Monday, December 27, 2010

Xmas times past and New years coming

Good evening all out lovely guests and friends. We hope you all had wonderful christmas times with family and friends.

What a lovely time of the year to spend with those you care for, be it christmas or new years. its a wonderful time to reflect on all our relationships and to count our blessings for having them. Some blessings are counted more than others, like my dear sweet Mystress. Every day i count my lucky stars and thank Mystress for being myne.

Unfortunately my dear Mystress hurt her back this past Thursday reaching down to adjust the blinds, and a terrible injury indeed. Mystress immediately went stiff and could only move to collapse on the couch and texted me. Luckily i was omw home to prepare for a trip so i diverted to Mystress. I had to pull the blind on the window as my key wouldn't open one of the locks and climb through to find my Mystress in pain on the couch. I felt so bad and could only do my best to get her into bed and as comfy as the pain would allow. Luckily some medication was near and available later in the evening to blunt the pain and keep it bareable. I felt so bad to leave Mystress with her company but prior engagements with family had to be kept.

We kept in touch all weekend getting updates and sharing our times with each other. It was lovely to be in touch with Mystress yet unpleasant to know she was in pain. Atleast Mystress could spend xmas tucked up on the recliner with family so that was good.

On Sunday i swung by to help Mystress adjust her bed to get more comfy and to grab some dinner for her. The pain had subsided to the point where movement was no possible yet with much pain and discomfort. Mystress would need to spend a few more days in bed much to her disgust. Mystress doesnt do good holed up in one place for too long because she likes to keep busy. Well all thats possible is to relax and let the back heal and watch movies. Not the best way to spend her vacation yet it must be done.

We hope her back is better enough for New Years and will make plans accordingly. The most important thing is you rest dear Mystress, recover and mend your back, even if its terribly unpleasant to be apart. We shall be back in the swing of things much sooner than you think if you can bare the boredom for a few days more. Its much better than the alternative and a re-inhury dont you guys all think?

So please take care my dear Mystress and allow yourself to rest and mend.

With much love


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cold Travels

Good evening all.

We hope everyone is snuggled up nice and cozy on these cold weekend days. Its definitely been a very wet and cold weekend which luckly i have avoided by being inside all weekend.

My Mystress in the other hand has been travelling and now finds her lovely self in an even colder and whiter area. Mystress having informed me its started snowing a little while ago and all i could think of was BRRRRR after i though about my Mystress traveling. Please please drive very safe dear Mystress. Take extra days to get home if you must but whatever you do please take it careful and safely.

Other than my nagging to drive safe, i have urged my Mystress to enjoy it all from the road trip to the company to the times ahead this trip promises. Its a wonderful reason for the trip and again , KUDOS to my sweet Mystress for being so thoughtful and caring to do all she has done so far and for all she plans to do in the future.

With much love, and care for Mystress


Sunday, December 12, 2010

XMas Times

Good evening All.

The Xmas times have started and so have our wonderful traditions. This weekend Mystress and i took part in our yearly xmas tradition of getting all the decorations setup and the tree made up. We do this each year to of course spend time together but to also promote a wonderful xmas environment for all. So we spent the day arranging decorations and selecting themes for the xmas tree and generally having a wonderful day. By the afternoon all was setup and the lovely cozy xmas environment was set. Very cozy and a lovely place to have the family xmas this year. Mystress ounds like she is going to have many more family over this year which is a lovely thing indeed. I am sure she will be stressed getting it all ready but the rewards will be oh so wonderful so please enjoy it.

After the tree we played some kinect on Mystress new super duper big ass tv. Wow it really is a wonderful tv and even bigger than mine. Do enjoy the new tv Mystress, now regular tv is ruined for you :)

This week is the week before Mystress delayed trip north so the excitement for Mystress is still there and she is very excited to go. The trip is even better now however as more people are going so it is officialy a group trip and re-union :) Please drive safe Mystress but enjoy it all. Take your time for you have the whole weekend to get back. Hugs and be safe.

Love Paladin.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wonderful Mystress

Good evening all

Almost the end of the year yet its still a wonderful part of the year. Holidays and celebrations and happy times for all and whats more important than spending times with all those we love. Mystress and i have made some plans for pre-xmas activities and tree building which should be a lovely time indeed.

My wonderful Mystress goes up north this week to travel down with family. Such a wonderful thing my Mystress does. Travelling all the way north to turn around and drive all teh way home. It will be a wonderful bonsing time and i will send reiki the entire time for a safe trip home. Kudos to you Mystress for doing what your doing.

Today was a day of flapping like a chicken on xbox. Hours go by before you realize on the new Kinect :) It sure makes for a good nights sleep :) Time to shower...damn kinect makes one sweaty to :) and prepare for yet another work week. I will think of my lovely Mystress in the shower indeed :)


Sunday, November 28, 2010

In Motion

Good evening to all our wonderful friends and guests. Thanksgiving has past and now we march on to Christmas. Can you believe its already xmas time, wow. Soon the new year with be Time really flys when your having fun :)

Mystress and i decided to get early xmas gifts and each own the new Kinect. COOL is all i can really say. I highly suggest everyone give it a demo at a store like best buy. It really really is fun. Its alot more precise than the Wii i feel and you dont feel like a flailing chicken, high on wacky weed try to thread a needle in frustration. The camera does take random pictures like a roller coaster which umm, do reveal some awkard poses indeed. We quickly turned those off :) We are also using them to motivate each other to follow the fitness programs. They are kicking our butts but we will motivate each other and keep each other moving on int he workouts. A definite side effect of the new toys is you get so wrapped up in the experience, you end up working out for hours. One bonus Mystress immediately found was the live voice/cam chat :) She calls it her cyber supervision :)

Now i go to collapse on the couch after a flapping like a chicken and running like a madman, tired and well exercised.....happy to have my dear Mystress.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Moving Forward...

Hello dear readers...

Its been a while since I have posted. Back in October.. so many things were swirling. and it was not a time to put feelings into words. Paladin is good for marching on while I ponder and opine for what I do, and don't want to say. I learned a few years back the mistake of writing too soon and putting words too raw into a permanent form. So I have held off writing, till the pain has subsided some. No no no.. none of this is in regards to Paladin.. but other things that he has lent his wisdom and support to. He is ever the sturdy rock that allows Me the freedom to experience things, knowing he is always waiting, firm and strong. And whatever winds may blow.. I do know, as he says, our ship can ride any wave and survive any storm.

I don't like burning bridges. and I prefer Paladin's wording in that I havn't actually burned any. I am just choosing not to cross them anymore. Time does heal.. it makes things.. less harsh somehow. I don't like staying mad or hurt.. would rather just do something positive instead, and so. now I am.

He mentions my new SL endeavors.. I am really just picking up what I had delayed for a bit to serve elsewhere. It was well meaning, but the ..owner of the place has a very different style then I do, and while I stayed to be a. balance for the girls there.. in the end.. I preferred to go back to my own Gardens and run them in my own way. I know that some found him... very challenging.. and didn't understand what on earth I was doing there. Well, my position was such that I was in a place to protect the girls there, and I took it very seriously. So, even when things were difficult, I stayed.. until I felt I had a back up plan. And I did some serious contemplation before I decided to resign and move back to my own place.

I have been blessed in that some other friends have joined in, and now we have a new project that seems to be off to a good start. It's become a enjoyable place for myself, and other's. We've built a very beautiful housing platform for slaves that desire training and/or sanctuary. It's a grassy place with small mediterranean style two story houses (only 11 prims each amazingly) tree's with fluttering leaves, fountains benches and even a picnic area, campfire and gazebo. Below that a wonderful new sky garden for them with pools and fountains and torches.. and a Reiki table and meditation circle. The boys have their own houses on that level, while the girls are in their own above. I'll post some pics at some point when I feel its the right time. We are still fine tuning some things.

A new Castle, library and socializing area with dance floor as well. I learned to make a flexi prim this weekend so I could make a banner with the Garden's Logo on it. . it now flutters over the entryway to our admin building.

So yes.. I have been busy as usual. And all else has been well. Things run like clockwork with Paladin. A super special thanks to him for the wonderful treat of Thai dinner on Sat nite. My Knight and his sub had gone away for the weekend and so it was just me and the critters. And it was very yummy.. we love the same foods, and we plot our way through the menu. So many choices.. in the end we tried something well knows (red curry with beef) and something new.. glass noodles with shrimp. It was good, but I like Phad Thai better. *grins* So much thanks again to my dear Paladin.. Just to be fun, I had him rub himself while on his lunch break today, just a bit ago. Like to keep the boy on edge sometimes.

Next weekend I will be at Paladin's.. and it's supposed to rain! Our first weekend in our big new bed too! *big grins* I say again and again how grateful I am for him, and all the skills that he uses in service to Me. YUMMMY!

So, I wish all of our friends well, and if any wish to come visit the improved gardens in Second Life, just let me know!

Well wishes to all,

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Good evening all.

As always we hope our griends are doing well. Mystress has been on a SL buzz of late starting her own school and place of sanctuary. Mystress expressed how many folks had already joined her place and i cant but imagine its because Mystress is so wonderful. She had the ability to give one what they need yet in a manner thats so different from the traditional. Mystress is generating quiet the following because of this unique style and i wish Mystress the best. Enjoy the nibbling :)

This weekeend we got to enjoy an unplanned dinner together...mmm so yum sharing time with Mystress. We enjoyed a lovely Thai dinner and indulged in the chance for an unplanned excursion :) This coming weekend we have made plans to be together so i get to be in the company of my dear sweet Mystress all weekend...yum. We love our weekends together and cherish them so dearly.

Best of love to all our friends and may the approaching holiday season be a wonderful one for all.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rainy Days

Evening All.

Yay for raining days. Mystress and i feel we can say the rainy days are here and we are both happy they are. Hopefully they keep on coming in thick and heavy so we get many many many cuddle days ahead of us...mmmm Nothing better than cuddling in bed with the windoes open the rain falling.

Spent today getting the gym ready for use. Mystress and i are going to start working out in it so had to get all the stuff ready. Its now ready and will serve rather nicely as a gym for us. Now to get sweaty. :)

Hopefully all out wonderful friends and guests are doing well. You guys have been quite yet we still enjoy your visits. Mystress gets daily reports of who visits the site and we thank you for all the times you guys visit. Hopefully we are not too boring for you all, for i know that we entertain ourselves very very very well.

Love to my dear Mystress


Sunday, October 31, 2010


Good evening all.

Hopefully everyone is getting their tricks, or yummy treats this Halloween. Mystress loves this holiday for it allows her to express her spooky side :) Nothing dark and unpleasant, just an admiration for the day and sharing her candy. Hopefully i get to share some of Mystress's candy too :) MMM Mystress is so yummy.

Definitely enjoy the evening all and enjoy the SL craziness too Mystress. I am sure there wil be tons of weird and wacky celebrations in there and i know you will lead the charge :)


Sunday, October 24, 2010

A wonderful time

Good evening all our wonderful friends.

So far October has been such a wonderful month. From the days with Mystress to the oh so luxorious birthday weekend, things just keep changing for the better in all respects.

Last weekend Mystress and i spent a wonder time together for Mystress's birthday weekend. Oh what a perfect weekend it was. It started with getting off early from work to a wonderful birthday dinner with Mystress. Sushi is such a wonderful dinner to have together as we get to share our food and get to enjoy a lovely dinner, Mystress is still the best at finding new and wonderful places to enjoy a meal :)

After dinner we were off to get a new bed. The old one had finally worn out its welcome and we were both happy to see it go. Now we have a giant bed to cuddle in :) Rather a strange feeling, cuddling together with acres of space around us :) Either way, we wont complain :) We both sleep so so much better now its wonderful.

The rains were with us too last weekend which to me was the ultimate best aspect of the weekend. Why? Because we opened the doors, listening to the rain fall, with the cold brezze filling the roon akk the time we sat there, cuddled under the blankets, snuggled into each other and enjoy the closeness. MMMMMM it was so perfect. We have had days like this before but they proved to be rather elusive last year, so this year we hope to make up for them.

By Tuesday, Mystress was fully recharged. Things that happened had past, decisions were made, and happiness found. We were sititng on the couch Monday night, smiling from ear to ear both reflecting on the wonderful time together...and i know i was praing that there would be many more weekends like this this coming rainy season.

A special thank you to Mystress for being so wonderful to share her birthday weekend with me. I felt truly blessed and will always strive to make them as enjoyable as i can.

With all my love for Mystress.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Times

Good evening all our dear friends. We hope as always that all is good with all our friends.

That was a lovely post dear Mystress. We all have a time in the year where we look back at the year thats past and evaluate it. Was it a good year? Was it all it could be? What can i do to make it better? Will next year be like this one past? Numerous questions swirl and we answer them to the best we can.

For me that time is our anniversary. In the years of service each year on the anniversary i look back on another glorious year. I reflect how the year has zipped by in a whirl of excitement and enjoyment. I reflect how each year has been better than the last. I reflect , well more like predict, that the year to come can only be better than the last for i have my wonderful Mystress. Even though there may be times during the year when things get tough or unpleasant, i know i can look forward to the next day, or the next week or even a month later and know, that no matter what this day brings, there will always be the next day and that this day can only be better for i will be able to serve my dear Mystress.

To Mystress, please be happy in your reflections for as i have promised, we shall always be two peas in the pod. Nothings changing, unless for the better, and even during the big storms, remember that you will always have your 1st and that no storm is to big for our ship.



October os both my favorite and least favorite month of the year. Fall is the time of year that reminds me of how time passes. It is the time of anniversaries long held close to the heart. My brothers and mother died in Oct of differing years. It is also my birthday month as Paladin has noted. I also gained one of my most cherished possessions one Halloween. Oct, good and bad, emotional in all is glory. It is the waning of summer and the moving into fall.

The falling leaves, more then the first of Jan signal a changing of the year. For me, this is always the time to look back and reflect on where things stand from the year before. Another year, ticked by. Where are things now, from where they were last year. If I were not so firm in the love other's have for me, then I might be more shaken at this time of year, but I know it is steadfast and steady and they know I count on it. The reassurance of that is always much appreciated. No matter how the years may turn, some devotions run like a redwood taproot.. deep, solid and ever reliable. I am always grateful for the love my pets have for me, and what I have for them. Whatever other things may shift, that love remains strong.

Paladin posted recently that he would strive to do everything he could do to keep this relationship and I believe him for his actions reflect his words. Things can change as years go by. In the best situations, they deepen and strengthen as our relationship has. Sometimes there are storms on the seas, which is when I need to remember to ride the waves, and float above the tempest with my first mate's at hand to man the sails and rudder, and help us steer the right directions. And we always manage.

So, another fall is here, and the leaves are turning, soon the wind will be blowing, but hopefully the harvest will be in before the rains come.

Happy fall to all,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Birthday Month


Evening all

Its birthday month for my dear Mystress so i welcome all our guests to wish my dear sweet Mystress a very happy birthday.

It feels like i get a birthday present each birthday we celevrate because at each birthday, Mystress and i celebrate them together, and each birthday serves as wonderful memory milestones in our journey together. MMMMMM yum. Do enjoy your wonderful birthday month dear Mystress, will have to give many birthday pleasures :)


Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Knightess

Good Evening All.

I hope that everyone is doing well. This year is flying by and i cant believe it closing in on the spooky season already. The saving grace to fast times is that its all been in the service to my lovely lovely Mystress.

Lately i have been fortunate that my Knightess is around, yes my Mystress has been my knight of late. I have been having some car problems and on numerous occasions Mystress has come to my rescue. Thank you dear Mystress, it means bunches to me and i appreciate it so much.

Tomorrow they predict 102 here, that sucks...we were waiting for the cold weather and rain...bah.....oh well we shall wait till it happens and then lap it all up.


Sunday, September 19, 2010


Why is it one can't be two things in one? Why cant someone be a healer and a dom? IS being a healer indicitive of a weaker or gentler soul without the ability to be firm and strict as a dom? I can assure you this is not the case.

In the past i have screwed up a few times, and Mystress has no problem "correcting" my behavior with a crop , brush or hand. As Mystress said in her post, there are so many flavors int he world that we dont have to settle for just two styles. We are lucky enough to mix and match and find exactly what we enjoy what we want and to not have to settle for something we dont feel fully. This isnt the easiest, as our readers know i spent many many years looking for exactly what i want and now i am so lucky to have it.

I will always cherish it and keep it close and strive to do whatever i must to keep it. Those that have met Mystress in real life, or even in SL, are somewhat suprised she is a dom but, in a moment of realization, realize that you cant juge a book by its cover. Just after short chats with Mystress i know others are drawn to her and her style. I tease Mystress about her "Can i be your friend" emails she gets...not because they are funny, but because i find them cute. I find them so wonderful that others have been drawn to my Mystress and have wanted to be part of all she offers.

Thank you dear Mystress again from the deepest of my heart for being my dear sweet Mystress.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Of Being a Mystress and a Healer...

Greetings to all dear readers... sorry for my absence again. So many things seem to pop up in life, and I forget to update here, or I am not sure what to write about. But this subject has been on my mind for a while, and it seems a good time to delve into it, per the subject line.

As time has passed, and I have gotten around a bit in the D/s community both locally when there was a Domme group, and especially now a days in Second Life, I've come across a lot of different kinds of Owners and subs.

They run the gambit from those that like to give and take pain and/or humiliation, to those that need a softer, more emotional and personal sort of relationship, much like what Paladin and I have. And every combination between. In my case, I went looking specifically for a 'pleasure slave'.... and. boy howdy, does he do that well in spades! Everyone finds their erotica in different ways, and all are right for them. We have our own ways that have evolved what is right for us. We are both open minded, and willing to try some new things. So.. I was not looking to give pain to someone. I just wanted to be served as a Queen.. and Paladin again, is always is smart, sexy, courtly, playful, obedient and highly sensual. What a mix!

Now. in Second Life... the gambit is much wider.. I mean the creativity is both inspiring, and sometimes too creepy to handle. Every kind of device you can imagine.. plants and Krakens, all with some sort of sex on their minds.. well. do plants have minds??? I guess instinct in their cases. There are ways to cause pain and humiliation that have made me nauseous. Not my style..

Most every one knows that I am a Reiki Master, and in Second Life, I have a Reiki Center and Memorial Garden as well. I now also serve as Mother Protector of Chapter House at Atreides. This position means that I help train the Mistress's that come there, and that I am the protector of all the women there as well. I am deeply honored to hold this position. I have already met some wonderfully kind and helpful folks, and I find I enjoy my duties there very much.

So, as to the subject line for tonight.... I have had folks there ask me, how I could be a Mistress and a Healer at the same time? Well, again, it has to do with my own style, my own boundaries, and my oath to be of service and heal. I can demand exact behavior, and I can discipline as needed both in Rl and in SL, and not cross my lines as a Healer. I don't know why some folks seem to think that all Power Exchange or D/s situation have to involve things that degrade or hurt people.

I was called a "Disney Mistress' once by a sub,.(I might have mentioned this before) and I was actually rather happy with that. But I told him. I am really a "Mystress" not so much a Mistress.. as I like to maintain both mystery, and some mysticism. *smiles* Now I do believe that we all serve our purpose, slaves or Owner's exactly as we are.

In my case, Paladin is also a Reiki practitioner, and its fairly common for us to send Reiki to someone during our time together. He does all of his duties with only occasional snorts of displeasure. I will say he was most excellent when he learned he'd being taught to give pedicures on Labor Day and jumped into it with much aplomb! My ex Mistress came to visit us, and she taught him how to do it *smiles* it was great fun.. and tonight, I brought home the needed items for him to give me another one, as she had brought hers. So.. that's a another evolvement for us. We'll see how it goes.

Almost time for him to come home, as I am at his place on my laptop as I type this.
Best to all out there.. and welcome to any new readers, especially to Mikka and Kimka, two very sweet girls I've met recently in SL. And a hello from any at Atredies that appear here as well, as several of them have been given the blog address.

Safe paths,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time with my Mystress

Good evening all.

What a wonderful weekend, not because it was a weekend, but because it was a weekend with Mystress. MMM, from dinner with Mystress on Friday to the cuddle time and the late cuddle mornings on the lovely breakfast and day running chores and spending time more public socializing and cuddle time at home. The entire weekend was hours packed full of wonderful time with my dear sweet amazing Mystress.

In the beginning the weekends were very enjoyanle and intense and as the time has progressed, they have become even more important to Mystress and I. Why more important, not sure why exactly, but the time feels so much more intimate, like we are elevating to another level of closesness together. The time creeps by yet we dont cry over spilt milk. We make the most out of every minute and enjoy it to the fullest. MMMM so so enjoyable.

Each time we are together the time together spurs many thoughts and dreams...mmm what wonderful dreams and thoughts. My only hope, and i am sure its true, that Mystress enjoys the time as much as i do and in the future, there is even more time together.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Holiday Weekend Yay

Hello All.

A long weekend end woohoo. Its been ages, well since the 4th, but it feels much longer since a long weekend. Mystress and I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend.

A special thank you to Mystress for the Reiki she has been sending me. The weekend started well but today i woke with a splitting sinus headache. Thanks to Mystress its become bareable and a very big thank you to Mystress for that.

Tomorrow we get to spend the day together and in the evening we will be having company for dinner. I am sure we will enjoy the time and company and are looking forward to it.

Enjoy the labor day and as Mystress reminded me...enjoy the short work week next week.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Visitng All

Good evening all. September is almost upon us and the cold weather approaches. This weekend we were treated to 75 degree days and cold nights, mmm what a tease. I can't wait for 50 degree days and the rain...and of course the cuddle time that goes along with that :)

I spent some time with Mystress in SL and the others sure have a tremendous skill when it comes to SL and creating their worlds. I am very impressed and enjoy my time there very much. Dancing slowly with Mystress was a big treat indeed. I also had the opportunity to run into old friends. I send my well wishes and words to them on this blog often but its been sometime since i was in SL to see there. I hope you guys and girls are doing well too.

Now to go count the hours till tomorrow, and seeing my dear Mystress's smile and experiencing her dear company.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Pleasure

Evening all.

It was my pleasure as always dear Mystress to stop and say hi. I love bringing smiles to your face and if a suprise visit would do that then i am happy to oblige. Beside, it did allow me to get a wonderful goodnight kiss and hug which allowed me to have wonderful dreams :) Mmmmmm Mystress was so yummy in them.

It has been busy indeed and it looks to be busy for a couple more weeks and then some quiet times to follow. It will be great to have some non-busy times and it should be coinciding with the coming fall. MMmmmm love fall, but i am sure you all know that. Thank you Mystress for noting that i do keep to my course, no matter how busy they are. Its very important to me to keep a balance in all i do and when the busy times hit, one need try extra hard to keep the rest in balance and i am happy i have managed to accomplish it. Soon the busy times will pass and i can spend more time on the other aspects, namely yummy Mystress.

My best wishes to our friends who are going through rough times. May they pass soon and allow you to progress to the next chapter in your lives.


Catching Up and Dead Links

Greetings all,

This entry starts out with a thank you to Paladin for stopping by on Fri nite, on his way home from time visiting with his buddies. He musta sensed how much I would have liked for him to do that. I was shocked at the doorbell ringing so late, but sometimes it the neighbors or something.. and yet.there it was.. him. *sighs happily* I DO love surprise visits like that.. things off schedule. He looked and felt tired though, so I didn't let him stay long. It was a treat that he stopped by as late as it was, and as early as it was that he got up.

I was in the midst of trying a new recipe for microwave fudge sauce. He was aghast that it had a whole stick of butter in it, plus a cup of sugar. milk, vanilla. Though it was the butter that was the most shocking. Still, it came out very very good, and little goes a long way. Pet got to watch me doing candy testing on the mix as it boiled, until it got to the soft ball stage.
It was fun to have him around while I was doing it. But it was going to take a while to cool enough to use it, so I sent him on his way with more hugs and kisses.. Thank you again my dear Paladin.. your thoughtfulness tis much appreciated!!!

On other fronts.. things have been running smoothly. Paladin has has a couple of work things that have kept him busier then usual, but that never affects his going about his duties. It can't be said too much, how much I appreciate him. His, steady nature and always optimistic outlook on things. When the world swirls around so much, he never does. He has his lists and goals, and by gosh, he manages to just plow ahead, strong and steady and accomplish them one after another. So I am grateful to have one as him.

Which leads me to mention that he had another birthday since the last time I posted.... and I always enjoy celebrating it, even if he doesn't. I am glad he is in this world, and like to make it known. He did take his birthday spanking quite well. *grins* So, again, I do have a gladness for his presence! Owning Paladin is a lot like owning the very best toy on the block, and being aware enough to know it.. which I am.

And that appreciation gets deeper, when I know of those that didn't make it. Even after years. And that grieves me deeply. 'They' are gone now... and yet, I've not had the heart to take down their links from here. So if you click and they go no where.. that's....why. When I click and it just goes to a deleted page.. my heart drops. And it makes me want to clutch my Paladin closer... but.. I take a deep grounding breath. and know... I don't need to. He is honest, and loyal.. and. always insistent on no holds barred communications. Since he gave me the special ring on our first anniversary, I have no doubts to his allegiance and devotion. And in that..
I know I am very very lucky.

I'll continue to send all good thought to all, and hope that they may find the same happiness that we have.

Best wishes to all..

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Missing Mystress

Evening All...i hope that everything is going better with our guests. Even through the rough times, its important to remember that everything gets better, even if its painful when it happens. Mystress and i will send reiki to all and hope for a speedy recovery.

Last week was a busy crazy week with many late nights, infact i only saw my Mystress for 10 mins when i crawled into bed at 2am one night before heading back to work the next i definitely miss my Mystress. We have grown so accustomed to our evenings that when we miss them, which is very very seldom, it definitely is something thats not pleasant indeed. We just adore the time together no matter what form the time takes...mmm cant wait till tomorrow till i see my dear Mystress.

I return to SL with Mystress now. She summoned me to provide some Reiki and i feel happy to oblige when i can. Thank you to Mystress for proving such a wonderful service in SL. Its such a wonderful thing to experience.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sweetness Is

What is sweetness????? Sweetness is my dear Mystress in so many ways, even those that make her blush :) I dont know why, but i just had to share how sweet my service to Mystress is. We are now officially well into our 4th year and mmm the servie for this year is already as sweet as the years before and i assure you...the rest of the year and years to come will be just as sweet. :)

It was a wonderful cool weekend too which is wonderful. It signals that summer is nearing its end, the scorching hot days soon to be a thing of the past, and our lovely autumn season will be here soon.

Mystress and i love autumn and winter and look forward to it every year, probably more so every year. Why? Well as you all know we love the rain and spending a weekend in bed while the rains falls outside, the rain drops carrying their melody in through the open windows...mmm so sweet indeed. We have already asked the rain gods to make sure it rains more on weekends this year :)

So i spend the evening counting my sweet stars that i have my Mystress and wish everyone a wonderful evening.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yummy Anniversary

Good afternoon All.

STUPENDOUS.....let me start with that :) Mystress and i celebrated our 3 year anniversary last weekend and oh what a lovely lovely lovely weekend it was.

We spent the entire weekend together going from one function to the next, whether it was a friends birthday on Friday to anniversary dinner Saturday to a spur of the moment dinner on Sunday, we were out and about enjoying each others company. When we were not out we were home, again enjoying each others intimate company.

It would be very diffcult to express how lucky we each feel in our relationship and count our lucky stars each day that we are together. Thankful that after 3 years we are still going so strong and look forward to many more years together experiencing all the wonderful journeys we face together. I emphasize together for whatever the journey that comes our way, we will always experience them is our promise to one another.

I go now to wait for my Mystress who is going to treat me to another day with her today sometime. She has some errands and socializing o do then Mystress will be here...wee looking forward to it all.

In anticipation.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Celebration Approaching

Evening All.

I hope, and Mystress too, that all our lovely friends are doing well in the world. Time is flying and as the saying goes, time flys when your having fun :)

Next weekend Mystress and i spend a lovely weekend together celebrating our anniversary....mmm i cant wait. No fixed plans yet but i am sure we will come up with some great ideas :) The important thing is we will be together and enjoying our special time together :)

One thing i can be somewhat sure of, there wont be any stomping :) We spoke about it, and although we believe in each to their own, we dont get it and it doesnt look like its in the cards :)


Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hello Friends and Readers,

What pray tell you ask is that subject line, and the pics about?

Well.. Those are some I took in Second Life today. Met a sub in a place.. chatted a while, and when I asked him what were some of the things he liked in SL, he said foot fetish (Okay, thats REALLY common and plenty of furniture and such to do that) and then he said 'stomping'. Stomping? Like, being stomped on??? 'Yes Ma'am' he says. Really? I mean.. Really???

Well.. okay.. I've not heard of this. well.. there is the place where they shrink the subs into tiny people and then walk on them. Hmmm now that I think about it.. this guy might like that place.

Anyways.. so I have him teleport me to some place to show me what he's talking about and so.. there I am. standing on him.. actually, the animation is having me sort jump up and down on his chest. I ask him "do you find this arousing?" he say "oh yes, I do!" well.. okay then.. My Knight looks over at my screen and chuckles... "perhaps he just wants to look up your skirt'.. yeah. maybe so. I don't get it... what so arousing about this? Well. I dunno..*grins* I think he just likes having someone stomp on him. it was so novel, I figured I 'd just had to take a pic of it and put it here to share to give folks a view of some of the odd D/s things that can happen in SL.

Since he likes the kissing foot bit.. okay.. I do a pose of that for him.. he likes that alot.. Hmmm.. Paladin has never mentioned a foot fetish.... don't think that's one of his things.

And then there was this pose. where I get to use him for a chair. Okay.. I can do that... and it looks kinda cute too. Oh.. and a toast to the ever lovely Lady Muse, who gave me the wonderful champagne goblet yesterday. Seemed an appropriate thing to sip out of while sitting on this slaves back.

I landmarked the place so I can go back. and maybe take Paladin to it. I understand him much better... and perhaps he can give me some insight into it. *grins* He's never said he wanted to stomp on him. but then like me.. he's never heard of it before. And I know he'll like looking up my skirt. *winks*

They also had many other pose balls to click on for different things, but I didn't know this guy, so I kept it pretty mild. The sitting on him like a chair was quite different and actually enjoyable though.

Soooo.. that was part of my adventure in Second Life today. Just when I think I have seen it all there, well, something else comes along and I learn something new. And I do like to do that!

As for our approaching anniversary.. time does seem to fly. And I do feel so lucky each time his mantra pops up at noon on my cell phone.. or he comes in from work.. with his laptop slung over one shoulder, all executive looking in his dress shirt and tie.. puts the laptop down, comes over and kiss's me hello, then pads down the hallway to his room.. and the re-emerges naked with his collar and restraints... .. kneels then offers me his collar and says his mantra....mmmmm...such a charming transformation. Yummmmy!

I'm not sure what all our anniversary weekend will consist of yet.. but being together, is always wonderful. And, his air conditioning has finally been fixed, so now, it won't be 89 degrees in his bedroom at night. Yahhhhyy!

Well, on that note.. best to all out there,

Almost time for anniversary

Good evening to all.

Time passes and so does the time in lovely service to my dear Mystress. Ou anniversary fast approaches and we are looking forward to a lovely time together as usual. Wow time flys and one suprises oneself when you look back and see years of service. It makes one proud to know that finding the right Mystress makes all the time in service so pleasureable and cherished.

A special gratz to all those that have shared a similar time of service and we wish the best wishes to all to continue in such service. For those looking for such service I emplore you to keep searching. As we have posted in the past, its a difficult search and tough rode but the rewards are so so worth it.

Much love to all.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun and Gratitude with pet..

Hello all...

It was indeed.. a wonderful weekend at my place this time, as my Knight and his sub were off on a mini trip of their own, so it was up to Paladin and I to be here and keep an eye on the critters and garden. Too hot to leave it unwatered for long.

Their trip was supposed to have been on motorcycles....but when they stopped by here on their way out of town late Fri afternoon, the wires on one of the bikes spontaneously melted... and the bike was dead. (Thank goodness it was here and not on the backside of the moon!)

So.. Plan B... they take my car since Paladin and his car are here for the weekend! Lord knows what the neighbors think of our odd little family. In this case... The four of us buzzing around the driveway as this happens... the obviousness of other plans.. ending with Paladin and I waving good by as my Knight and his sub took off for their trip and the bikes they rode up on are parked by the side of the house, and Paladin's car where myne normally is. *grins* At least whatever they think, they know the four of us are all in it together!

And pet is right.. we slept in very late on Sat morning. We were both quite exhausted from a pretty rough week. I had made sure the room would stay dark and cool before we collapsed.. and when we woke up.. I thought the analog clock it was a bit after 10.. but it was actually after 11. We're normally up around 9-10 ish.. But. it was nice to know we had slept in such a goodly amount. I think brunch was around 1:30.

It was a very nice slow and relaxing day.. we watched a few things I had recorded, as well as the movie 2010, one of my faves that I hadn't seen in a long time.

Then we had a nice sushi buffet dinner.. They had this super pepper encrusted seared ahi. Really tasty, although I think it was a bit spicy for pet. We decided we liked the other Japanese place better though. We both seem to have a liking for Bento Boxes... I like the teriyaki salmon especially... yummmmy!

And bless dear pet... he mowed my yard yesterday too.. even used the weed eater to get all the edges done well... now it looks soooo wonderful! So I am very, very grateful to my wonderful Paladin for keeping my yard in good shape! Its like looking at his love every time I see it now.

Funny.. how we Owner's sometimes make plans...and then change 'em. I had thoughts of tying him up and such on Fri nite.. but we were so tired we kissed and fell asleep.. and then Sat nite... well. you know.. sometimes....things change.....

We watched some 'educational' soft porn (No, really. it was a vid my Knight had on kissing and heavy petting). So it really was done as education....of course. then there was a test to see how well Paladin learned.. and he did a most excellent job! He is a quick study that one. No wonder his grades were always so good.

After the test... .well..
We have a role-play where he becomes the vampire seducing the sleeping lady.. *smiles* It's a role he's gotten very good at. Of course...he's good at pretty much everything he does. Its a fun. and erotic role-play to fall into. We ended the night on that note.. a bit earlier then I'd have liked, but he had a siblings birthday to attend this morning... so we were up early. He wanted me to stay in bed and sleep... but I didn't want to be in it after he had left... it felt better to be up. I love hugging him.. the way my shoulder fits under his.. and how he looks when he smiles down at me...and I remember... that I can do or Command anything.. and he will obey.. Even if there is a slight squeak to it sometimes... well.. perhaps more of a snort then a squeak. I'd swear he makes the same noise my horse did when he didn't want to do something... it always makes me chuckle.. and then.. do whatever I did or said to make him snort again.

It was all in all, another wonderful and charming weekend with Paladin. No matter what other storms may blow and sway other aspects of life, he is always solid and reliable as a rock. Like him.. I wish all good things to all.. and may we each find our best balance.
Well...thats about it for now..

wishing everyone out there all the best..

Lovely Times

Good evening All.

Mmmm what a wonderful weekend...spending time with my sweet Mystress is so so lovely indeed. We had a lovely relaxing weekend, even sleeping till after 11 on Saturday...i guess Mystress and i were both beat from a very long and busy week. We already have more plans for next weekend so, thats great.

I hope that all our friends and guests are well too. Things are going so well for us we hope they are going well for all we know too.

I shall make this short as its probably close to 95 in this room with the computers on :) Have a wonderful week all and have fun.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Excitement Builds

Even all....summer ticks on and time passes yet it all leads us on a wonderful journey. Mystress and I's anniversary is less than a month away and the excitment builds every day. Each day we are both so happy to have one another, her as the Mystress and i as the slave. We are working on the details for a lovely time together and as all the time together, it shal be a wonderful wonderful time indeed.

As with all our friends and family memebers, we hope all is well with you all too. We hope the time of the visits and the time together as well as the friendships we all share are the most enjoyable as one can make it.

A special Happy fatehrs day to all our guests that happen to be that way inclined. Hopefully your day as been great and enjoyable.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wonderful Times

Afternoon all....we hope you have all been playing nicely and experimenting boldly :) Other than the lovely times with Mystress, things have been pretty much normal and nothing out of ordinary to report so far.

Mystress had a wonderful suprise when an old friend offered her a lovely trip to Reno...which i was very happy to hear she accepted. Mystress has been super busy as of late and definitely could use the break. Thank you to the friend for the lovely gesture and may the two of you have a grand time in Reno.

Much love to Mystress and our little family....hoping everyone is doing well.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last Weekend's Rugby Playoffs....Or Inadvertent Fun With Pet..and More About Fresh Ginger

Hello Friends,

So, I'd seen that there was going to be a college rugby game last Sat. Knew pet was going to be watching the game too. So, just to make it more interesting, I told him that I wanted him to stroke himself every time one of the teams scored. Easy enough, right? Not that fast scoring of a game. Welllll.. unless its turns out its not one two hour game.. but a playoff of 4 games in two hours. *grin* Really... I had NO idea until the game started... and then.. it became obvious that pet due to My instructions, would be much busier then I would have thought. Lolol... so. it turns out he pretty much got to stroke himself for about the full two hours.

After the games were over, I asked him how he was... and his answer was 'hard'.. Grin. okay.. send me a pic.. and good boy that he is, he did. Mmmmm.. was very nice! The next morning he texted me that the second half of the playoffs was coming on.... I thought for a moment, and then told him he didn't have to do as the day before. I imagine that he was relieved. *more grins* So. that was how what I thought was gong to be a simple thing.. and was.. turned out to be a lot more of it then I had thought.

Pet mentions the adventures with ginger, and it really IS quite fascinating. Very hard to describe.. other then feels like it gets very warm...but not overly so.... I read a blog of a girl who said "Oh my gosh, if you havn't tried it yet, you just HAVE to!". I found info about it under 'figging'... someone had posted about it someplace, and it got my curiosity up to investigate into it. Of course, I wanted to see what effects it would have on pet, but didn't find much info about it being used on cocks, mostly the traditional 'figging' (essentially making a butt plug out of peeled ginger root, lots of cautions about being sure to be able to get it out) all the way to some porn chick who had it break off in her butt and it just vanished. The company doc said she'd be fine and she was.

The first time I mentioned 'figging' to Paladin a few weeks back, he winced, and I asked him if he knew what it was, and by his response, it was evident he did. *smiles* I left it at that till a couple weeks later.

I got some and conducted my own personal experimentation to great success and enjoyment.. and wicked anticipation of what he thought he was going to have happen, and what was actually going to happen. I didn't plan on using it 'traditionally', but wanted to see how he felt when it was applied to his cock. Not sure which he would have thought was worse. *winks*

I did mention it to my Knight, and he tried it on his sub, and she liked it quite a bit also.

I was exceptionally careful when I first tried it out on Paladin. I sliced a 1/4 " thick piece off, and then rinsed it with water. I had read that that can take a good part of the sting out of it, and I had no idea how sensitive pet's cock was going to be to it. So first, I just swiped it quickly and then timed to see if any reaction. Nothing.. Then did it a bit longer.. still nothing.. then I scratched the surface of it to see if that would bring some of the ginger juice.. but he said that there was still almost nothing.

So, I went and cut a fresh slice, held that on the underside of his cock for abut 8 seconds and then we got a response...I then rubbed it back along the head of his cock briefly. He had relaxed considerably during the time when nothing was happening, and so when the warmth started to come, it got his attention, I could feel him tensing as he waited to see what it would do, and how it would feel. It never got painful he says.. and much if it I think comes from the fear of how bad can it be.. and 'oh my gosh, she's going to rub burning stuff on my cock!'

I was using a timer to gage how long it would take, as I had noted during my own.. experimentation with it, that it had a bit of a delay before it began warming up. Took about 20-3o seconds.. and lasts about 8-10 mins... I 'd be careful and start out slow then then find out how your subs (or yourself) is feeling are about it. And I wouldn't be afraid as an Owner in trying it.. I did and find I liked it quite a bit. *smiles* And yes, we'll be doing more.. experimenting with .. ginger! Next time, I won't be quite so shy of it. and will see if I can feel it myself. When I sucked on his cock later, I could taste the ginger, and he said that made it feel hotter again.. mmmmm duly noted... fascinating.

As Paladin said, would love to hear about anyone else's experiences with it. Or let this be an inspiration for you to run out and get some. *chuckles* read a cute blog about it, where the girl spoke of watching to see who is getting ginger at the stores. and what sizes they get.. how closely do they look at it. Could be in interesting way to meet someone.. 'oh we met hanging out by the fresh ginger hands'..
*grins more* Indeed... see you at the store!

Best to all,

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Evening All

We hope the summer heat hasn't been too unpleasant for all....Summer started late but its ramping up the heat quickly :) Regardless, one should always enjoy it, it sure beats whining.

So this past Monday Mystress in her mischevious Mystress way was enjoying a pribate secret all night. She wouldnt share nor would she give any hints. So that evening iin bed, i simply had to lie back legs spread in my blind fold and waiti for Mystress to share her expermient with me...and lets just say it was a first for me.

Mystress had read some tricks with ginger, yes the ginger root. This little experminet involves running freshly cut ginger slices on ones most intimate parts. At first there was nothing and for sometime there was nothing. Mystress manipulated the ginger like she had read, washing it in water or scratching the surfave of the slice. Then it hit, a slow low heat that gradually builds up and up. It kept building and building to a 6 out of 10 on a scale of heat. It was an interesting experiment indeed. Mystress lesson in it was to transmute the "pain" into pleasure, a lesson i shall try and keep in mind.

Maybe our guests would like to experiment with Ginger themselves :) or can suggest further experiments. it would be interesting indeed to hear what the others have learnt through their own experimenting.

Much happiness


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Holidays

Evening all and happy holidays to all.

We hope all hare having a wonderful super fun holiday weekend. As Mystress said today was a day in the sun and boy was it hot....i was very happy to have a cold shower at the end of the day :)

Tomorrow being a holiday and our time together, Mystress and i spend some wonderful extended time together...mmmm such a wonderful treat. Mystress seems to have some plans in mind. This time Mystress has not given away anythingso i have no idea what to expect but i bet it will be a lovely time indeed.

Have a wonderful weekend all and we hope tomorrow brings more fun for all.

A special thank you to Mystress for her serviec too...hugs and kisses.


Off to dreams dreams of Mystress.

Summer Begins..

Time passes, and owning Paladin, makes all things right that go wrong.

Last weekend was his chance to recharge, and he got three days to do it. Always a good thing! This weekend, the kick off to sumer he got to go out on the water with his family. Luckily he didn't get too red. Was a good idea to go out today instead of tomorrow, which I expect wil be pretty busy out there.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, and I thank and remember all the Veterans out there, past and present who served our county. Will go out to the cemetery in the morning to pay our respects to my Knights parents who were also Veterans. Then later will head over to Paladin and watch Avatar with him.

Have some experimenting to do that he got out of last wed because I was just sooo exhausted from work, and when I do what I'm going to go, well.. I want both of us awake and alert. *Grins* I mentioned something to him last week..... only part of what he thinks it is. And I never do something to my pet I've not already tried. He seems oddly un-curious about this, I think because of his trepidation.. but . I'd never hurt nor damage him, and he knows that. But.. there are still other things... on the cusp that can be downright exciting. So. We'll see.
*Wicked grin*

With that. best to all out there,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

No Doubt

Good evening all

I apologize for not posting last weekend because.....mmmmm a wonderful treat. My lovely dear sweet Mystress unexpectably spent the weekend so we were spending lovely time together. Mystress was out with her lady friend and instead of going home stopped here to spend the weekend. As with any weekend with Mystress, the time is always the best and so wonderful. This weekend past was especially nice because we got to expereince another survivor finale, yes we are somewhat reality tv fiends but only for the good shows :)

In response to Mystress's very long post, i have two words, "No Doubt" Mystress must definitely have no doubts in her mistresshood for she is a lovely Mystress. She is the pefect mistress for me and her style of dominance is so wonderful. There is such a following for Mystress's style because it is so different. Its so refreshing that one is able to create their own style and yet have others flock to it to experience it. I know when i was looking for a mistress, i was not looking for the usual style one hears so much about, but rather a unique and interesting style. Boy did i find it :) Yummy. 3 years into i am as happy as the start and ny Mystress is too. So again dear Mystress, don't doubt yourself for those that truly allow themselves to experience your lovely presence, will love it and want more and more.....mmmm i do like those words muttered by Mystress.

Have a wonderful time all and best wishes to all.


Monday, May 10, 2010

The Three Month Rule- a perhaps unfair rant


This is something of an emotional rant, and may be a bit unfair, but it is how I feel.
I think I also repeat myself some. *rueful smile*

A dear Domme friend once told me that one needs to wait at least three months to see if a sub is truly submissive and if they can maintain obedience for that long. If you pass that mark, you have a good chance of it working. She never liked to put much emotional investment in a sub before that time because of the' flake' factor. Alas. I had high hopes for thina, and found myself caring too much. And, made the mistake of introducing her here too soon because of what seemed like her enthusiasm for being Myne, and I thought devotion to me.

I have not written till now about releasing thina, although she has written about it on her blog. I have been too angry, hurt and feeling betrayed. Even this entry at this later date is harsh, and I know it. I had not read her blog until today, and I have to admit, it has refueled all the pain and anguish.

*sigh* I am a flexible Mystres.. and I am generally kind. I do not like to be pushed though, and I want to be the One they want to be with. I made some bad mistakes with thina in trying to be too flexible. I did treat her too much like an equal because of some her past issues and I let her 'top from the bottom' instead of disciplining her more stringently. I did not do many of the things with her I would have any other slave because of some of the issues she had with being who she was. Perhaps that was my mistake too, not forcing her to do some of the darker untoward things one can do in a virtual world one cannot do here. Nor would want to. I do know that I restrained myself as her Owner out of concern for her. She had strong opinions about how Owner's treated their subs, and I made the mistake using that for a guideline, instead of being Myself.

She had been dutifully writing me her required daily reports, to which she agreed before her collaring (if I remember correctly) and in them, a repeated theme developed that she did not have time to do the things she wanted to do, hinting that it was I who kept her from those things, and when I did give her time to do those things, she said I was neglecting her. I could not win for losing with her. She also was upset that my replies to her reports were not as long as her reports and felt that I was not giving her enough time in that regards. That I wrote the letters just to make her happy.. which to a large degree I did. *frowns* A Owner is not required to reply to reports. I did try to write to her as early in the day as I could. I do have a very busy life, and yet I would go out of my way to try and write her back because I know how much she looked forward to it and wanted me to. But to be told they were not 'long enough'.. is quite inappropriate for a slave by my way of thinking. In fact, that pissed me off.

I believe the final straw for her that made her rebel was when I gave her a curfew one nite after she had been up so late the night before that she did not wake up till late the next afternoon. What she didn't mention in her blog about it incident, was that she was very upset, even angry at me for it and said that she had not been able to do the things in world that she wanted to, the only time that she got anything done was when I wasn't around.. and since she couldn't sleep when she logged off early because of my curfew to her, that My Command had essentially been a waste of time, because she had only tossed and turned. A waste of time. My Command.. A waste of time. I have to admit, those words made me see red. Past that, they infuriated me. I wonder how other Owner's would feel to be told this by their slave?

We had made an agreement that she would be my companion in SL, and she said my curfew was stepping over that boundary and to be fair, it was out of world But she had not said anything about that before when I had rarely given her one. And yes, it was for her benefit. And yes, I was cold and angry. She had a bad habit of doing things, then telling me afterwards. In retrospect.. I think it was pretty clear passive aggressiveness. She would do things first, so that there WAS no fixing them or trying to compromise or alleviate whatever was going to happen. *sigh*

In retrospect, I believe I also made the mistake of accepting a home with her too soon under the wrong circumstances. She had gotten the land as a surprise, as I wrote about a few post's back. I had never ever set up a home with anyone, including Sir Robert before. Thinking that she would be long term and that I could trust her to be true and loyal I agreed to settle in with her. But twas not even two months later when she informed me via email that she was building a new home with someone she wanted to be her slave.
That was my final straw. As I told her then, I felt horribly sucker punched. It was a severe blow to Me.. and it's taken a while to adjust to it. I'd been too hurt to write about it here, hence my prolonged absence in blogging here. I am sure my bitterness still comes through. She wanted to be a Mentor, and train the girls.. and I went along with that. Then, when her two girls Bri and Christina were not around, she was feeling lonely not having a sub around after I went to bed. Then there came jessie.. and when thina sent me some pics of the two of them together.... I could feel that was the beginning of the end. And so it proved to be.

I do believe that thina started out with honorable intentions.. and that she generally meant well. But her own issues lead her to act out impulsively and that lack of self discipline, or respect for Me as her Owner also led her to destroy us. So... the house sits empty in my inventory. I took it out the other day to see if I could ever use it again as a home.. and found I cannot. As I stood in it, all the fond memories and joy in decorating it flooded over me like a crashing wave. The nites of her being bound, or dancing for me.. and at the end of the eve, cuddling.... all gone. But.. I guess many relationships start and end that way.

So, why write it here and now? Well.. because. this is a part of the D/s world. How we can have such high hopes, and then, have the dashed. My D/s relationships in Second Life are often as real as my rl ones. People can be many different things in that world however. And who is behind the screen and keyboard, we never really know. Some are honest, and some are not. I will say that thina was alway honest with me, and I knew who she was online and in rl. So, all of this that has happened between us is relevant to this blog.

I have been rattled in the past when this has happened, and thank goodness for Paladin who assures me that I am a good Owner. At least I am to him.. and perhaps that tis also part of the difficulty. Paladin is about as perfect as any slave could be. And I have become used to being unconditionally obeyed. And he never ever whines at me. Although he does make this sort of snort when I give him an especially silly Command. Even when I do demand time from him, or give him assignments he's not very happy with, like having to watch an episode of Glee with me, which was sheer torture to him he does it with impeccable grace and never makes me feel bad. After the Glee episode I asked him how he liked it. His gentle reply was 'its just not my cup of tea Mystress'. But in the three years I have owned him, he has never once complained, or thrown something back at me, nor hurt me. He is the sort who will not say anything rather then say something unkind.

He is a man who is a strong man, and while he is not submissive to anyone but me, at least he is to me. He feels it genuinely and never ever makes me feel bad for the Commands that I give him. I had been proud and happy to have thina as a submissive, but it did become obvious by the backhanded way she had of saying things, and laying blame on me as an Owner for 'interfering' in her life that she was not happy as my pet even though perhaps she wanted to be. Well, why be a sub then??? I guess that's why she left, and did it in such a way as to destroy what might have been able to end amicably. Which is sad, I would have felt much much better if she had been honest with me when she started feeling too restrained and I would have had much more respect and compassion. I want to be friends with her....

*Sighs sadly* Thina was never really very submissive. She was a Dom who because of a great tragedy, became a sub. She wanted to think she was. She was trying to be someone she wasn't. She might have meant well, but instead, it ended up being very heartbreakingly painful to me. I think is easier for a sub to become and Owner rather then the other way around. A sub never blames their Owner for Commands given, and time asked for. A true sub, lives FOR their Owner, and given the chance, would rather be with them then anywhere else. as I said, she did lots of 'topping from the bottom'. I hope she'll be a better Owner then slave. It hurts some to see how happy she is now with her new slave I will admit. She had said she would write me, but she doesn't. She never says hello without my saying it first anymore, and that too hurts. So many things have gone upside down.

I have not felt like looking for a replacement slave, yet I have been asked to be an Owner again in SL. So I have him on 30 day probation. I'll keep to the three month rule in much closer mind this time too . I have some new rules though after several long talks with Paladin about it. And dear Sir Robert has also been kind and supportive during this time. He growls some about my being betrayed as I was.. and I have to admit, that's how it felt. Thina has a way of doing things first, and telling me later, I think it was her way of sabotaging us once she realized how unhappy she had become, instead of having the courage to talk with me about it. As I told her, if she had spoken to me and said what she wanted to do before she just jumped and did it, then I would have felt much better.

I never kept thina from her friends, and same with Paladin. For myself as an Owner, I realize my sub is stronger and better when they DO have a circle of friends and support and some autonomy within that. This has worked very well for Paladin and I. I KNOW how important his friends are to him. And while I might want him to want to be with me more then he is, the fact is, he is a better slave for his friendships and time away. When I need him, he is there. And he is willing to sacrifice some special time with others if he feels that I need time. Example.. originally I was going to be with him this past weekend... but I realized that sunday was Mother's Day. and that he needed to be with her. He was going to see her the weekend before so as to not neglect his time with me. But, I would not hear of it. This being the 2nd Mother's Day with out my own mom, there was no way he was not going to spend that special day with her. He generally doesn't like my weekend with him to be one where he has to be on call for billing problems. But, I chose to have two weekends ago knowing that he would have to work on Fri, and we needed to adjust things some, but it all worked out well in the end, and he did spend time with his parents and siblings as a group for Mother's Day and that's what counts.

So... that's the latest... certainly not one of the happier post's I've ever written. I have left thina's blog on here because some folks have been reading it.. and.. she is in a D/s situation. And.. I really DO wish thina and her new pet all the best. I hope we can all learn from this experience.

*wry smile* The opinions expressed here are strictly Myne... and I've not changed my name to
protect myself.

Now that its all out.. we'll try to move on.

So.. best to all.. especially to thina.. and her new sub..