Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In Which Paladin Gets a Towel Snapping...

Good morning greetings to our dear R/readers and  F/friends,

I thought I'd recount a bit of discipline that Paladin got the other day, and I wondered if anyone else has done this to their subs or slaves?

Paladin had managed to accumulate a few demerits, the biggest one had been from the night before, when the last words I had said to him Sun nite as we went to bed totally exhausted and able to sleep in the next morning was "and make sure you don't have any alarms or reminders set on because if it wakes me up, I WILL beat you!"  But... at around 8am.. I hear one of his reminders go off and it wakes me up.. and then it takes me a bit to get back to sleep again. I did note to myself, that he would have to pay for that.  Now he thinks that he didn't have any set.. and maybe it was an email that went off... but still, he didn't check the phone after I said that, nor turn the volume down.  He just  basically said 'uh huh'.  So when it went off and woke me up... well. that started him off on the wrong foot. (And I remember kaya over at Under His Hand saying how we Dom/mes should live up to our promises to do do what we say.. so.. of course I was going to have to follow through with this *nods seriously* )

 I don't remember what the last thing he did was, but whatever it was, was one thing too many and at one point on Monday evening I finally got totally exasperated with him as I was drying something in the kitchen with a towel.  And the thought crossed my mind "Okay.. that's it, enough.. time to set this boy back a bit!" Hmmm.. but how?  Suddenly, I got an inspiration. I looked at the towel in my hand.. and flashed on having towel snapped a Master way way back when I was a sub.. (which resulted in my getting several smacks with a metal spatula.. and OUCH!)

But the towel part... purrrfect!   How simple is that?? I didn't need anything more then what I had in my hand and the kitchen we were in.  So...  I told him to lean forward and grab the edges of the kitchen island and spread his legs some.  He does like to ask too many questions "why?"... and I told him to just do it! Grrrr... wrong thing to say to your already pissed off Domme.   He had on either shorts or swim trunks, and as he leaned over... I twirled that towel  around like any good guy in the gym showers and gave him a series of strong SNAPS right on the ass with it.  Then a few on those lovely rugby thighs of his.  He winced.. GOOD!  It didn't seem to be hitting quite like I wanted, but he assured me it was.  *wicked grin*  I thought they were kinda weak sounding 'pops' and I wanted to get some seriously good sounding SNAPS....then I hit my rhythm with it... Hey.. this was.. kinda fun!  And soooo simple... took no assembly or hunting down the right thing to spank him with.  Just the kitchen island and the towel!     After reminding him of several offenses as I SNAPPED him, including a bit of a rant about that dammed phone beeping so early after I told him to be sure it didn't... I told him okay.. he was done.. but then,  I noted it was after 7:30.. the time by which he is supposed to have his collar presented... so he got several more strong SNAPS just for good measure.  I think he got the point.  Next time.. maybe I'll even wet the towel some...
best be careful me pet....

Best wishes to all out there..

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Good evening to all our wonderful friends.

Thank you to my dear sweet Mystress for doing such a wonderful job recounting the visit and family time. The week was a long one yet a very important one for us all. Why? Because it served as an important step in or ever evolving relationship.

It was definitely a challenging visit because we had to slowly introduce foreign concepts to a family where everything we  have experienced was and still is a totally foreign concept. Like Mystress said, do we ever tell our parents all the details of what we truly get up to? I feel a large portion of us dont :) So the process of getting them a climated to us began. The hardest part of it all was not being able to be my sub self with my dear Mystress. We had moments we could indulge but for the most part, we bottled our desires so that a proper introduction could be made. By the end of the visit, i think we have planted a good seed of change in most of the family and it shall not be long before we can be our true selfs and do what we do, albeit it sans the crops and x-crosses :) Who really wants there mom ever finding those special toys :)

One thing i do want to ask all our readers has been on my mind of late and perhaps i can gain some knowledge from all you guys. To those of you all that were once in a part time relationship for lack of a better term, but who now are full time....what sort of progressions did you all go through? Did anything change? Good or bad? Did part time routines continue or did they morph into something else?

I ask because since we are now full time, i have noticed some things have changed. Time for one slips by enjoyably. I often find myself forgetting things i wouldnt, like having my collar on in time. Am i a bad sub for this? Does my blindness to time being with Mystress warrant this behavior? Another would be my blog duties. We did this blog to be more in touch with one another, but since we together now all the time, my preference is to always share my thoughts with Mystress in person.

I know these progression are likely due to my endless time with Mystress...but i feel i need to be more aware of our routines so that i can best keep them up. I really do care to hear about other progressions from our readers so that i may reflect on them and see if they can be found in our wonderful time together.

Waiting for enlightenment


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Family Visit

Is.. done. Whew. For the record... I like his family a lot.. great folks.. Love his mom especially.. sweet lady, and pet looks more like her then his dad.. and since his mom is also quite pretty..I can see where he got his good looks. His dad is a bit gruff, and very old fashioned. His two brothers are good guys too. Paladin is the eldest child, and you can certainly see that in the family dynamics. I am sure that he is also the more open minded of the group. How he got that way, I'm not sure.. but he is quite different from the rest in that his mind is much more open to many things then the rest of the family.

The week was... rough.. The worst part...was having to sleep upstairs alone in my room. Didn't like that one bit....although it turns out my bed is more comfy then his, and once kitty Leo figured out where I was, he came up knocking on my door to come in and keep me company. :)

The reason for my sleeping upstairs... was because his family didn't really know anything about me until we were getting ready to move. I mean, how many of your parents have any idea of what your REALLY up to? In his case, they knew I was the wife of a friend of his. Well.. that's what they thought they knew anyways. I think the word 'Triad' isn't in their lexicon. No way to explain to them that things sometimes start one way, and then evolve to something else. In our case, it was with the the full support and encouragement of the spouse.

They found out the same time their beloved son is moving from CA to Tx that he is bringing this woman along.. his friends wife. Well.. now his friend and wife are separating and divorcing. but the wife.. is with him? His family is from one of the British colonies (till they kicked the Brits out) but, they have a very strong, old fashioned moral code, and all this has twisted their heads some. (Polyamory isn't i their lexicon either) So... the plan was to give them time to get used to me, and the idea. So... we had to play that we are 'just' good friends right now. Roommates. Paladin says his Dad asked him a few times what our 'arrangement' was. And Paladin would say there wasn't one. That I was living with him and that I have a home with him as long as I want. That I have no family left anymore and needed a fresh start, and that he offered to let me come along, and I took him up on it. They can see we work well as a team. But it wreaked havoc on me some. First... not being able to be at all Mystressy with him.. but that wasn't too awful. It was the not being able to hug him, or touch him or look at him the way I feel. Waking up from nightmares alone was awful too. Pretending that we are just good 'friends'... really hard to do. We both had tears in our eyes several times during the week. Good thing I had my journal to pour all those feelings into.

But.... bless his sweet heart, Paladin made sure I was included in everything that he could. One of my first inclinations was to withdraw into myself and my room and just stay up there. But Paladin was adamant, the only way I'd become the part of the family he wanted me to be, was for me to participate and be around them all as much as possible. For instance...last Mon, they had planned a trip to Galveston. There were 5 of the family total, and that's all that would fit in the car. So Paladin informed his family we were taking two cars so that I could go. At first, I told him no, and I'd stay home as his family had come all this way to see him and spend time with him, and taking two cars all the way to Galveston was silly. He said it wasn't up for discussion and that I was going with them. Humm,, is that topping from the bottom? I did think about refusing, but he wanted me to go so much.... and truth be told, I wanted to go too. So I did. We drove there in his car, (which did give us a nice break alone together to hold hands and touch some) and his family followed in their rental car. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it a lot as well. Galveston reminded me of Pensacola, where I was based while in the Navy. And they are building a 'Pleasure Pier'. No pooo, that's what they are calling it. Looks like it will be a lot of fun when its done. They already want to come back and see it when its finished.

On Tue, his youngest brother had to fly back to CA for work as he could only get a few days off. So that put the number of us back to 5, and then I could fit in the car with the rest of them. They loved the area. Wed we went up to Lake Conroe and his Dad was quite interested in property prices up there. He may be thinking of a local vacation home. Thur we went up to the Woodlands to walk around and have dinner. But we left before dark and they didn't get to see it at night... next trip. And then on Fri, we went to see Dark Shadows... which everyone liked even those that didn't think they would. By the end of the week Paladin says his mom was making reference to 'you guys will find many fun things to do here'. Sat, his mom gave me hug me when they left.   beams

After the week... I was feeling a bit withdrawn still. Having had to pull in myself to be around him with his family here was hard and hurt. Paladin says that the worst is over now.. that they have met me, seen how well we get along. So it would be a natural progression for us to be closer next time they come visit. I hope so, cuz I am not sure I can handle doing all that again.

Soooo.. after they left... We were both relieved but tired from driving all over. And I really wasn't up to a public play party, and decided we'd do our own. I did greatly enjoy putting his collar on after a week, and his restraints... and then I tied pet down and flogged the holy heck out of him with the soft flogger...some with the stingy flogger and crop too.. oh, and I also ran the Gutenberg wheel all over him.. some icy metal on some tender parts too. Followed by all sorts of various other implements from the play bag all over him. Put him in his sub place but good!

Now that visit is over. Not sure how long till the next one, but Paladin thinks it will only be a few months. Our next round of visitors starts in mid July, but they are friends, the first will be my ex Mistress, and then the Germans at the end of the month. They are vanilla, but still, I won't have to sleep upstairs. Heh. No more of that!

Much thanks to all our friends at Fetlife for their suggestions of places to go. They are on the list for the next time, and the next round of visitors.

And that's... the real story of how the first family visit went.

Best to all,