Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tipping Our Hat to Boot Week


My first pair of boots ever...

We are having our own tribute to boots here tonight at TM&TP in honor of Molly and Mick (and staff) over at the Under Contract to My Wife blog. Thanks for the inspiration guys!!

Paladin was looking forward to seeing some boots that I like, and since he's been sick (poor pet, I did miss kissing and snuggling this past week huh pet?) I thought I'd indulge him.

Above, are my first boots. yes.. I grew up as an equestrian, rode both english and western.
Below, is my second pair of boots, steel toed.. issued courtesy of the US Navy... while not too stylish, they were great to have on during Hurricane Fredrick when I was based in FL.

I really DO love boots. Most of myne tend to be for snow and wet weather, so to think about some strictly decorative boots was a grand idea of change. This has certainly inspired me to find some more fun styles.

I checked out a web site that Molly left in her comment.. whew.. lovely and pricy. With so many wonderful choices, how to decided which to choose??? In Paladin's post tonight he shows his choice of boot, a nice, protective utilitarian boot. So, my first pick (below) is sorta like his, but, well. a bit more girly like. I liked that this pair is an old fashioned lace up boot, and also has two strategically placed ladies sized bandoleers. Seems like a kick ass sorta boot.

Then there are these..pretty with a long tall line and I like the option of being able to fold the top down.

And then there are these pirate style..

And this blingy sort of boot....

and then...

I came across this pic as I was looking at boots and thought they look odd.. and uncomfortable
but I'm sure they must be some subs wet dream.

and then, there was this pic that really makes me want these boots!

And so, with movie soundtrack grander, violins and horn sections building into a great crescendo, with a grand shower of fireworks, suitable for a Navy veteran and her subby-cohorts, we end our special tribute to boots with this final boot tribute to the Red, White and Blue...

So passes another pretty dang good week. Both subs have been wonderful and charming and full of desire to be pleasing. Both cyber kajira.. and rl Paladin. I certainly count my lucky stars to be blessed to have such charming and talented pets.

On that note,
Best to all, from our family to yours,

Kicking butt and protecting Mystress.

Good afternoon to all our lovely friends and guests. Why is it time moves so fast :) Can you all believe its almost March already, wow is all i got to say.

A special welcome to our new readers. You guys have given my dear Mystress so much more material to read, analyze and to some degree , put in play :) My Mystress is an avid learner and takes every opportunity to read and learn from others. Whenever Mystress does this, she always put her personal style on it and makes it truly her own but still, kudos are deserved where they belong too so thank you to all our new guests, and for all the information you have shared with us.

One of the series of posts my Mystress did enjoy very much were the boot week posts. Mystress shared the posts with me each night and asked my opionions and thoughts on all the lovely postings. I must say there were bunches of them posted, each with their unique personality. Perhaps they reflected the wearers mood, or tduty, or perhaps they were really random. Whatever the reason, each boot and reason for owning them reflected on the owner. Mystress asked me which boot i liked, and i answered, something strong and rugged. Why i answered this way is most likely from my duty to Mystress. I am the protector and paladin for Mystress, something i vow everyday in my mantra to Mystress. Its a duty i take very seriously and enjoy each and every moment of it. So because of this duty to my Mystress, at times i feel the need to be very strong and rugged for my Mystress, and hence my selection of boot style below.

Perhaps my dear Mystress will regail us with her choice of boot and what it means to her :) I would be very interested in hearing that and i bet her choice of boots, as his her choice of anything, will be truly wonderful.

In loving protection and service of Mystress.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Catching Up

Good day Dear friends and guests.

Well its been sometime since i posted last, not because i lost interest or forgot, but rather because for the last two weekends, Mystress has shared her lovely presence with me and for that i am very very happy.

The first weekend was our Superbowl weekend. We have done this the last couples year and i think every year we have been together. Its a lovely day of giggles, snacks, cuddles and wonderful time together. The new tradition Mystress has implemented definitely makes pets want a low scoring game :) I'd suggest watching soccer for the 0-0 games but i think that would just get a spanking regardless. :)

The much more important time together was our Ventines Weekend. We were together full time from Friday to Tuesday and it was lovely lovely lovely. We did some work together around the house, and caught up on our shows as well as many trips out to dinner and stores to plan our projects. It was, in one word, SUPERDUPERAMAZINGANDSOSOWONDERFUL. Well i had to combine SUPER DUPER AMAZING AND SO WONDERFUL in one word becuase any other single word wouldnt sum it up. Another great thing about our times together is we always try and learn something new, like whats the best way to cook lobsters. Mystress always hunt down wonderful recipies then we work on them together...and together is the best part of it. Then when we get it all done, we sit back and enjoy our discoveries. Its great to experience these activities with me dear sweet Mystress.

We already have out next activity planned. We are going to go to a convention in town to plan our summer projects. I am looking forward to that as we have similar tastes and can come up with some wonderful combinations of items. We will give all our friends an update when the time comes.

Have a wonderful day friends and family members. A big Kudos to Brother for such a wonderful Valentines day suprise for Mystress. We are so priviledged to be in the service of Mystress.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Day Appreciation

Greetings Dear R/readers,

First, a warm thanks to kajira robert for the wonderful Valentines decorations that he left for me at one of my places in Second Life. Took another friend asking if I'd been to the castle yet, and when I teleported to the library, after a few moments, that same friend sent another inworld im asking if I'd been downstairs yet.. which I hadn't... so down I went. And there was this amazing display!
It Was Stunning!

I had a wonderful Valentines weekend at Paladins, complete with lobster dinner. We did it on Sunday though as we'd never cooked lobster tail before and wanted plenty of time to get it right. That and giant artichokes. Yummy. And Tuxedo cake for desert. We happen to luck out in that our Safeway stores had the tails on sale for $6 each. So we splurged and got 6 of them. They were a decent size, and it was the first time I think either of us actually got enough. We reckon we got out of it for about the price of one fancy lobster dinner out and we enjoyed looking up the recipe for it as well. I got us a steamer basket for while we were out shoppign at a wonderful Korean market we found. So he learned how to pressure cook the artichokes and the next day, steam corn instead of boiling it. *shivers slightly* Yeah, I know..what can I say, I prefer my corn crisp.

Paladin gave me a lovely gift, that came with the dearest card.. it said:
To my dear Mystress,
may our two hearts always be one,

So very lovely and so touching and surprising.. I think the Brits call it gobsmacked.

So I want to give a extra special thank my two dear subs for their love and devotion.. and how they both make me smile and laugh. and are there for me when I need them.

Best to all from our family to yours...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Audience Participation Super Bowl...Final Score, 31-25 = 56 Swats!

Greetings dear R/readers,

I like football a lot. I like the finals best, and of that, the Super Bowl tops here in the US. I was born in Los Angeles, and my parents were both huge Ram fans. Mom used to say I had football in my blood becuase they had season tickets and I was going to Ram games in the womb. I always enjoyed going to the games with my family. It was a lot of fun. In later years as a teen, I would sometimes beg off to do other things. And I could listen on the radio to know when they were on their way home so I had time to clean up whatever mischef I had been up to.

All this leads to today... I am still a Rams fan, even with them in St. Louis. But locally.. I guess it's the 49'er's.. as the Raiders still seem like thugs to me. Still, like most of us, I like to watch some games even if my 'team' is not playing and root for the underdog. I guess I was sorta rooting for Greenbay this tme, and pet for Pittsburg.

Paladin had not read the blog on Sunday morning... so he did not see what I had posted the night before. I did drop some hints... and seems to me a more curious pet would have dashed off to see what had been written before kickoff. But noooo.. .he had faith in me that whatever it was, wouldn't be too horrid cuz I'm not a horrid sort of Owner... mostly. *grins*

When I asked him what he thought might be happening with each score he said "licks Mystress?" Noooo pet..... I hadn't been sure how I was going to handle the swats.. but I had found it interesting during a previous Rugby match we watched to give him swats for each point scored. Well, with this being the Super Bowl and all.. gosh.. seems at least that would be appropriate, and as much as pet likes our rituals and traditions, a new one would fit in just peachy! So.. a swat per point it was and as long as its just us watching, I think we'll keep it up. It makes it all so much more fun. And it was a good scoring game, starting off with two scores in the first quarter no less! I couldn't help but clap my hads each time either side scored, cuz that meant I did too! It certainly made the game a lot funner for I do love audience participation!

He didn't seem to take it very seriously at first.. but after the first score, he had to stand up, pull his sweats down and his shirt up. Mmmmmm.. such a lovly bum to spank as well. How yummy! "How many pet?" "Seven Mystress" "oh yes, that's right. they did make the field goal didn't they?!" "Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, (thats for the touchdown) smack smack" for the field goal.. and then.. rub rub rub the cute butt. "Okay. you can sit down now" "Thank you Mystress".

I didn't administer very hard ones.. till the 3rd quarter.. got a couple that got a bit of a squeal out of him. *chuckles* And darn, if I'd know the last point would be that, I mighta been just a tad sharper, cuz part of the point was so that his sore bum would take him mind off the torture to come. Mainly having to watch an episode of Glee with me that he normally escapes cuz its on Tue nites.

But.. he took it all in stride and good humor. And he gets kudos for making his first leg of lamb (covered in garlic and fresh rosemary from the yard) and having it come out super scrumtious.
And he learned about making browned butter for the fingerling potatoes.

Even the Glee episode wasn't too terrible. They did a mash that included football zombies singing Thriller mixed with Heads Will Roll .. and pet LOOOVES zombies for some odd reason.

So, all in all, it was a wonderful Superbowl Sunday.. and a new tradition was born. Which I think will just have to carry over to other scoring sports events! Such fun. Hmmm.. wonder how I handle the Kentucky Derby though? Any suggestions out there?

Wishing all the best to those out there in cyberland and beyond,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

He Makes Me Laugh!

Hello readers,

Just a short post for the moment.. but I was curious as to if other pets make their Owner's laugh.. or visa versa?

What brought my curiosity about was that the other night, I forget what it was that I told him not to do that he did, tickling me or something. And I said, 'okay, what punishment should you get for that?" and without missing a beat he looks up at me, grins and says "Kisses Mystress".... and looks at me with such a puppy dog face that I dissolved into laughter, some back and forth banter followed that made me laugh even harder.. and by the time I finally stopped, I couldn't get the gumption up to discipline him. I remember wanting to, but he kept me laughing so hard with each quip that in the end, I just gave up on the idea.. having forgotten what it was in the first place. I know I don't need a reason to do whatever I wish with him, but I do tend to be fair minded and I prefer to know what it is I am disciplining him for when I am going to. So.. in the end, it amused me to just let it go. But he knows.. he may not always be so lucky.

I find this is something that I actually value in Paladin.. his ability to be look so dang innocent sometimes and save his cute ass from a tanning by making me laugh so hard I forget what it was. In this world of turmoil and strife, being able to laugh that hard and freely is a wonderful thing.

So, if you'd like a post a comment about humor in your relationship, we'd sure like to hear them.

To those that care, Happy Superbowl Day. Think pet will get a few ass smacks every time someone scores. We'll hope its not too high a game for his butts sake. ;) Followed by a new episode of Glee... ah.. the torture to poor poor Paladin. *grin* Maybe a sore ass will keep his mind off the show.

Best to all out there...