Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Ritual.

What a wonderful day. We had been looking forward to Thursday all week knowing that we were going to do the commiment ritual. The work day once again decided to drag on and on but then the time arrived.

Being in my obedient mindset i was ready to start my kneeling when Mystress jumped all over me...not being one to complain i was more than happy to kiss my wonderful Mystress. After this things returned to our standard rituals.

The commitment ritual said to eat during the ritual but being ourselves and always wanting to make something our own we modified it and ate before the ritual. Dinner was simple consisting of a number of small dishes, the company amazing as always.

Before the ritual we took a wonderful bath...i must admit the baths are one of my favorite things of the evening. Quite relaxing and soothing and it serves to drain away all the days pains getting us ready for whats to come.

We started the commiment ritual in our typical unorthodox manner adding to it slightly. Mystress found a wonderful candle with two wicks...representing us both. We took turns lighting it expressing out commitment to one another. The scent from the candle setting the mood for the ritual to come.

The ritual consisted of getting comfortable, relaxed and in tune with each other which we did by kissing and breathing together.

I read the questions allowed for us each taking turns to answer. Mystress has provided some of her answers and now i shall too.

1)Start by affirming your decision to remain together.

I reaffirmed my commitment to my Mystress as her slave/pet/sub and that i had not made the decision easily so it would be for the long run.

2) Take turns to describe what you value about your partnerand tell your lover why you are committed to the relationship.

I value Mystress's caring, trusting, loving, understanding nature and her wonderful desire. Mystress cares deeply for what we have and because of this i feel i can trust Mystress deeply. In return i feel Mystress can trust me. Because of the values above we can love one another which leads to satisfying Mystress's wonderful desires.
With such values it is easy to commit to the relationship because it is not often one finds all these values in one person. This makes the relationship special and one worth commiting too.

3)Talk about the ways you have blossomed, and what youappreciate about the unexpected ways the relationship has unfolded.

The biggest way i have blossomed thanks to Mystress is to lower some of my privacy fields down. Its been difficult but Mystress has shown me that its not always good to be so private as one misses out on many things. With this advice i have tried to get out of this super private mode alittle. Another suprising blossom is the trust i have in Mystress...never before have i trusted someone so deeply so quickly.
The way the relationship was found and started was unexpected. Never thought i'd find what i was looking for how i found it but i don't question it. All i know is that it is real and worth all the time invested.

4) Articulate how you see the fundamental principles in your relationshipwhether honesty, fidelity, companionship or adventurousness.

The Dom Sub relationship is what the relationship is modeled after but Mystress has once again taken a standard practice and molded it to how she wants it to be and i am happy to try fill this mold for Mystress. Another principal is pleasure. Both Mystress and I are into pleasure a great deal be it receiving pleasure or giving pleasure. Trust is another big one. I trust Mystress to watch out for us both and to teach us all she wishes to learn. Along with this trust comes communication. We both agree that communication is a key principle. It allows us both to express our needs and desirs or concerns if any. This leads to a much stronger relationship.

5)Share what you would like to improve.

This was an easy question to answer for me atleast. Since the relationship is new and our communication is strong...i thought we didn't need to improve anything. If there is an issue we address it and it goes away...not being allowed to fester and damage the relationship.

6) Outline the aspects that you plan to work on,and what you hope to nurture.

I plan to work on being less open up more to Mystress. I also plan to study my lessons well and to be the best sub Mystress could have. I plan to nuture the relatioship we work on growing our desires, pleasure and closeness.

7) Listen to your partner express his or her feelings about youand the dynamics of your relationship.

Mystress is right...this part is hard for me but i hope Mystress can read my feelings for her. I care immensly for Mystress. I care that she is happy and content, that she is satisfied and receiving all the pleasure she wants, that she is full of pride when she shows me off. Listing the dynamics of our relationship would be a task unto itself. In a nutshell our relationship dynamics are based on trust, caring, closeness, desire, pleasure and an extreme willingness to do our best for one another.

8) Hear your partner's intention for the coming year.

My intention for the coming year is to learn all i can from Mystress. To soak up her lessons so that i may be the best sub i can for Mystress so that she may have pride in me.

9) Reinterate what you value in your relationship,and how it nurtures both of you. I value every aspect of our relationship.

The trust, caring, closeness, desires, pleasure and pride we both share. I couldn't be more proud of Mystress in the way she has adopted her new she has embraced it. The more Mystress embraces her role i think will nuture both of us for the stronger Mystress gets as a dom the stronger i feel i shall become as a sub.

10) Express your mutual appreciation and respect for one another.

Both of us appreciates the other immensly. For without the other this relationship would not be around. We both searched for many years for what we have making this very special and because of this, appreciated immensly. Along with the appreciation comes respect.. I respect Mystress for changing herself to adopt a new role and this brings pride to me.

11) Celebrate your deisre to give each other pleasure,as well to access bliss from within yourself.

As Mystress states, giving one another pleasure comes easily for us because we are both so pleasure orientated. Each time we are together there is always a tremendous amount of pleasure for both of us.

12) Acknowledge the sacredness of sexuality and its powerto transform you life.

Our sexual aspects have become more ritualistic and in doing so a degree of sacredness has been attached to it. Its never wam bam its over with us, its always long and sensual and special. Knowing Mystress story i take my time, giving her all the pleasure she can take, making the experience a pleasureable one for both of us. In doing this the act has become more a symbol of bonding and each time we do we grow closer.

These answers provide an overview with many more details shared between Mystress and I that night. To complete the ritual we once again made it our own by consumating the ritual in the manner we both love, by providing one another with pleasure.

Before we knew it the night had once again slipped away..teasing us...taunting us till the next time we are together. I have extended an invitation to the Ladies again for dinner if they so choose, if not the invitation is open to Mystress.

I go now to do my errands and during them i shall reflect once again on the ritual and what it means to me...passing the time till i once again see my Mystress.



Anonymous said...

Your care and love are evident in your commitment ritual blogs. It makes my heart soar to see that you have a special relationship. Clearly you are people with similar hearts, minds and souls. It is truly inspirational to see such wonders and joy for you. May time be kind to you both

Paladin said...

Thank you for your lovely words...we truly are very special to one another...truly special.