Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Wonders of This Life with Paladin

Greetings Friends and Readers,

I am back from my long trip to Europe.  Actually, I've been back a while now, since mid Sept.  Things have been busy since I got back, and every time I was going to come to write, it didn't seem the right time.   But, it's been long enough for sure.   

Life with Paladin continues to be remarkable.  I am still having problems related to my PTSD, and pet is ever kind, compassionate and supportive in all ways.  We have build up quite the Family of Choice here in TX, and they too are amazing.  

The years since I collared pet have passed, up to 7 now, the last anniversary passing while I was in Europe.  But, we have been making up time.  I loved the travelling, but I missed him a lot.  I missed our rituals and our daily banter.  He had communicated to me while I was travelling his desire to share some plans he had been making while I was gone.

When I returned, it was that he wanted us to begin to move on our plan for purchasing land and starting on our 5 year plan to build a family compound.  So, we looked more intensely at land, and found a great 8.35 acre lot on a street we love we have put an offer on. We are now waiting for the appraisal to be done, and we hope to close before Christmas.  Our plan is to build a smaller home first, move into it, then sell this place and have a bigger home built.  Pet wants a place for his parents to be able to retire to, and I wholeheartedly agree with him.  As I have no family left, and they will be my in-laws in the next year, I am glad to do all I can to help pets parents and brothers.  This will also be a House of Swan family compound.  If pet's parents are around when we have a house party, we'll be telling them we have friends who like to skinny dip in the pool. And hope that keeps them at a distance.  We have no idea how they will take the news of pet's plan.  I expect they will be happy about it. They will also get the formal announcement of our engagement, although pet has already been hinting to his Dad about it.  One of my greatest joys will be being able to contribute to the land, and that as a 100% disabled veteran here in Texas, we won't have to pay property taxes.  And that's a pretty big deal. Annnd, if something happens to me, pet will be able to get that and other benefits - as long as he doesn't remarry.  I would certainly want him to find someone else to be happy with if I am gone, and it would be his decision of course how far to take it.  

It is interesting how our relationship has evolved over the years, and yet, still retains the original framework.  I still delight every time he asks to use the restroom.  Or ways that I like to play with him that make him squirm.  I love it because I can do it, and he has to let me.  He loves it I think, because I am fulfilling his need to have someone top him.  He still snorts like a stallion sometimes.  I got to see the Lippizan stallions while I was in Austria, and got a statue of a rearing one for pet.  He told me he already had a horse statue, but I told him, this was an updated one.  That a Lippizan is one of the most amazing breeds, just like him. Smiles.  So now, he has two stallion statues on his nightstand.  

In June, we added 3 new members to our little family.  A long held deep desire of pet's to have his own pet.  Well, pets... as one is not normally enough for social needs. So, we now have 3 ferret kits.  And they are adorable!  Even more so is when Paladin goes up to play and feed them.   He is normally very quiet and dignified.  But... now he goes up and is crawling around on the floor playing with his 'babies'.   He loves them, they love him.  I love all of them.  I love to joke about pet's pets.    They have added a new layer to our family indeed.  And.. now pet acts like his ferrets sometimes. He giggles like them, and had some of their cute little wiggles.   I was glad to get them before  my trip.  I was gone for 10 weeks and I was thrilled he had them to keep him company.  We still have Pixie and Leo of course, but they are both pretty quiet too, and have their pet door. All they need is Pixie getting her meat at night and their dry food bowls kept filled.  The little ferrets need lots more then that.  He has gotten them off of kibble and onto meat.  He makes them a 'soup' of guts and thigh meat, and then adds bits of chicken neck for them to chew on.  He has to feed them morning and night.  But he is very adorable taking care of them.  I look forward to his family seeing him as he is now with them.   

I have some activist activities which my VA docs and pet are very supportive of.  I also am still writing on my MST blog.  I am getting more involved here in Texas in getting medical cannabis passed.  I have been called upon as a veteran to help bring about change.  I have a feeling that's why we ended up here as well. So I could be a part of using the horrible things that happened to me in the past, to bring about positive change here now.  This means I have to go to Austin, and next month, will be my first trip there for NORML activist training.  The head veteran liaison has in particular asked me to come and testify before the Texas legislators, and I have agreed.

So, that's where things are now. We still participate in local kink activities.  I am still dealing with my PTSD.  Some days are better then others.  I am careful where I go and what I do. I work not to overdue, which is very easy for me.  And I keep a protective barrier around pet and I .  I am sure to always turn to him with a smile and love, even when I am torturing him.    Which comes in all sorts of styles.  He looks forward to us having an 8 acre compound where to have all sorts of kinky fun with our kinky friends and family of choice.

We hope all our fellow bloggers out there are happy and well!
Blessings to all,


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mostly mouse said...

Love hearing from you Mystress and love hearing about your relationship. A family compound sounds wonderful.

Big hugs to you both,