds (which he does not like but will suffer an apple treat after to get the nasty taste out of his mouth).  This IS a big responsibility.  There are total 8 (9 including our own tiny critter) animals that we are responsible for. 

All but the barn cat now come in the house and cozy with us.  She's invited, but can't get her down from the barn to come in.  The two big dogs and almost equally big cats are happy to be part of a family again.   Its a rewarding 2nd job.

Job.... yes.. that is what it is.. we are caretakers and guardians of the lovely place.. but with that does come responsibility.

And... the deep appreciation of Paladin's newest sort of service, which is really one of the one's he's always given.. and that is gracious hospitality.  I many other Dom/mes appreciate this of their subs?  I most certainly do, nor do I take it for granted.. at least I try not to.  Last night was the 2nd nite at Paladins that I realized that I finally felt 'off duty'....a deep wave of really not having to be 'on watch'.  Being in his home means that I am not responsible for any-darn-thing at that moment,  because My Knight is there and is looking after the critters... a nite off for Me. always does his best to make Me comfortable and pampered.  Although.. last nite a neighbor in the apartment building made some sort of noise, and I woke up thinking that one of the dogs was on the deck and wanted in the house as had happened the previous nite.  But then I realized where I was... and that delightful luxuriousness washed over Me that I didn't have to get up and let it in.  Not that I mind letting the big dog in from the cold... I just didn't have to. And to feel Paladin's reassuring touch was very soothing. 

This last week was the first one in which we had both Tue and Thur in many weeks.  It felt... decadent... almost. (smiles)  We have been enjoying Survivor very much together, generally followed by a nice hot bath and then into bed.  Sometimes we get back up for a while, and other times, like last nite, we don't.  We have both been pretty tired these  day, and often I show up with whisps of straw and accept his mantra and put on his collar before heading to the shower to get cleaned up, as most times I don't have time after feeding/watering/meds time and I'd rather take a shower at Paladin's and be there, then take it here and be late even a moment to see him.    Those two nites a week mean alot.. as will the weekend day whenever it comes along that allows Me to to really, truly, deeply relax.  Because  My Knight still works in the city, there are many nites he is not here until 10pm or later, this being almost an hour away from his office now.  And often he is off early in the morning.  So.. that leaves Me... to be responsible most of the time for everything here.  And I want to do a very good job...that's how I am..... Again..all this brings into focus how much I appreciate My Paladin's service.   He is always in constant contact with Me, and we talk on the phone most evenings as well.  More appreciation.

And.. Pleasure... when I first went looking, I know I wanted a pleasure slave... one who could keep up with Me.. and I certainly have met My match in Paladin.    Most enjoyable this week has been laying back on his bed and whispering "Pleasure pet.." and feeling the energy flood him.. and a lovely stallion like sound as he goes into action. He knows that means I lay back..and he uses all of his considerable skills.  It is certainly mind and body altering.  The man is very good at what he does... I think "Damn your good!" is My most common comment... once I can talk again that is. So he continues with those most excellent duties as well.. 

And.. something else new... we both decided that henceforth.. we'll always plan to be together at New Years... something Paladin mentioned in his last post I believe.  The 3 of us had a delightful time last year.. well.. except for the tank in the bathroom leaking and Paladin vacuuming it all up with the shop vac. (smile) hopefully we won't repeat that this year.  But the Art Bell  New Years Show in the hot tub.. yeah.. that I do hope we do.  

OHhh.. and Spore... dear dear pet got Me Spore... a fascinating little game I'd read about in his gaming magazine.  (chyld said she was surprised I read a gaming magazine.. when I'm in a bathroom, I'll  read anything.. and Paladin knows this.  And I do like games too!) and it looked very interesting. If you happen to like it the game, there is a great video of Robin Williams giving a demo of it that Paladin and I watched together last nite that was hilarious!  Anyway, so far I've survived the primordial ooze and created My first creature. 

And... more notes of appreciation to both kajira robert and chyld for there ongoing support as well.  And thanks to the Lady Muse for allowing chyld to chat with Me and keep Me company.. and I expect her to do all of her obligations to her Mistress first and formost! 

kajira robert and I have quite been enjoying Second Life (if you ever use it, please drop Me and email and I'll tell you My name there) together, and sometimes sara comes along.  We both have some property now that we are setting up, and learning the ins and outs of  Second Life has been fascinating.  And.. last saturday, I was lucky enough to be there with both robert and Paladin... it was.. very very enjoyable I must say!! I do hope to spend some time there with Lady Muse and cyld as well. Unfortunately My Mac does't do IMVU... nor gmail chat.

Well.. so thats the update for now.  I wish the very best for all!

Oh.. one last thing... an expression of sorrow that Persephone has stopped blogging.  She will be very much missed.  I will always wonder about her life, from where she leaves us now, and hope that all of her dearest dreams come to pass.  I miss her very much already. Like chyld says, I go back just to see if she has written something.. course.. she can always write to us if she wishes (smiles...) and gosh, that would be nice!  

And I also extend a warm hug to Pixie..who is going thru a difficult, difficult time.. how I wish I could hold some of the voices here on the net.. to offer up solace and comfort...

so I do.. in My wish for the best to all..
take care... 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Evening All

How are all our wonderful guests.? Well i hope and i hope the holiday season is treating you well.

As with any holiday season, it keeps us busy and this one is no exception. With a late Thanksgiving and what seems like a very short time till need cram as much as one can in a short period of time it seems.

Mystress and I have alreayd made plans for New years. It will be our second new years together and hopefully we repeat all we did last year. It was rather fun to soak in the tub and listen to the radio and wait for the new years to come in. It may be cool up in the mountains for that but we shall see.

Mystress is well and doing amazingly. Her smiles are very energizing and a wonder to view. We are back to our normal schedules for December and hopefully longer. Work may be trailing off the busy schedule but hard to say for the new year...will go with the flow.

Happy thoughts to all.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Much to be Thank-full for...

At long last, greetings one and all!!

As the subject title says, there IS very much to be full of gratitude and thanks
for as the holiday season approach.  

It has been a long and interesting month although this all feels
attached to My mother's passing. From one sudden thing to another.

We have not fully moved yet, but we are living in our new location.  We are now the caretakers of some wonderful horses, dogs and barn kitty's. It is  very different from living in the city as we have for so long and our commutes have been reversed.  This means that I have some 
very quiet nights when My Knight has to work in town and is not able to always get home.  As much as I am grateful for  this second job and its perks, this is challenging drawback .  In this, Paladin serves in a different sort of way.  Making him yet again, a very versatile pleasure slave.  So it seems that pleasure with him goes beyond his extraordinary skills of eroticism and into doing his best to keep Me feeling connected.

And he does an amazing job.  He has also been amazing in arranging his work so that we've had time together on weeknites as much as possible.  Annnnd... he's come to help with our moving the past couple of weekends.  He is an all around amazing pet who continues to be the rock which stands solid no matter what waves and gales buffet Me about.

kajira robert has also been of some cheer, keeping Me company on those days I am home via his antics on Second Life.  I am grateful for the friendship of Lady Muse and Her dear sub chylde of the thorns.  Chylde has been of great company to Me and I have appreciated her presence very much. I am glad that things are moving forward for her and that she has been able to spend time with her Mistress and brother on webcam.   I know how delightful it is for Me to see Paladin on webcam, although its been a while. (smiles) Makes Me think its time for another appearance online soon! 

Now the holidays are soon upon us, and I've made no plans for them.   With things in such an upheaval, nothing feels normal... and I guess that's because nothing is. 

Well, its late yet again, and I'm very tired, but I did want to do an update and sort of 'check in' to all of our dear readers.

Best to all as all ways,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Busy Happy Times

Evening all.

Even though things are busy for us its the happy kind of busy. Mystress has moved to a great new place and although it involved much effort to move, the move will be a great thing. I got great vibes from the new place and if the response of the animals is anything to go on, everyone is going to be very happy. The animals in a very short time already purr and grunt for my dear Mystress, a sign that she has already one them over.

Work looks to be busy for me still but in this day, having work is a good thing so i wion't complain. A special thank you to you Mystress for standing by me in these buys times and i hope that i have been able to return the favor to you.

Best wishes to all our guests and weee waht a great time of the year we are going into. The rain, the cold days and the wonderful holidays associated with this time of the year.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Staying in touch

Evening to all our guests.

Times are busy for us still and Mystress has started the epic move. From the pictures i have seen the place looks lovely and i am looking forward to seeing it in short time.

Mystress started moving this weekend and will probably take sometime to get everything moved up in full. Its my duty lately to remind Mystress to keep it fun and adventurous and to not let the crazy move get her down. I shall do my best.

I hope all our guests are doing well and that your endevours are going well.

Best wishes


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Evening All

Its been sometime for a post from me as times are insanely busy with work..often working to the late late jours of the day. Mystress has been so supportive to me during this time and we ahve adapted slightly. We keep in contact all the time and feed off each others interactions to get us through the sucky times.

Mystress busy times will be continuing as Mystress moves to a new place...a very exciting adventure indeed.

Rest well Mystress and thank you for last was yummy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Of Gratitude and Changes

Good evening all-

This has continued to be a challenging time for Me, and dear Paladin has continued to be of wonderful support and help to Me at every turn.  

We did indeed have a very important meeting on Saturday, that went very well, and as a result, we'll be moving out of the city and closer to My work, and more importantly, My now widowed dad.  Living 30 mins closer to him will be something I am sure My mother would have wanted Me to do.  Dad can be tough to deal with sometimes, but he is so sad and lonely now.  I have told Paladin, that it feels like My mother has something to do with this.  For years My Knight has wanted to move this direction, but I have fought it at every turn as I have come to love living in the city.  But.. this is amazing opportunity to be caretakers of a wonderful place and some wonderful animals, including horses.. and I grew up on a Arabian horse ranch and I am thrilled by the opportunity to do this again.  My dad loves horses too, and now he'll be able to come visit us and see them.  

Due to the change in plans and getting home late and just being tired, (and the thing I most wanted to wear didn't show up from Ebay in time) we didn't go through with our role-playing plans.  We shall plan it another time.  I did however bind Paladin to one of the doors in the living room dressed in nothing but his blue work shirt I have him keep here and his black restraints, and of course his black training collar.  It was a lot of fun to play with him thus. 

Part of what I have referred to in passing before, as a change we have had here, is that My Knight has been considering collaring a female sub who has been spending alot of time here with him.  She was here when kajira robert was, and they had become good friends.   She liked his collar and restraints and wanted the same.  She had met Paladin before as well, although not for a very long time.

After much consultation between us it was decided that she would as of last nite, here with Paladin and I, be formally collared. She serves as his 'Secretary' as well... and has been of great help both in his office, and here at the house.  She picked up much of kajira robert's duties.  Following My mother's passing she has been very sweet and supportive as well.  I have felt very good leaving My Knight in her capable care while I have been handling the issues in My family after all of this and the changes in My Dad's life now.  I've not been ready to do much in the way of domming her with all else that I have been dealing with.  However, the day of My Mom's memorial, she asked if there was anything she could do to help while we were gone... I said yes, she could clean out the fridge as that really needed doing, but I was simply not up to it,.  Low and behold, she did a super job of it, and it was so nice to come home to.

Paladin has been instructed to refer to her as his 'sister' now, and he knelt closely next to Me as My Knight put the collar on 'C', leaning his head against My shoulder.  The two of them do not interact intimately, but they do share space and time and they both look after both of us.     

This has been a hell-of-a month, and even with his much longer work schedule, Paladin has been there for Me every moment of every day.  He is never further away then a text message.  We have spent more time on the phone in the evenings as I do not desire him to be on the computer when he is not working if he need not be.  Hence, his lack of posts here.  He is supposed to post on weekend's however, and last weekend, he seems to have missed it when I told him so.  So.... on Thur we had a long reminder session.  (smiles)  

This next week will be another very long one for pet, and while I got to see him twice last week, and last nite, I won 't get to this week except for a short visit when he's on his way home from a weekend with family next weekend.  And... his work day is pretty much scheduled to stay this way for the next couple months.  I have to admit, I've become much acclimated to Tue and Thur with him....and I do feel a bit like a kid whose had their favorite toy taken away... but there is nothing to do but accept it and be patient...

We will continue to interact and be the best team we can be together...and hope that things will smooth out sooner rather then later.

Wishing best to all in all ways,

Friday, October 24, 2008

Busy times for all

Evening all.

Times are still busy for Mystress and I. We are doing very well and Mystress is getting over her tough times with things getting back to normal.

Some exciting times possible on the horizon for Mystress and i ask all to send her the best of luck with a meeting tomorrow. I know i will flood the meeting with good thoughts.

Hope we still have our guests and our activity here shall once again start to pickup.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Catching up again....

Good evening dear visitors,

Tis been another rough couple of weeks for Paladin and I.
His has been a continuing late work schedule. Myne has been dealing with the passing of My mother and helping My dad.  

Please bear with My rambling some. My mind is working better then it was but I'm doing some free form tonight I think.

Firstly... gratitude to My wonderful pet.  
He gave Me a wonderful, wonderful 'birthday' weekend.  I got to spend three pleasure filled nites with him and two wonderful days. 

Paladin is very humble when he says simply that My computers are working again.  He neglects to say, that super subby came to the rescue yet again.  They are only working because of him.  He spent hours on Saturday working on My dying pc....finally figured out that the fan in the power supply was stuck. He took it apart, cleaned it, and magic, that problem was fixed.  It had been slugglish.. he cleaned it out and now it runs very snappily along!  

Then.. on Sunday.. he took Me out to a wonderful breakfast on the way up to my parents place where I was picking up My mother's computer according to My dad's wishes.  I knew that I was in no shape to do this.. and so My dad got to meet "Our dearest friend".... and Paladin got to meet My dad... but... most importantly.. he was able to untangle what turned out to be a spaghetti mass of wires (Mom loved computers and photography) pack it up safely and neatly in his car, and then figure it all out at our place and get it working much faster then I ever could have. And this was his first Mac experience too.  So... this is one of the ways that Paladin serves Me in his submission.  I wonder how many other subs do this wonderful service for their Owners?  

Friends....I can't begin to tell you what having Paladin has meant to Me during this time.  Even when he's been hectic at work, he has always taken the time to text Me to check in on Me.  He even took off early (for his current schedule) last nite so I could be with him the nite before My birthday. And this morning I was awaked with him saying "Happy Birthday Mystress" over and over as he kissed Me all over. Mmmmmmm... a super start to this day.

On another topic...

Paladin has expressed his being not too 'keen' on the idea of being in costume at the groups Halloween party.  He has never, ever been to one and never been in a costume of any sort.  In looking through many of the options out there, I knew that I have no desire to have him be anything less then who he is, or what he knows or is comfortable  with being.  Truly the flash of Paladin in a rainbow wig and red nose was only a flash.  Which, in truth it was.. because he is so unsuited to be dressed like that.  I may be silly sometimes, but Paladin is not a silly person, and I'm sure that's one of his reservations about going in costume when I first told him about it. In fact.. his text when I asked him if he was free for the party that nite was "I can clear that day if I don't have to wear a costume".  Hmmmmm.. .I wrote back "setting conditions on your Mystress are you?" "no Mystress" he sent back.  
hmmmm no... and THAT's when I had the flash of the rainbow wig. (smile)

However.. being an Owner of a sub like Paladin means that I am responsible for maintaining his best interests at all time.. and sometimes, that mean subduing My own silliness for his benefit. 

Once I knew we were going to the costume party, it didn't' take much pondering for Me to decide who he was going to be.  Someone he has been for Me before. The only time we have done any 'role playing' of a truly fictional sort.  Some readers will remember perhaps our evening where he was a captured Roman Centurion.   I certainly enjoyed that evening.  I have told Paladin that I want him to be in role for the whole of the evening unless I decide otherwise.  This way it gives him plenty of time to think more about this character.  

As for Me... that I'm not totally sure of.. I have a couple of excellent ideas.. and I think one may throw Paladin for a bit of a surprise, but I am quite looking forward to the evening.  

We have had some new developments in our household, but I think I will leave those for the next entry.

All in all, so far, its been a nice birthday.. I miss My mom a lot though I have to say... first year with no card from her.. or her voice... but.. I am writing this to you on her computer.. (smile) So this is her best, and last present to Me.

Please tell your loved ones how you feel while you can. 
Thank gosh Mom knew I loved her lots!

Best thoughts to all,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wonderful weekends and busy times

Evenig All.

The weekend draws close to an end and what a wonderful weekend it was. Mystress spent the weekend here as her birthday weekend and we had a wonderful time. From our normal Thursday night together to a long weekend of lounging and entertaining ourselves...hmmm what wonderful entertainment.

We lounged about, cuddled, shared baths and much much laughter...something my Mystress has needed of late. We made plans for the weekends to come...we are going to be attending a Halloween party with the group. It should be fun but the dress up part i am not to keen on...going with the flow.

Mystress got all her computers fixed up this weekend too sho Mystress can get back into the swing and explore futher with a kick ass new computer too.

As the coming week approaches it promises to be a busy one once again but Mystress and I shall stay in tough as we always do.

Hoping the week goes by quick...


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Evening All

Mystress has infact beaten me to sharing the news with our wonderful guests.

I wish that things have not been so hard for my Mystress as of late yet as life often does, life threw Mystress a dozen curve balls all at once and Mystress has handled them as best she can considering.

As Mystress's SSSS as she says, i have tried my best to be there for my dear Mystress whenever she needed it. Its been tough for sure for I tend to avoid these situations. Don't know why, just always have. Guess its because i don't like how they make me feel so i choose to not deal with it. But this time i had another duty. I had to stand firm for my dear Mystress, to be her willow tree. To allow her to rest her head and take comfort in her reliable safe spot. I do hope that Mystress found some respite from the situations even if just for a moment. My only regret is due to my work schedule i could not give Mystress as much support as she needed and wanted.

To my brother wishes to you on your renewed efforts. I wish you the best and hope that it all works out for you.

So is life and so it flows...the times are not over for us yet together we will get through them.

One thing that i should be able to Mystress's desktop :) Somthing i have some experience in. Time will tell and next weekend Mystress and I spend the entire weekend together relaxing and veging and ... ummm cuddling :)

Love to my Mystress

My pet rock.. aka the Super Submissive Support System

Which My dearest Paladin has been in spades...

Hello dear readers...

Been one heck of a bumpy ride.

Of all things that have happened in the last week, Paladin has been the one constant solid thing.
All other things have swirled like the sea around your ankles, pulling back to sea bits of your life. He has held Me in his mind and heart all through this, like the giant weeping willow tree that lives on the huge rock he has chosen to represent him. Tall, strong and yet comforting and implacably solid. He has come to Me and knelt before Me, holding and comforting Me and allowing Me a safe place to let all of My feelings out unconditionally. He is very wise and has given Me some sage advice, and given Me the strength to get through this difficult time.

A bit of an update....

My mother passed away a week ago today. It was a pain filled time that I am slowly coming to grips with, and doing My best to heal and move past. My goal is to deal with each thing as spiritually as I can.

At the same time, kajira robert has left to go and try and mend things with his wife, and I wish him all the very best at it. I hope that they can find a renewed partnership that will bring them both much joy. But I will always be here, watching over him and keeping up on things with him.

And now, My dear ex-Master is very ill yet again and weaker and sicker then I've seen him. Tis been over a year since the staph infection ate into his shoulder and left him ravaged.
As I write this, My Knight has taken him to the emergency room yet again as it looks like the staph may be in his ankle. We pray not... that this is something less viral. I wait to hear what happens.

At least My Knight is doing better and that is good.

Oh.. and least I not forget it, My desktop computer seems to be having a meltdown. I got a great new "N" wireless card for it, but it didn't seem to work and now the darn machine keeps turning itself off after an undetermined amount of time. Grrrrr.. and we all know how those computers can affect us. Paladin finally had to suggest, strongly, that I just leave the machine alone and use the laptop for a while. But I LIKE My desktop!! I want to be able to speed around Second Life at full rendering speed. Now I am thwarted! Paladin has told Me that if I bring said sick computer over to his place next weekend when I am supposed to see him that he'll see if he can figure anything out. Yeah.. like I really wanted to spend a weekend alone at his place working on the darn computer. Hmmmm.. maybe I'll make him do it naked. (smile)

Paladin is currently in the midst of a long project of long days and nites. Yet with all that, he's never been further then a text away. His ever steady support has been a life saver. Because of his intense work schedule and computer time he has had to do, I had told him to belay writing here on the blog until today when I have asked him to give an update. I think I'm a bit ahead of him at it, but I still want him to write his perspectives and how he felt as a submissive serving in this sort of capacity.

These past couple of weeks Paladin has served in ways that I never expected I would need. All through my mother's short illness he has made his home open to Me any time I needed it.... culminating with Me and My Knight going to him directly after My mother's life support was removed and I waited for her passing. Suffice it to say that was some very bad energy that was spewed on Me and drove Me from My mother's side where I had intended to be. Immediately after arriving both My Knight and Paladin agreed I needed a shower to get it all off. I asked Paladin to wash My clothes as well which did. All of that helped some. Getting the negative energy washed off as soon as possible certainly helps to move past a difficulty so that the remnants of the shock is not longer clinging to you.
Paladin as an engineer was able to explain to Me how engineers (My parents both being engineers) react in some circumstances, especially those they are unfamiliar with . Because of My years of hospice work, I had more familiarity with all of this then My family did. Anyways.. it was all very difficult, and yet, Paladin was able to help comfort and explain things to Me that genuinely helped Me.

I cannot speak of the details of what happened as they are too painful, but I will say that having both Paladin and My Knight hold Me while I grieved certainly helped. His home is very very peaceful and we managed to have a quiet bubble together, just the three of us.. our own little family it felt.. and I could feel the blessing of being so loved by these two, and feeling the merging of their energy in their love of Me.

My Knight respects and cares for Paladin and feels strong in knowing that Paladin will always look after Me.
The two rings I wear, each a promise to Me from each man of their love and dedication to My well being is something I try never ever to forget to appreciate.

The leaving of robert has been very very difficult as well. But it was something he needed to do, and he is still Myne. So far his texts have been that things are going well. I hope and pray that his wife will appreciate him finally as the great guy that he is and that she needs to love him and thank him for all that he does, as I tried to do so much when he was here.

This is My birthday month, and for the first time, I'm not very cheerful about it. It was My Mother's too.. two days after Myne.. this year, we are holding a celebration of her life on it.

I feel..... numb in some ways. I am trying to appreciated all the things I have and the good things coming along.

On a house keeping note.... I deleted some links that were not around any more or hadn't posted since last year. Always sad to do that.. and I wonder what happened to some of them of course. Or those that have gone private. So, I also added some new links from places I found on sites linked to us.

Well, I think that is a pretty good catch up of things from My perspective for now.

Continued good wishes to everyone out there!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A sad Note

This is a quick note to our readers to explain My prolonged absence...

A long busy time was followed by My mother collapsing unconscience last Thur.
She's 85, had a good life. Dad is 89, and never expected her to go first.

Shes not in there much.. and she needs to be let go.
This is so difficult as so many of you know.

Paladin has been wonderful all through this, and as his place is closer to the
hospital (Dad wants to be alone and wont let Me stay with him, about an hr
away from My home) I have had an extra nite with him, but collapsed into exhaustion.

Kajira robert has been wonderful, keeping tabs on My Knight as he has had a painful knee infection as well as busy private work practice he could not leave. Other's have come to look after My Knight as well,. so I am blessed that these angels have allowed Me to focus on My dad.

My aunty and cousins have rallied and been of wonderful support to Dad and I.
My elder brothers have all passed on and just I, the 'baby' is left, so its up to Me to find and arrange the best supports I can for My dad to get through this. Paladin will keep you updated
henceforth as needed. He of course did not want to mention any of this but I felt obligated to
share with you this aspect of My life, just as dear Phesonephone did of her mother's passing
and Pixie Pie has of her challanges. We ARE a family of sorts here I truly believe,
and I belive in the power of positive energy and love. There are other things I will
share in time with you, but tis time for Me to run now.

Away I go, off to the hosp. robert is going with Me to keep Me company since My aunt
had to return home for a few days. I noted the good thing was that robert has not heard any of
My dad's jokes and stories, so that will give dad fresh blood to unleash them on.

Please keep My mom and dad in your prayers and well thoughts.
Best to all,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More long days

The last couple days have already been long late nights for Mystress and I. I can't wait for some quiet time again to be able to snuggle up in bed with Mystress and veg veg veg.

At this time i welcome winter, our favorite season, for the cold dark days and the ability to snuggle up in bed...mmm the rain falling outside...mmm the images.

Wishing it was winter.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Staying in touch

Evening All

Been a little time since my last post. Mystress granted me some blog grace due to my work load and i thank Mystress much for that.

Summers winidng down and the busy times seem to be coming to an end for Mystress and I. This should mean much more posting and activity for us as we head back inside for the coming winter.

Perhaps our wonderful guests will join us too when their time permits and as always..thank you for visiting our blog.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Late nights and missing Mystress

Just got home after a late work night and its a Thursday :( Sorry to have missed my sweet Mystress but am getting through it by playing back my sweet Mystress...her lovely self lying in bed naked smiling...mmm so lovely. Definitely a thought that can get a pet through some apart times.

How many other pets use such lovely images of their Mystress's to get through times like these? I would say many? Any have other tricks of the trade?


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mystress is out

Tonight was a late night tonight so i missed my dear Mystress :( I took solice knowing that Mystress was still with me and out connection still there even if we could not be together.

Mystress spent the evenings with Lady D and are watching the the finale of big brother...good to see the ladies having a good hang out night together...they do enjoy each others company which is wonderful to witness.

Pleasant times dear Mystress


Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweet Mystress

Just a short quick post tonight...and all i have to say is my Mystress is so wonderfully sweeeeeeet...yum yum.

Hope you had a great night tonight Mystress...enjoy the rest of the evening and yummy.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy times continued

As the past has been so shall the future follow. Next week will be a busy time for me without the comfort of seeing my Mystress. As we have done before, i will feed of our connection to get me through the times apart and i hope my Mystress will do the same.

As always in our times apart we step up our communications in other ways to keep us in contact and this time shall be no different.

Thank you Mystress for teaching me how to stay connected with your sweet self even when apart.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Inspired Words

Lovely post Mystress.

Its great to have your words grace the blog again Mystress. Times have been so so busy for us lately as the summers always seem to be. I hope our wonderful guests will enjoy your words as much as I.

Soon it will be Autumn and our favortite time of the year...the rains...mmm. Looking forward to lying in bed with the rains falling and you Mystress.

So glad you had a good visit today and hope your dinner plans tonight go well too. Relax and enjoy the cabin and recharge your precious self.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Busy Times...and a Bit of Catching UP

Good day all,

Nowadays it seems like the only time I do truly get to relax is here at home with Paladin. I was 'lucky' enough to have an afternoon client cancel on Me early this morning, so I sent a text to Paldin to ask if he'd be home for lunch and could I bring some Togo's? He wrote back, yes lunch would be nice. I got a bit discombobulated finding the place because they are redoing the front of the Togo's where Paladin had taken Me before for lunch in his town and it looked totally different.

I had asked Paladin what sort of sandwhich he wanted, and he wrote back for Me to 'surprise him'. Well.. (smiles) he's lucky thats not too dangerous a thing to say when I'm going to a simple sandwhich shop. I knew he loved beef... the weather was such that it could have gone hot or cold.. but I went cold on this one. I knew he liked the crunchy bread, so choosing that was easy. Turns out the only thing he didn't want on it was the pepper thingy's which I don 't care for more then about one bite of either. It was nice to reflect as they made the sandwhiches what I knew that he liked. He's not a picky eater anyways, but tis still nice to be able to order something I think he'd liked. After that, I saw another one I'll get for him next time that related to something else he told Me he liked. Storing those bits and pieces about our subs and their likes and dislikes is as important as them remebering what we Dommes do and don't like I think.

So I after reading some and then puttering around a bit I've settled down to do a blog on his computer here. Nice and peaceful, a good time to write, and as I sit in his office on his computer here, I feel so very connected to him. I don't have a specific topic, just some random musings.

One of the things I enjoy very much about My pet, is how he goes out of his way to get things for Me that he knows I enjoy, and I delight in the two-way mode that we have in sharing things with each other. I like to find things for him, and then he for Me.

Sometimes these things can cause some amusing interactions as well. Like him knowing how much I love this particular gum it turned out we both liked. Bless his heart, they had a variety package at Costco that he got for Me and then sent Me a pic of on Sat, which caused kajira robert who was sitting at My feet to call Paladin a 'bootlicker'. When I texted that to Paladin, his response was "no, I don't lick boots, I prefer a little higher ty'. This gave Me a great laugh and left both robert and My Knight chuckling.

Which brings Me to how much I enjoy texting with Paladin and the comfort it brings Me. To know that he is just at the end of a quick stream of letters that fly through the air. Nice and private. No voice needed. And those texts can fire us both up... or like when I was very very tired and working very late one day a couple weeks ago, and Paladin sent Me a most charming pic of his 'sword' at full staff... with the caption 'smiling now?'... and yes.. it lifted Me right up out of My exhaustion. Made Me grin for hours. I'd turn My phone away from the folks I was working with and take another quick peek.. yup.... still as delicious looking at the first time.

Paladin told Me at lunch today that his crazy work schedule will be starting on Mon. He has prepared Me for this pretty good, and he's been wonderful in sharing some delightful times with Me in the past few weeks. I will worry about him if they do have him up in the middle of the nite running tests and such, but he's a strong man and I know that he'll get through it. I'll send him lots of Reiki and good energy. I'll miss him, but as he always says, that just builds us up for the times when we return to each other.

We've both share the guilty pleasure of enjoying reality tv together. We find we like things that others in our circle are not so fond of. We both love Survivor and are excited about the return of it soon. Paladin has watched Big Brother 10 with Me, and been very fun to talk stratgy with. I like Amazing Race as well which will be starting soon. There have been a couple busts, like American Gladiators which was moaningly horrific and Toughes Jobs which has been hard to get into. Even Paladin rolls his eyes at My watching Outsiders Inn and Gone Country 2, both on CMT... and if there is one thing that Paladin isn't... its a fan of country music. (grin) luckily, those come on nites when I don't see Paladin, so kajira robert gets to suffer through those with Me. He tends to be of a more sillier mind like I am, so we do enjoy it alot. I think Paladin would rather be flogged then forced to watch 'Best Redneck Wedding Ever'... which robert and I howled over.. I mean who could turn down haybales in a mud bog with trucks, Tom Arnold and such???
The grooms cake was a shot armadillo. Totally tastless, but funny as all get out.

All in all, things are going pretty smoothly I think in our corner of the world. We've not had any great new adventures, but we have settled into something pleasing and comfortable for us all. Some things are a bit distablizing that has nothing to do with Paladin, but he has been the one solid thing in My world that is always reliable. I'd have to say that kajira robert has also been extremely comforting during some difficult times and it's been a continued blessing to have him living with us. We took him on our trip to see My Knights brother and the ocean. He had a great time and they all loved him. He especially charmed them with his lovely guitar music and My sister in law would love to have him come live there and help her as he has Me... well. but I don't think she'd be doing the daily spankings that he needs to feel connected and submissive.

Which is an interesting dicotomy between robert and Paladin... Paladin enjoys many sensual things, but being spanked is not one of his 'needs' as it seems to be roberts... well.. that's until he gets it.. and then he is wondering what the heck he was thinking. (grin)

I had meant to mention before now how much I love the beautiful silver ring that Paladin gave Me on our anniversary, with his pledge 'Forever yours... Paladin' ingraved inside it. I find when things are difficult now, I am touching it or turning it around on My finger.. and it gives Me great comfort. Sometimes I take it off and see his words to Me there inside it..and I can feel a peace settle over Me as I slip it back on. I love it when Paladin touches it too, like he did at lunch today.. its a very special connection beween us.

Above all.. I feel so very deeply blessed that the wonderful man that Paladin is, has chosen Me as his only Mystress. I wish all the best to all out there who are still looking.. I know its hard.. we both remember that time vividly.. but.. the rewards of persistance are amazing.

Best to all,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lovely Times

Last night as every single visit with Mystress was lovely. We gelled the second Mystress arrived and spent the evening on cloud nine together...chatting, having dinner catching up on some shows...a lovely quiet night indeed.

After our bath ... our lovely bath we retired to teh room for some cuddle time and then off to sleep...its great to sleep with Mystress and I hope Mystress sleeps well too.

Looking forward to tomorrow ever so much.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Mystress Home Wee

Evening All...

Just heard from my Mystress and she is home safe and sound. Sounds like they had a wonderful time on the trip and can't wait to hear about the trip tomorrow.

OUr usual evening is still on as work has not interefered this week so far which is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing my Mystress.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beach Time Fun

Mystress will be at the beach the next couple days which will be lovely indeed. Enjoy the time Mystress and recharge...a bowl of clam chowder sea side does sound lovely indeed. Walking on the beach will be great too...feeling the sand between ones toes...very relaxing and recharging.

Enjoy it fully ...



Saturday, September 6, 2008

Going with the flow

Lately Mystress and I have been going with the flow. Mystress is going with the flow planning a spur of the moment vacation the next couple days. Mystress, her knight and brother will be getting out of town to rest some and get a change of scenery.

Myself, i am dealing with a fluid work flow which may or may not interfer with Mystress's visits. Its tough to not be able to plan for things but as Mystress and i say...better to go with the flow than let it get to us.

May the flow go in our favor


Friday, September 5, 2008

A Quiet Visit

Last night Mystress's visit was rather quiet. We had dinner at the dinning room table and chatted quietly together. Mystress brought a wonderful dinner and we sat down to it rather early.

After dinner we caught up some shows and watched the RNC then our usual nightly dose of reality tv. After this we retired for the night to some cuddling and early sleep.

It was a different night yet still a lovely one indeed...I hope Mystress had a lovely Friday evening and don't do too many chores this weekend :) don't want you to hurt anything


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A early night

for a early meet with Mystress tomorrow.

Looking forward as always to Mystress being here tomorrow....shall be a trmendously fun night as all.

Mystress is catching up with Lady D tonight so it will be good to hear what Mystress has to say...hope they have a great evening.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Benfits of a Monday public holiday

is that tomorrow i get to see Mystress...wee. The weekend has just passed but the thought of seeing mystress again is very very to see my Mystress and enjoy her company.

I hope Mystress had a wonderful day off and relaxed some...hope the chores went well and the new arrangements look great.

Counting down the minutes


Sunday, August 31, 2008


The weekend as they all are was AMAZING. From lunch on Friday to the movies on Friday the cuddle times all day the loss of 3 hour chunks...the whole visit was so wonderful.

It suprises me that Mystress just loves to sit and veg and watch TV as much as I...i find it truly a mind veg moment and Mystress seems to share the same view...don't get me wrong...there was plenty and plenty of other enteratinment through out the whole weekend...but the cuddle time on the couch is truly lovely indeed. We didn't get to our bath but i am sure we will make it up.

Have a wonderful evening out with brother tonight Mystress...


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weekend Starts

Evening all

Mystress's and I weekend together starts tomorrow at lunch when Mystress comes over for lunch. We shall have a wonderful lunch and then Mystress gets to start the weekends relaxing time.

We plan to have a wonderful weekend, catching up on some relaxation time since the last couple weeks have been rather hectic for both of us. I am sure there will be plenty of cuddle time too :)

So looking forward to seeing my Mystress...


Monday, August 25, 2008

Catching Up.. and Family

Good eve to all, and please excuse the length of My absence. Thank goodness for Paladin keeping things up here. Life has been quite busy with many summer adventures and some new things as well.

Paladin has been ever the solid rock in a sometimes swirling life right now. He is indeed that wonderful weeping willow tree that is grounded and solid with roots deep in the rock, and yet also shelters Me beneath its protective branches. I always feel him out there and know that any time I need his guidance and support, it is there.

Is it odd that a Domme or Mystress relies on Her slave as much as I do for his wisdom? No.. I don't think so. In this world of our lives, we all have different needs and fulfillments. In Myne, being able to rely on Paladin is one of his duties as My submissive. When he accepted to be not just My pleasure slave and Paladin, but also My 'confidant'...that added another layer of responsibility on him, which he did not agree to right away, but after pondering the seriousness of what I was asking of him, agreed with his eyes wide open. So it has become as important to Me as his other services to Me.

So... a slave or submissive can serve in many different ways..and one of the things I had to learn and to become comfortable with was that everything I do as My own style.. and if other's didn't agree or understand.. that was alright. As long as I and My pets understand that, then we are all alright. robert and Paladin are both My pets, and while they are alike in that they both belong to Me, and have given Me their submission, they also serve in different ways. robert is My servant and kajira... different from a Paladin and pleasure slave. Yet both will serve as the other if the need arose within their capacities of who they are.

I have become very fond of the teasing brotherly relationship between the two of them and I always enjoy watching them interact together or passing comments back and forth via Me sometimes about some things. They make Me laugh a lot with their antics sometimes.. and Methinks they both know it and do it to please Me. They are both wonderful men and I am very blessed to have them as Myne.

Paladin writes of our time together and swimming on Sunday. This is very special to Me.. I love to swim.. I grew up in the the pacific ocean that is not exactly warm. So I prefer what I call 'refreshing' water temps. My Knight very very rarely goes in the water having grown up with warmer Floridian waters. But Paladin, is much more like Myself and will readily jump right in and spend as much time in the water with Me as I wish. This weekend, in honor of the Olympics I decided to try a swimming competition with him. He toasted Me at every stroke. The only way I won.. was to have him swim with one arm and no legs. I watched him do that dolphin thing underwater.. and I learned that My pet can really really swim fast. Wow.. and.. I also Commanded him to do a simple dive off the board as he usually just dive in from the edge of the pool. So.. Paladin surprised Me yet again by doing a backwards somersault into the pool. It was really quite he won the golds in swimming and diving in My own personal Olympics. And I joked that he'd have a problem with the diving because of the smallness of the bathing suits those guys wear. (grin) This has also led to some amusing conversations about the overly well endowed diver and what happens in that sort of situation with those tiny suits. All that suit tugging was also noted as the divers came out of the pools sometimes. Paladin dryly noted that perhaps they had to sit in ice baths before they went out to dive. Mmmm.. yeah.. that sounds like fun huh???

Another amusing bit was the joke about the synchronized sub swimming competition. While it hasn't come to pass yet.. I did have Paladin practicing spinning to the left, then the right.. and raising his arm up.. and pointing his toes. All done with something of a hangdog affectation. "No pet.. you have to lift your arm up. . higher! No.. higher... get your elbow up out of the water.. straighten your arm..." ... hmmm.. he did not find it amusing in the least.. He did what I wanted obediently.. but I can not say enthusiastically but it was fairly graceful and dignified. I on the other hand... was VASTLY amused. Sometimes...its good to be Queen!!!! No.. wait.. most all times its good to be Queen! I have seen part of My job with Paladin as stretching him in directions that he would not normally go. This is sexually, physically, mentally and sometimes... I enjoy doing that with silliness. He is so proper and dignified that sometimes I find it a good thing to force him into some sort of unaccustomed amusement (like the synchronized swimming) because I know that it makes him feel that submissiveness from having to do something he would normally never ever do, but does because he is obedient and subservient to Me.

Paladin did another great job with the bbq... and so yet again, My belief that putting a true carnivore in charge of the meat is by far the best choice! Thanks to Paladin for the great marinated chicken that he brought (robert is still going on about how yummy it was) along with some wonderful salad's, fresh bread and kettle onion chips.. totally tasty! My Knight had made some potato salad, and our friend C brought some delightful fruit salad as well. It was certainly a wonderful, wonderful day. Swimming and just talking with Paladin and everyone else was very relaxing and refreshing. It was the members of My odd little family all come together to enjoy each others company.

So things continue and new things are always on the horizon. Sometimes they are more intense then others. Our poly relationship is something that we are all always learning and growing from I do believe. But I think we also greatly appreciate what is is that we all have together within the family. Everyone has different roles and responsibilities within the family. But family we are for sure.

I wish all the best to all that are out there,
and send love and support to those that are enduring difficult times,

Tick Tock

Why does time go so slow when one waits to see their Mystress and fast when she is unfair. Well i shall just soak up the wonderful times with Mystress...for its the best way to deal with it.

Less than 19 hours now....

Tick Tock


Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Lovely Day

What a lovely day it was today...Mystress and I swam what must of been 5 hours total and almost back to back today :) It was lovely indeed. We swam, had a BBQ and chatted the day away and had a great time. Its so true that when ones having fun..time flys and today was no different.

The plus side is, that all the time even though it flew by was amazing.

Now the countdown till Tuesday starts...mmm


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Times Of Change

Evening All.

I hope everyone is having a great summer and that the summer activities are keeping you all busy. Summer is truly a great time of the year. Keeping us outside and enjoying the fine weather.

Tomorrow Mystress and I get to enjoy a day outside lounging by the pool and enjoy the smoky taste of yummy BBQ. As any day with Mystress it promises to be a wonderful day. I see much floating in the pool and chatting and holding and sneaking of a caress here and there...yum.

It seems we will have much to talk about as a wave of summer change has swept through leaving a few things changed. I know its good for my Mystress to talk these changes through and to point out how, even though they may not seem like it, the changes are really good for Mystress.

Off to pack my things for tomorrow and fantasize of my Mystress in her swim suite ... mmm


Very late night.

Evening all..

Its rather late so i shall keep this short.

Mystress had plans to attend the local fair last night and only got home just before 11pm yet it was still lovely too see Mystress even if it was late. Mystress took a nice refreshing shower to get rid of the days fair activities, then a short snack and off to bed we went...much later than usual yet just as lovely.

Too tired for cuddles we drifted off to sleep to awake early and to some loving cuddles...very yummy indeed. Mystress stayed in bed to sleep in and off i went to start my day...i do hope you rested well and recharged some Mystress.



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer Plans

Summer is a great time...especially if you have plans to float int the pool with Mystress hand in hand....lovely indeed. Mystress and i have plans for this weekend and next and we shall spend much time in the sun together...looking forward to it very much..


Monday, August 18, 2008

Time Flys

Wee its almost Tuesday and i get to see Mystrss again...i can't wait. Off i go to count the hours as my dear Mystress has a wonderful relaxing evening.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lovely Mystress

My Mystress is so great and i just had to tell everyone again :)

Hope you had a great weekend Mystress and it sounds like you got so much done around the house. Thank you Robert for leading the charge on that and helping Mystress so she does not hurt her back.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Days going by

Another day has come and gone.

Mystress spent the day visiting with friends and doing some chores/cleanup around her big pool. Speaking with Mystress, Mystress said she did not over due it and her back is still fine...thats agood to hear.

Rest well tonight Mystress and enjoy the Olympics.


A tied up Mystress

Evening all.

As you all know last night was Thursday and my Mystress was here...and not only for the evening but from Lunch. Mystress got done with work early so she was able to make it to lunch too. Mystress brought us some lovely sandwhichs and chips...a unique flavored sandwhich and very yummy. After lunch i headed back to work while Mystress lounged round the house watching tv reading some and generally just relaxing.

That evening we enjoyed our nightly rituals with a little twist. After our bath instead of having cuddle time it was time for Mystress to be tied up and taken on a sensory exhiliration ride. Mystress is lovely to see...lying there...tied up...blindfolded and very very ...umm shall we say inspired. Its very enjoyable to watch Mystres writhing in pleasure and enjoying the sensations of all our little trinkets being used on her. A truly lovely sight.

After Mystress's flight we cuddled some and off we drifted to sleep.

The evening as always was divine and thank you Mystress for making it so.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lovely Evening

Mmmm last night was a lovely reunion. It was truly a delight to see Mystress once again and i am happy to say that Mystress's back seems much much better. Thank you Mystress for taking it so easy to allow time for you to heal. I know its hard for you to sit still at times especially when you get into a project.

We had a lovely dinner, watched some TV...and enjoyed some lovely cuddle time. Its amazing to be able to cuddle with MYstress :)

Mystress even took me for a ride....what i mean by this is Mystress tied me up...blindfolded me...and used all the interesting items she has stored in her little bag to drive me deep into sub space...all i can say is that that darn silver cup and ice is INTENSE.

Tonight i pass the time quickly so that tomorrow can come. Mystress will be here at lunch which will be great...looking forward to it much.


Our Last Party

Evening All.

A couple weeks back Mystress and I as well as Robert and her Knight attended a smal private party at the local female dom club in town. It was the first trip we all made as a group and i am sure it won't be the last.

The evening started off with a short class about BDSM and the law. Overall it was very interesting to hear what the lawyer had to say and made it clear at least to clear in what one wants and is going to do :) Sort of cover your ass information.

After the class the party progressed to the more traditional play party. Small groups broke off to do what they wanted to do and delightful conversation erupted. Mystress still had a soer back at that time so we camped in the corner seat...pillows supporting Mystress's back and chatted and people watched...a delightful time indeed.

Robert was tasked with looking after Mystress's Knight for the evening and he did a great job. He followed him around making sure he had all he wanted and the two of them spent the night hoping from group to group..making conversation and at times...getting an eyeful.

As Mystress and I sat in the main room...the spanking show started. This involved an individual being strung up on some chains..and a the hostess and another dom taking turns walloping on the volunteer. They were both very adept int he spanking/flogging and beating skills with each showing a different flair. It was interesting to watch and very nerve wracking. When one of the dom's cracked the single tail leaving a very big large red welt...i was shall we say..shocked. I never thought they wouild go that far yet the volunteer loved each to their own.

This show has edged Mystress on and the desire to volunteer me has grown stronger too. Its very flattering that Mystress feels i am special enough to put on show...but at the same time very nerve wracking. I know i won't take the beating the other volunteer wanted...that i am sure, but other than that...i am not really sure what Mystress had in mind...i guess time will tell.

It will be interesting to hear what Robert has to say about the little party :)


Monday, August 11, 2008

Close to seeing Mystress

Hmm so excited....tomorrow is Tuesday and i get to see my Mystress since last week. Mystress has enjoyed her vacation and i am sure we chat about it and get caught up. Sounded like Mystress had a wonderful time and her back seems to be much better. Thats a good thing to hear for sure. My Mystress deservs to be pain free and happy happy happy.

So tomorrow we will catch up and spend a wonderful evening together....mmmm can't wait. Do enjoy your company and little get together tonight Mystress. Say hi for me and wish all a great time.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Visitors for Mystress

Mystress is having a visit today at the cabin from her dear friend. I can just picture them sitting on the couch ... pondering how to entertain themselves. :) Would be interesting to be a fly on the wall :) Don't worry Robert...Mystress will look after you :)

To Mystress and enjoy your time at the cabin...i am sure you guys will have a blast. To Robert...enjoy being on hand for both the ladies and make sure Mystress is resting and gets well rested.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Staying in touch

Evening all

Spoke with my Mystres and she is having a good time at the cabin. Mystress has another day or so then she will be home rested for the work week to come. Mystress ounds like she is doing much better...not too much sleep last night yet still sounded relaxed.

So how have all out guests been...the blog seems to have quited down and we hope its not from a lack of interest....Hopefully its because everyone is busy and enjoying their own relationships.

Either way..ty to you all and enjoy the blog.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Resting Well

Evenig all

I spoke to my Mystress briefly today and from what i tell she is having a very relaxing time at the cabin...sitting back feet up and resting herself very well. Robert is keeping himself busy with chores around the cabin and i know that helps Mystress sit back and rest and i thank you Robert for that.

I got a couple shows on record for Mystress incase she can't get them up at the cabin and we will catch them up sometime. So sit back and rest dear Mystress...enjoy your trip.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Early Trip

Evening all...

I hope our dear guests are all doing well. Mystress and I are doing wonderful and are continuing our wonderful journey together. Today Mystress got some news that allwoed her to head to the cabin which is wonderful. Now she has a super long weekend to sit back and totally recoup and to come home 100%.

Robert will do a wonderful job keeping Mystress rested and caring for her so she does not have to raise a finger...that will do Mystress well.

Enjoy the trip Mystress


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eager for tonight

Afternoon all...

Its lunch time so less than 5 hours to go before i get to be with my dear Mystress. Mystress says she is feeling so much better which is great to hear. I'll still have to pamper Mystress and care for her more tonight so that she gets back to 100%.

We are splitting the duties tonght with Mystress bringing dinner and i providing dessert. Not sure if the nightly rituals will hold up tonight for we are eager to cuddle as its been sometime...i am sure we will have a blast.

Eagerly waiting


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mystress getting better.

My dear Mystrss has spent much time of late resting her sore back. It has done miracles and her back is feeling much much better. We spent yesterday swimming for hours and floating int he pool. It was wonderful and spent the time holding hands, floating around and looking into each others eyes...much kisses and chatting too.

Mystress has plans to take brother Robert to the cabin this weekend, sort of as a belated Bday present but also to show him the place, just as she did with me. Its a great little place in the mountains to relax and recharge...and a great place to lay foundations.

Mystress layed a very solid foundation and i think much of it was layed when we were there. We found the cabin a very comforting place which allowed us a very comfortable place to chat and have some very serious open communication. Perhaps the cabin will serve in a similar way for Mystress and Robert.



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mystress Resting

Well Mystress did a fine job at summarizing our weekend i couldn't even come close to topping it. I'll add my thoughts for sure.

The weekend was quite low key yet still very very very enjoyable. Its great to just sit back and relax with gel grow together and to share our thoughts. Like Mystress definitely shows ones inner self to the other and from that we learn many things.

Mystress had a sore back so we took teh weekend very slowly with much rest and comforting...Its the best approach we could ttake so Mystress has the shortest time of discomfort. Mystress is resting her back again tonight after a very long hard day at please Mystress rest up..and inpart your trust in Robert to help you through it tonight and i shall take up the role tomorrow.

We have a party to attend on Saturday with the local D/S group and it will be fun as always. It will be Roberts first one and i am sure an eye opener... chuckle. I know it was for me. Just note that its all in good fun and a learning experience for all and the night will go well...thats what i do.

Missing Mystress


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Special Day...

Good day kind readers....

It's a very special day to Me.. and it is something that I know Paladin is very private about...

yet, I cannot but be very happy that this day is as special as it is to Me. I find it a day to celebrate, and am glad that this year, that which fell on a Sunday, falls on a Tue... our regularly scheduled day to meet.

This is the day that our world became graced with Paladin's presence.

Last year, he was taken to task for not telling Me when it was. But as I said, he is very private about it. Unlike Myself and most of My friends who greatly enjoy the day of the completion of another 'trip around the sun' for them, unto celebrating the entire month, or week (such as I generally like to do), Paladin would like his to pass quietly and without notice except I think for dinner with his family.

Soooo...tonight, we'll have a nice quiet dinner out at the place we were supposed to have gone for our anniversary tonight to celebrate both that, and Paladin's birthday. Because of My hurt back, we stayed home on Fri instead, and Paladin brought home extra tasty pizza to share with robert who had taken Me to Paladin's, and then stayed to tidy up a bit, and look after Me until Paladin got home. It was delightful to share dinner with My two wonderful slaves. They are both so different from each other, and yet, also alike in wanting to be pleasing and obedient to Me... and that its sometimes a challenge for each of them as well.

The weekend then, was extra low key, and I was glad that we hadn't planned a trip out of town since I spent the weekend on pillows and Paladin's gel pack heated up on My back, curled up watching HGTV with Paladin and then catching up on the Deadliest Catch and After the Catch shows that we both enjoy so much. Watching HGTV with Paladin is a interesting experience. Getting to know his tastes style wise... he is very very simply minded. And very predictable. Blacks, greys, and dark reds. No torquise accent pillow for him. His favorite color is black.. he says it goes with everything... except pink..and I get the feeling that he thinks pink doesn't even go with pink... at least not when it come to him and pink. I keep joking about getting him a pink 'power' tie like Donald Trump wears.... I get a very pained expression when I do. (chuckle) but it is very cute. Suffice it to say, Paladin is NOT a pink person.

Back to the weekend.... Paladin took excellent care of Me and while I did miss our dinner, I didn't miss climbing his 3 flights of stairs up and down. Paladin also gave Me the most special gift that he could, and I am both awed and touched by its sincerity and sweetness of thought. It was a takes your breath away moment and has brought Me much comfort and steadiness, whatever changes life may hold, I know that he is My rock, and all that he has promised to be, I know he does not say lightly. For Paladin is not one to give his heart and then waver. He would never give his word and not do everything in his control trying to fulfill it. I know this about him, and it is very grounding to know I can rely on him totally. I like to think of his visual, of him as huge, strong weeping willow tree, trunk big and steadying, its branches leaning down to protect and comfort Me.. and its roots deep and strong into a huge rock to which I can cling, no matter how the waves of life pummel Me.

We also had a nice long bath and indulged in some simple and non overexerting pleasures. It was a gentle and connecting weekend. There were times I was immensely frustrated in not being able to do some of the things I had planned, and I think I might have even smacked a pillow or two. Paladin simply smiled and indulged Me as best he could, while still not allowing Me to do anything that would strain My inflamed back.

Tonight I think will be much the same. A nice dinner, a long hot bath and cuddle time.

As for robert.. he has become the other rock. I am extremely grateful for all that he does for My Knight and I. He has been untiring and unwavering in his attentions and help. All of this would be so much as impossible without his help. He has become very popular with pretty much everyone. The work he has done here, I would never be able to repay. Once he realized that I was in quite severe back pain then he has been extremely attentive.

And another thanks to robert for spiffing up Paladin's apartment so well. He cleaned and vacuumed and dusted and generally tidied everything up. It was wonderful because that way, Paladin didn't have to worry about any of his regular chores that he would have done on Sunday. Instead, we lazed about his place, then came back to My home and swan and bbqed.. .and visited with My Knight, his lady friend, and robert. Paladin did an amazing job bbqing the meat (always put a staunch carnivore in charge of the meat!) and robert got the corn and salad's ready. All in all it was a wonderful time, and a good time was had by all! Lots of laughter and enjoyment and new connections made all around.

I have stayed home today because of My back.. couldn't spend all day at a desk typing. It's nice to have robert here. I really do enjoy his company and I like being able to chat with him in person now.. and its very sweet to have him to look after Me and My Knight when his knee is bad. Robert gives wonderful foot rubs and is not something he seems to tire of.

Well, that's about it for now. Resting up and being tender with My back to enjoy this evening the most and be able to work tomorrow.

Best to all.. and thank you to everyone for their kind thoughts ,

Monday, July 28, 2008

Taking my time

Well i had a short chat with my dear Mystress and she is off to help Robert in the kitchen. So per Mystress's instructions i am off to work out, eat some dinner then take the night off from the computer. Its wonderful to have a Mystress that cares for her slave as much as her slave cares for her. Mystress makes sure i rest my head from the computer, and I make sure Mystress rests her sore back...and thats just to start. We have a wonderful level of care for each other and thats very welcomed.

So rest yourself too dear Mystress and sleep well and rest for tomorrow.


Sunday, July 27, 2008


What a wonderful weekend from the start on Friday and still on going. Wow wow wow is all i can say at this point in time dear guests. I look forward to filling you all in ont he details but for now i go to sink into my couch and soak up all the lovely energy Mystress has left in my place...such lovely energy and oh so magical. Going to spend a lovely quiet evening in reflection and contemplation...mmm yum


Friday, July 25, 2008


The First Meet.

Today was the day. We had counted down the day together
and when 5pm rolled round we had less than an hour to
go before our fate was to be decided.
Would we have the same reaction in person as online?
Would we decide this wasn't right?
Would we go our separate ways after dinner?
All questions zipping through my mind as I waited

Today we would meet. Hard to say 'finally' when
its only been 3 days.. which have seemed like a lifetime.
What would he be like? Would he be as interesting in person?
Would we feel the same connections? Would I like him,
would he like Me? What would his energy feel like?
What would he look like in person? How would I
feel standing next to him?

6:04pm....Oh no Mystress is late....

Darn, nasty accident on the freeway.
I expected to be early and sitting facing
the door so I watch him walk in.

Did Mystress decide against it?

Drat.. now I'll be late.. I hope he doesn't think
that I'm not coming...

Then suddenly...a lovely sight enters Fats all in wonderful white.
My heart almost stops but i hoped i retained my composure.
Quickly i rise and greet my Mystress....
i knew at this time my decision was made.

I walk into the restaurant on egg shells,
and sitting on the bench on the same side of the door
is a very handsome man in a dress shirt and tie.
I look and him and wonder, this spectacular man he???
and just as I do, he stands and smiles at Me....
I look up into the face of My slave....
I knew at this time... My decision was made.

We were shown to our table making nervous chit chat.
I was nervous I admit...but as the words flowed from my
Mystress mouth a sense of calming came over me.
Dinner zipped by in a blur as i concentrate
on Mystress every word. I was more than content in listening
and interjecting my 2 cents when appropriate.

I was nervous as we were shown to our table. The restaurant
is one I am familiar with and I like the energy of. There was some
subject we came across that I enjoyed talking about. But he was quiet
and I tried some questions about his homeland to draw him out. I loved
his soft accented voice...and the vivid blue eyes... and the way he looked at Me.
And I am sure, I devoured him with My eyes as well. Sizing him up.. and knowing..
above all else.. above almost anything I had ever wanted...that I wanted this man
as My pleasure slave. I looked at his fine boned hands, and yet, saw that they had also
done work, and wondered what their touch would be like.
I looked at his mouth, and wondered what it would be like to kiss..
I looked at his ears, and wondered how he'd react when I bit them.
I looked at his wide shoulders and strong arms,
and wondered how it would feel to have him hold Me.

With dinner over we stand at Mystress car....
looking into each others eyes....
begging to know if this wonderful meeting shall continue

As dinner finishes, and we walk out to the car... I wonder,
does he like Me as much as I like him? He is a bit hard to read,
he feels a bit reserved, and I am unsure.
We stop by and look at each other.. an awkward
moment to be sure.

And to my overly happy heart Mystress wishes to continue
the first meeting....

The deal was that if he liked Me, he would ask Me back
to his place for ice cream and if I liked, then I would accept.
So he asks, and I readily accept. Thinking how rare it is to meet
someone that is honorable enough that I can trust to go to his home.
My Knight has his phone number as well as Myne.

Upon arriving at my sparse apartment,
a choice to live uncluttered, our wonderful communication
continues. I share more information with Mystress while
trying hard to hide my fascination with my Mystress....
then the first touch....

Looking around his simple home is very refreshing,
I see only the living room and dinning room.
It is very tasteful in blacks and greys, very neat and tidy,
just like the man himself.
We talk and have ice cream.
And as I look at him sitting on the couch next to Me,
I cannot resist, and I hold My hand out to him,
and he takes it...

Mystress extends her hand and
with gentle caution i reach out and take hold of her hand....
and that touch and all the chat confirms my earlier decision....
my submittal, at this point private, now becomes public.
We share a wonderful moment as i give myself to you Mystress
and in return you take me as your slave.

I had told him, that if he decided that he wanted Me, then he would have to kneel..
and so I reminded him of this.
He pushed aside his black coffee table, and knelt
as we had discussed, the one kneed Knightly stance.
I ask if he wants to continue, and he says yes...
and so I accept him as My very own.

For the remaining of the evening we share a moment of initial bonding...
initial exploration and learning one another...nothing serious
but more than wonderful to me.

I do get to feel the passion of his kiss, and the gentle sweep of his
arms holding Me. There is so much more to be had here. Fast,
yet slow. I can hear My heart singing.. over and over..
yes, yes yes.. at last.. finally.. this IS the ONE....
whom I have sought... thank goodness!!!!

I believe Mystress had a wonderful night and look forward
to once again being with my Mystress both in mind,
spirit and do as she pleases,
to follow all her commands with unconditional devotion and trust.

He has a wee bit of a stubborn streak, but that is good. I don't want someone that is
a weakling. I don't want bratty, but I do want strong. A strong and lusty stallion..
one that will obey its rider because it can trust that the rider will do only that which is
good for it. And that the two of us will grow.

I did indeed have a wonderful evening with him, and time flew so fast.
Seems like in no time at all it was time to go. I already adore this new pet of Myne.
and am touched and pleased by his unwavering devotion and loyalty already.

We discuss plans for more time together.. to bond and to formally collar.

Waving goodbye to my Mystress as little as i wanted to,
i know, that we shall see each other once again soon...
and at that moment and through all the communication
between now and then....
we strengthen our bond we started tonight.

Indeed, a strong start and a strong bond.
All that has lead to this place, a year later. This year
has been more magical then I could ever have imagined.
He has been a magnificent addition to all of our lives.

I have this set to post on the eve of our meeting.
I've never set one up to post this way before..
I hope it works.

Smiles and best to all,

written by Paladin
to Mystress